Darkmire Festive Dragon Available Tomorrow

Awakened Colony

These fungi owe their sentience to the curse.

Legendary Wind Invoker


● INVOKE: SPORES - Passive | Yellow | 0 Rage

Deals (15) times the dragon’s attack power in damage to towers in the target area.

● PROPAGATION - Active | White | 1 Rage

Empowers breath attacks to apply damage over time to towers hit. Damage over time deals (3)% of the dragon’s modified max HP as damage each second for (20) seconds. Duration: 5s, Cooldown: 3s.

● SPORE SOWING - Active | Red | 1 Rage

Deals (4)% of the dragon’s modified max HP as damage to towers each second and dodges all projectile attacks. Duration: 5s, Cooldown: 6.5s.

● SECOND FRUIT - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

Dragon creates a waypoint. Recast to teleport back to the waypoint. Duration: 20s, Cooldown: 12s.


The dragon heals for (23)% of its modified max HP over the duration. Duration: 4s, Cooldown: 8s.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Deceptive, resilient, and full of surprises, Pezizo is an invoker with the tools to overcome any situation.

The cornerstone of Pezizo’s resilience is the spell, Second Fruit. This spell allows Pezizo to anchor to a location on an enemy base and with a second activation within a short time, teleport back to that spot. With proper use, Pezizo can overcome many varieties of challenges, but if time is a concern, overuse of Second Fruit can be very costly.

Its main defensive spell is Spore Sowing, which allows Pezizo to dodge all projectiles while spreading damaging spores to nearby structures. When injured, Pezizo can heal from almost any wound given enough time, and its spell Mycorrhizal Regeneration calls to mind the regenerative powers of the most resilient forest undergrowth.

The Awakened Colony isn’t just about defense. Pezizo can tear apart bases with the spell Propagation. This powerful ability infuses the dragon’s breath weapon with powerful elements of decay, causing both extra damage on impact and infecting the target with a devastating amount of ongoing damage. Maximizing this ongoing damage can mean the difference between victory and defeat.