DarkChoices is making a comeback! We just need you!

Hey all!
DarkChoices is currently looking for applicants!!! Base knowledge of the game and an active status is required. We don’t want to carry anyone so please come with a team-first attitude. Wars and Events are no joke so expect to participate in every one. Teamwork is the most crucial part of the game so be prepared to help in order to be helped. This team was in Diamond 1 for a long time, so we’d like to get back to a similar level of play!

This team also has Atlas and if you are interested in it’s benefits please understand the above before applying. Make the choice! Join DarkChoices!

Please mail xTrueOnex and apply!


I’d like to join if still possible :pray:t3:
I’ve been playing this game for about a year and I had to quit it for a while because of school but now i’m back and I’d like to join a team where the most important thing is teamwork and fun.

Could you mail xTrueOnex and apply? We’d love to have you!!!

Still looking for players!!! We are looking for individuals who’d like to explore Atlas and reap the benefits. The Management has lots of experience and loves to help out!

Make the right choice and hit APPLY!!!

Diamond team lol

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