Dark or fire, roadmap for the next few fort events

Hi everyone,

Been looking for ways to improve my setup for a while and been told by most people to add a dark flak. My roadmap as it is is to keep upgrading what I have with one new flak tower to replace the spot of my 41 fire turret.

At level 234 we would be looking at this: (spot left out would be occupied by 52 flak)

This is how it looks like now at 206:

Would you go for a dark flak or rather a fire flak in this scenario? Fire flak would do a lot less damage but is more likely to hit, plus increases time for hammer spamming. Dark does higher damage and stuns, however, also has to survive without storm protection.


not enough info about your base in the planner

You say adding the other towers on long islands to both final planned and current setup? @Gox1201 Done

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Get a darkflak

and concentrate on that and your storm tower, bring the storm up to protect most of your front 5

So dont add many levels to your mages for now (its ok to lag them around 3-5 levels behind your main dps towers for now),

Blue mage Red Mage Dark flak
Ice turrent Storm
Archer Red mage Lightning
BLue mage Lightning

Or some such for now

Thank you for your thoughts. Raising up my storm to protect a dark flak is exactly what I don’t wish to do though, same as it isn’t viable for me to move the archer back to the second half as it is heavily boosted.

The classic and stablished df/storm combination works, I am looking for an archer/flak combination.

Question is, is the dark flak, the usually obvious choice, still viable in this scenario in which storm protection doesn’t exist?

It’ll get killed first, pure and simple. No protection = no use. In such situations what I do is use something like an avyx, precast frenzy, kill blue and flak with single burst, then cloak. I don’t usually get hit by the flak :man_shrugging:

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Me neither. Yet, I don’t wish to build up the fire turret. Leveling the storm and a flak would push my levels higher than I wish for mere level 52 towers, the element of surprise would not be the same.

Thanks tho, I get it your stance is no dark flak without storm right. Fire flak then or… ?

Frenzy and cloak surely would work undefended but so would anything else on a clear run. I think it is obvious to say most people aren’t skilled enough to blink rage drain and mages on the long island. (Was too lazy to add a rage drain, it is fundamental basics)

I’ve got teammates with a double ice and flak setup, but not as effective imo. Ice, fire flak and dark flak may work also.

Yes most flyers can’t blink rage drain. Airbean allows u to just get hit by the mages then recover from SR.

I wish to see the “most”

I think it should read something more like this:

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I meant can’t… :joy:

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That makes sense too :laughing: It did feel like you were missing a word in there lol. We could only guess at what it was.

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Typing fast and typing like I speak so doesn’t translate well on screen lol. Changed it again.

:+1: And yet our quotes will mean your initial mistake will live on in perpetuity :laughing:

:slight_smile: :joy:

There is no need to blink the rage drain…just kill the towers fast and cloak.

you didn’t face high level mages in rage drain?
Nowadays, payers keep atleast one high level mage

Oh I thought you were referring to the standard lvl 1 rage drain

bases are evolving even though mine is still level 1 or close to lev 1 rage drain. :hugs:

Use airbean. Regen your rage from the temple and the bounty harbour