Darkmire (fall 2022) sigil lines spreadsheet

Back to a more conventional season structure for this fall. So far most of the lines seem unchanges, except the discount dragon, which is a full-reward line with actual half price instead of the rebate-system.

A lot got shifted in the dragon line, but overal value seems similar (few more golds, bit less materials). Only real change seems to be the loss of 5m rune dust. It is definitely possible I missed a node or made a mistake in the numbers (all manual stuff this) so if you find errors do let me know!

The sheet: Fall 2022 Sigil Lines - Google Sheets


thanks! do you happen to have the data for mythic lines? (it’s not sigils, but it is hidden w/o having 20 keys)

Nope, no data, just copying from what I see in game by hand, and I don’t have 20 keys yet. But historically I’ve not included those lines because, as you said, no sigils involved, and also no real choices.

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Thanks for doing this it’s really helpful!

Thank you so much :heart:

Added the portrait line and champion rider line.

The portrait line is identical to last season’s (except it is a different portrait of course). Which is not great, not terrible.

The champion line seems to have had some minor adjustments, as far as I can tell it lost 2 golds, 2 platinums and a few electrum bars. Not huge on a whole line, but it was already pretty bad, resource wise, so not nice to see it getting slightly worse.


Added the exotic blue mage line. The nodes are all decent, but nothing spectacular. The glyph can be nice if you’ve not upgraded to archmages, but still feels like a limited shelf life item.