Darkmire Dragon Issues Discussion

Can we get an update on if any of these happened? On Laika’s stream it looks like The invoker and warrior haven’t been fixed.
This is really important info that should already be out by now, people are going to start claiming their mythics this week and we still dont even know what’s happening with them.


I’m sitting with 20 keys waiting for information on these changes, and have a team full of players waiting on info from me before they make their decisions.
Thanks in advance for any info anyone can give us.

I’m a little concerned because the orrery blocking effect is new and I know there have been issues in the past where spells were never able to be properly fixed.


Yep, same. 20 keys just sitting there, trying to find info that apparently doesn’t exist.

For the Orrery, they should just change the tower effect to link the pull to dealing damage. No damage = no pull effect so that all 100% shields would block that effect. It’s rather dumb to make specific shields that block it when they’re not certain on how to do so. No need to get complicated with it, just change the tower effect rather than the spell effect.


0 keys, waiting for some decent legendary dragons to be released. Oh wait, guess this is the wrong topic for that. But I guess it is a Darknire dragon issue, so :man_shrugging:

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Yeah this would be rather nice to know. A teammate of mine claimed the invoker because he said it’s crazy good. I informed him that the spells havent been fixed yet and now he’s pretty pissed.

This should have been one of the first updates DragonPunch or someone gave us today before responding to random comments. Not really very transparent when no one in the game seems to know what’s working.


Wait, in a few weeks? So CF/GPF basically cant even put out any videos until half way through the season because they’ll be misleading and those of us ready to claim our mythics shouldnt because 1) There’s no info out on them and 2) The dragon we claim could end up being way worse.
At endgame these dragons have a very short shelf life and this is basically cutting out half of a season from what it already is. On top of that this is also significantly going to affect any win/loss data for these dragons, pushing any chance of further changes well past the end of this season when people can no longer claim them.


Will PG be offering mythic exchanges to anyone who claims their dragon while these spells are still not functioning as intended if they no longer enjoy them once these fixes do happen (if they happen)? It’s pretty unethical to put out a product that isnt working properly and then not offer an exchange for it. These arent buffs or nerfs, they’re spells that werent properly designed when released. The cost of that should not be put onto the players. If someone claims the invoker or hunter now and later no longer likes it after the spells are fixed then support should be offering to exchange it for a different mythic of their choice, including runes and skin.


Sorry, I should’ve been more specific here. We’re aiming to release these fixes before the end of the month. So for sure not towards or past the end of the season. As for CF and GPF not being able to put out content, I understand the concern. But at this time, we gotta address these ASAP.

We’ll review the impact on this before making a decision. In the past, I believe we’ve done both depending on the situation and number of folks affected.


I dont mean this to be offensive so I apologize in advance if it comes off that way. This is intended to be a constructive comment and I realize that you are just the messenger and have no say in these decisions. This is mostly directed to people higher up.

This is not an acceptable answer by any means for a business to give their customers. This is a faulty product that the company has put out which will not work properly for at least 1/3 of the season. Telling customers whom you want to spend money to buy your product that you may consider making good on it is really not good at all. It is up to the business to make good on their mistakes, compensating people for being mislead about their product and time that has been wasted. For PG the “impact” is whether or not it hurts their sales. For players the impact is how much of our time and rss have been wasted on a faulty product.
I dont remember any time really that PG did offer mythic exchanges, if they did then it hasnt been in the last several years. Anytime someone has asked it has been “No, we’re not doing that”. So to me this sounds more like a parent telling their kids “maybe” which is a 95% or higher chance of meaning NO, instead of just saying no because they dont want to deal with them being upset.

This needs a firm response from PG. Either “Yes we acknowledge that this is on us and we will make good on it” or “No, we will not be offering any exchanges and people will just have to accept what they get”. I dont know about anyone else but I do not spend my money on maybes.


I think we all agree that this needs to be addressed asap or sooner and the longer it takes the more frustrated players are going to get. I think many of us are worried that this issue with these shields not blocking Orrerys is going to end up being another Narlyth situation. You guys kept trying to fix it and never could and finally just gave up and left the spell broken. Same with Ashes to Ashes on Sepulla, the spell broke and PG just didnt fix it.

Can you at least tell us what the area size for Swamp Blast and Spirit Screech is supposed to be changed to? It was never mentioned in the original announcement, just that the sizes were wrong. Currently Spirit Screech has an area size of 8 and Swamp Blast is 5. Are these both supposed to be changed to 3 (standard DG size) or something different?

While they’re at it they should really consider increasing the area size on Entrancement to 8. Entrap is a fairly standard hunter spell with a size of 8 and that has a a much longer duration. If hunters with burst damage can get a 3 tower lockdown then at least so should the warrior… or just remove that horrible spell since it doesn’t belong on a warrior in the first place.


It’s nearly end of business hours for PG, is this and the atlas event issues going to be left hanging for the weekend?


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@DragonPunch why is there no clear mention of a possible timeline for the fix for the issue with the warrior ? I am at 20 keys and want to take the warrior . If you never fix the issue with the shield of the warrior indefinitely , will I be allowed to change my mythic at a later date ?


Waiting on this dude’s guide before I decide which mythic to pick first. :see_no_evil:

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Are the fixes to the mythic’s spells still scheduled to happen tomorrow? What about Cuadart’s Verdant aegis, will that be fixed at the same time also?


10 days and no response . I am beginning to wonder if there is a fix for the warrior at all


Yeah, Im pretty underwhelmed by the communication here. This is a pretty major game problem atm and we’ve heard basically nothing. 10 days and I didn’t even get a response to what the changes to the spell sizes were going to be. Nor did I ever get a reply about the Leilani issue I asked multiple times.

:cricket: :cricket: :cricket:


Does it mean they are moving towards extinction :dodo: :duck:? Probably spring a surprise on us and announce game closure? After all these no communication and timeline provided. It begs these type of questions in several peoples mind set.


I doubt it means that yet but it does mean that their communication is becoming much worse, bugs are getting worse and taking longer to fix and it would certainly appear that they are critically understaffed. I do think players are getting worried though and I dont think PG is doing a good job to dissuade those worries which can cause people to lose interest.
Communication has always been a major issue for them. Over the last few years they’ve been saying that improving communication and transparency was one of their top goals yet it really has just gotten significantly worse as time has gone on. This is a major weakness that they need to focus on actually improving through actions, not just saying they’ll try and never following through.

And DragonPunch this is constructive feedback, it’s not being snarky or unproductive.


I got lucky yesterday and reached out to Dragonpunch and they said they were looking into switching leilani from rubies to diamonds but not until after the lost lands release

The service will get worse. Tech companies are laying off employee left and right . Inflation is still here and recession is around the corner. It will get worse and worse for a year or two. But mass players will be leaving by that time.