Darkmire Season Wave 2 Coming Out This Week

In next week’s Fortification Frenzy event, our Wave 2 release for the Darkmire season drops. It’s for this season’s resurrection dragon branch, Hildr, the valkyrie dragon! Below are the details.


Protects the souls of dragons that died in glorious combat.

The Hildr Resurrection Branch

The branch will contain the initial Dragon Egg at the Orange Tier, and then Evolution Stones from Orange > Radiant Tier. If you already have Hildr or do not need a particular Stone, you will be rewarded with an alternative prize instead. The branch will cost 39k sigils, and contain 6 season keys and 2 ascension tokens. Check out the details below.


  • Spear Salvo - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Fires (4) projectiles at (2) max targets, each dealing (15%) of dragon’s max HP.
    • Spell has a .5 second cooldown.
  • Static Blast - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Freezes buildings for (4) seconds. Does (6%) of dragon’s base HP as damage.
    • Spell has a 4 second duration and 4 second cooldown.
  • Spiritual Guardian - Passive | Yellow

    • Deals (2.1)% of dragon’s HP as damage. Has (500%) of dragon’s HP as health. Absorbs (40%) of all incoming damage. Increases dragon’s rage generation by (30%).
  • Dark Flak Resist - Passive | Yellow

    • Reduce damage taken from Dark Flak Towers by (70)%.

Runes & Glyph