Darkmire Dragon Issues Under Investigation

Hey all,

We are aware of some issues with the Darkmire dragons, and want to be transparent about some incoming fixes that will be coming in the next few weeks:

Sothe - Shield of the forest is not blocking the orrery effect as expected
Sothe -Spirit Screech target area is off
Cuadart - Verdant aegis is not blocking the orrery effect as expected
Perwog - Swamp blast damage might be too low
Perwog - Should not be able to use freeze consumable
Perwog - Swamp Blast target area is off

We expect most of these changes to deploy on Tuesday, 9/13. However, the root cause of the shields not blocking Orrery super shot effects might take a little longer to address. If you have any questions or concerns or see an issue with these dragons not listed here, please contact Support.


Update: We are still investigating Shield issues, which might require a little more time. We’re currently aiming to fix the issues with Sothe’s Spirit Screech and all of Perwog’s issues in a few weeks when our small update DCON 855 is out (ETA: 9/27). These are all subject to change and more details will be shared as soon as they’re available.

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