Dark (Series on Netflix)

I am just curious if there are any other fans of Dark out among the collective dragon riders. If you have never heard of it or watched then I can not recommend it enough. It really is a hidden gem. The writing is off the charts.

If you’re curious, it is Sci-fi/Mystery/Drama.


Here, I finished the season 2 on release day itself.

What did you think? (Without spoilers)

I thought S2 was even better than S1 personally.

For me season 1 was better than season 2.
I am waiting for season 3 already.

I liked season 2 more I think, though I can’t decide whether I was more confused during 1 or 2 :sweat_smile:


It is one of the few shows that I was ok with being confused lol. I definately had to look up some information between seasons. Although I watched S1 when it first came out and actually forgot about it since it took awhile for S2 to come around. S3 should be very interesting!

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Season 2 is more confusing with main lead in 4 different time lines, ages and actors LOL.


It’s a great show, but O’ Boy! I got so confused by it that my head did hurt :joy::joy:

It’s a novel concept that you’d enjoy best if you have watched (or would watch) “The Butterfly effect” and “Deja Vu”

Spoiler :woozy_face:

Its not too much of a spoiler as it is probably listed somewhere in a short description of the show and you figure that part out in episode 1.

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