Dark Flak Tower Balance


Lol. This is true. But even if it was their B, half of the population doesn’t really know what they want. (Unintended consequences of getting what they think they want)

If the population of this game got what they wanted chests would cost next to nothing, have almost everything in it, and everyone would be sitting with maxed everything bored to death and agry that to beat the top players you have to buy a billion of everything because value is relative to what the biggest players can put in, which when it comes to money will always be the same relative delta.


i think longer duration of stun doesn’t make sense in this balancing act, so I vote B which is more
appropriate in the attack.


Honestly, an at glance summary could not even slightly represent the arguments as of why or why not, and especially the posts that want none of the 3 presented options.
Even if the poll said A, B, C or Other, I would probably vote Other and then explain myself in a post.
As PG said, it‘s not intended to be a poll but probably rather an incentive to start a discussion (or atleast I hope so).


But there is no “other” so the data and people’s bottom line choices could be represented in a poll.




For the love of god NO, Okay get rid of stun completely but don’t touch its dpm or supershot. It’s the only thing that has a chance of taking down the super OP Kinnarus that still hasn’t been rebalanced. I vote for none of the above options.


That damn OP Kinn :man_shrugging:t3::rofl:


B. I agree with Red Delilah on this one. IMO this is what a super shot should be since you’re using a valuable “charge” on it.


YES, exactly!


And this too…my thoughts articulated exactmente!


Hmmm… interesting theory.


Very valid point. I hope PG take some this into consideration!


I agree. Valid observation.


I want that OP Kinnarus everyone keeps talking about! :yum:

My Kin only does well against poorly designed bases…:confused:

And I am going off topic again :roll_eyes:


None of the above. Flak was supposed to be a game changer at the time - thus the price to get him. I would like to have a Flak with a powerful normal and a good stun duration, so that the attacker feels that he is fighting against a Flak tower. Everyone here wants to have a “meh” tower - option B - while I want to have a good tower in the base that I don’t have to “supershot” like a crazy monkey to put a dent on an attacker.
After the update, even though the rebalancing is not done, finally, the Flak’s stun does its job - stops the attacker from whatever he was doing for about 1.5 seconds, elemental shield or not. Which is great in my opinion. And yeah, I experience this too when I attack, but I really like it anyway. Due to the cost of it, I want to have a worthy tower, not a “meh” one.

4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes

B seems most true to the towers original intent


It shouldn’t matter if someone has played 1 month or 20 years everyone has a right to their opinion. Just like voting, pg has set a minimum age and anyone above that is entitled to speak their mind. Players will always say what is best for them and that’s why it’s better for it to be open to the whole community. Look how Atlas has just become a seal clubbing fest and because all feedback was based of of what “Top” players think so they could get more and more and lower levels gets less and less. The divide has gotten greater by the day and yet players like yourself just want to increase it. You don’t want balance you just want more. So before being rude to someone and thinking you are better than them just remember your only a human just like everyone else.

Back on topic.

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I love how my post was flagged inappropriate haha… Which is fine, I couldn’t care less even if I wanted to.

You are 100% right, it doesn’t matter if you played 1 month or 20 years, you are always entitled to your OPINION. As far as a vote go, no you should not have the same impact on an issue then someone that has played forever. What you don’t understand is that the changes that are going to be made to the flak will not affect YOU, at the level you are…

You think high level players wanted Atlas like this? Rofl…

My issue is not with you speaking your opinion, I hope you understand that. My issue is with PG making balancing the game a public forum where every “non-factor” can speak their mind no matter of how informed they are on the topic at hand.

You want a real life example? You vote for a president correct? Everybody has the right to vote if you meet the criteria of age etc… Do you vote on every single law change? What would happen if every single person would vote on passing every law, making every decision within a country? Rofl…

But yeah, back on topic, as much as we can, after the Kinn is OP comment…


Kinnarus is OP, to some players. Context is the crux of the issue here and is what is desperately needed on these forums. You cannot simply state something is good or bad, or OP, or a dud without providing context. For example, I posted elsewhere that Ettin is a stronger dragon than Necryx and I stand by that. Context being before level 84. Newer players having relied on Amarok for their heavy lifting to this point would understandably fall in love with Kinnarus. Apparently that love affair only lasts 100 levels or so but folks need to be clearer about their experiences so we are not simply contradicting one-another ad nauseum. Please keep that in mind when providing feedback, let us know your level, your situation, etc. We will all be better off for it.


Off topic Warning:
Crux of context is as long as player, whether casual or experienced search online for base building and follow decent ones most dragons are normal dragons. OP is because of misinformation. On a properly built at any level above 45, Kinnarus is not OP. When playing just for fun and nothing else, you don’t go till level 300 or explore forums unless you are frustrated by a specific thing which is understandable.
But they should come to forums and check once in a while for informative topics and get a bit more competitive to have an opinion on competitive changes.

Coming BACK TO TOPIC, for my level DF stun is good and i don’t want it to be reduced or it may make flying easier at competitive level.