Darkmire Mythic

Hi guys…may i know which mythic is strong and easy.

i think invoker

They all still don’t fixed.
But I got today Invoker, bc I love this class and for me hunter is some slow.


Yeah the hunter looks a little underwhelming, especially for my playstyle


For invoker wehave to understand after the nerfs if it will still be as strong as it is now

Please no nerfs… :cry:


They are not actually nerfs, but fixes to wrong functions that invoker currently has


Does the invoker currently have any wrong functions that need to be fixed?

I am personally happy that the hunter has been made to still be able to beat top end bases which takes skills to do so and doesn’t have unlimited ammo. PG definitely on the right path with it. Invoker finally looks good hope they don’t nerf it. Warriors I am also interested in as well, Looks pretty even across all three from what I seen so far

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Yes, the area of effect of the spell that destroys the towers is too large


petition to remove disabled spell in solaris (i hate disable spell😤), i like him but long cooldown in damage boost spell and disable spell messes up my attacks . ammak looks ok too, i may pick up sothe because i need replacement for barb lol

My love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yeah the warrior is actually surprisingly interesting.
The Hunter tho…idk it looks awesome for endgame, but any pre-endgame player is going to be unable to take down max level towers, whereas it is possible with dragons like Jaalkan, Calavore, etc if you fly well enough

I love the way the green and orange-y skin looks it reminds me of Morak. Beautiful

So warrior is also good ?

I think it’s kind of pointless to say if any are good or bad until they are fixed (if they are fixed). The invoker right now will change the most if the correct area size of screech is supposed to be like a DG as it will probably lose a significant amount of speed.

I think it is ridiculous that they have not said if they will be offering exchanges after these fixes happen. This was a defective product that was released, people have made decisions based on how they currently are. While they need to be fixed it is on PG to make good on it and offer an exchange


Why’d you bring up cal? He was good in his time but he struggled to hit up (unless you were a level 200). He is probably comparable to Cal strength wise

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Mm I’m still using Cal at Eldritch to take out lv 140 tower bases

Yes I know it’s outdated I just came back ok lol

I’d like to see you hitting up 2.5 tiers with Cal

Sorry can’t do that bc I lied to your face