Darkmire Season - Official Discussion Thread

Check out all of the new details for the upcoming season here: Enter Darkmire - Fall 2022 Season Details

What do you think about the upcoming Darkmire Season?

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Sounds like the new season structure is still the same just a different presentation. Mythics will be underpowered unless we ascend it .


Ace. So… invoker invoke… where it is… where it be….

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Can you please check on the duration of this. The flight vid from the CF showed it having a 5s duration. If it is half a second then this spell is absolutely useless

Ok… Im not understanding how this works.
So we’re going back to the old 1 discount dragon line, all the mythic’s evolution stones are back in the mythic line, correct?
What does ascending the mythic dragon using the ascension tokens mean? If it’s a stat boost then what’s the point of replacing the glyph?
Do exotic runes and the ascension skin still exist since it only mentions the exotic glyph being replaced?


Oh! Finally we have some informationđź‘€


I think it is each dragon has its own line and in order to make it mythic, it is 8 ascension tokens. But all the ascension tokens do is make the stats a bit better. I don’t understand… but that’s how I read it.

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I guess we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see the season structure. Seems kinda confusing :joy:


15x damage for a one shot seems kinda pathetic given that the usual is 25x even for lineage (not really an issue for endgame players but limits the dragon’s potential to hit up). I’m also not sure why the breath boost for the invoker and warrior are short duration spells rather than passives but ok. The cloak and shield cds for the hunter and invoker have a pretty big blindspot as well. Don’t look like the most impressive mythics on paper but I guess we’ll see them in action soon. Thanks for giving us this info today :+1:


How Im reading it is that it works the same way we had it before unchained.
1 discount dragon (50% off for the first 2 weeks)
Separate mythic lines just like we had except there’s 3 of them instead of 2
Mythic lines still cost 20 keys to unlock, contain the mythic’s evo stones and runes
After that there’s an ascension boost for ??? amount that costs 8 ascension tokens to unlock

I dont understand the point of this “ascension” boost. What is it ascending to if the dragon is already mythic and supposed to be balanced for tower levels at its tier? Will the dragon be designed to be underpowered before ascension or will ascending it put its stats over its tier?
This seems like either a balancing nightmare or a completely pointless paywall
How would they be able to look at win/loss records if some people have “ascended” mythics and others dont?

Is it like one person having full elite gear on their mythic vs another having full mythic gear?


Oh, the ascension part I fully understand. Easy way to make getting a mythic more expensive and tedious.


They need money. At least 8 ascensions is better than 11 I guess.


So to get the Mythic dragon we need to collect 20 keys? and Ascension won’t change spells but only increase dragon power stats (Damage/HP) right?

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Unless each full line only gets 1 ascension token and the half lines dont get any…

So now you have 2 of the same dragon?
One stuck at legendary and one in mythic status?
Or is it just a legendary dragon with some stat boosts that make it “mythic”?

So much confusion. But hey, we got rid of ascension, but didn’t really….

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Yes (so the message isn’t too short)

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No. There is one legendary dragon and the other 3 are mythics. Think of it like the old system except they removed exotic runes/glyphs and a base attack/hp boost. And we now have 1 less legendary

To clarify: The 3 mythics are not “ascendable” from legendary to mythic. They start at mythic and they are just given a little stat boost to be a stronger mythic

Ok….I don’t hate this so far. It is familiar and not terrible. I will wait to see what the ass tokens actually do to have my final conclusions.
It says discount dragon but doesn’t say 50% (like it does with the base boost) but does say 39k sigils. I wouldn’t mind that cleared up.

We also get all the tower lines up front, which is better then having to wait around to spend sigils.


Ah, so it’s even dumber than it sounds.

End result, you have a handicapped (my apologies to those in the real world with disabilities, of which I fall into that category) mythic unless you ascend it, but we got rid of ascension, but didn’t.

Yup, looks like a slacker season for me.

Edit - does anyone else picture insert PG employee here shouting like Oprah and saying “You get a mythic, you get a mythic, EVERYONE GETS A MYTHIC!”?


Yes exactly. Although we have been getting these “handicapped” mythics ever since the introduction of ascension tokens. At least now the legendaries don’t have to be as handicapped.

Glad that I am retiring.