Dark flaks question

Just a question I am a low lvl 60 and was wondering could I put two dark flaks on the same island or would they cancel each other out

Yes you certainly can. But would you need to???

I stand corrected I was sure you could but people with more experience know better. You should listen to them

You canly put one on an island. On the long islands you put one in the first group of towers and one in the second group of towers.

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You can build one Flak Cannon of each type per island (8 in total if you have every island unlocked).

A bit “Old style” but could help:

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2 dark flaks in the same island would be the instant death of any dragon :sweat_smile:.

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I know kinda why i want it, but dont want to face it. Also any idea if/when we will ever see that ice flak?

Good luck getting that answer. I’m sure the answer may be something like this. ( we’re not at liberty to release information that may or may not currently be under development as we speak)

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