Darkmire - Week 1 - Fortification

Buckle your seatbelts and prepare to ride, because we officially have a new season ahead of us!

News & Questions


  • With the induction of the season, we will be brought the usuals: the Key Redemption Branch, the Season Leaderboard Branch, the entirety of Wave 1, and some shiny new discounts.
  • To open the season, tower levels 146 and 147 will also be released for endgame players.


  • Is beauty (of a person, of an object, of nature, etc.) subjective or objective, and why do you feel as though your choice is more accurate?
  • Why do you think it is that some people gravitate toward material things and let those things consume their minds?
  • Which level will you be going to this event?

My answers:

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; hence, it is a subjective concept. As absurdist as some negative viewpoints may seem to someone who sees something in good condition, we are all inclined to believe what we believe. Now, sure, some people and some objects are the very epitome of grandeur and grace, and there may truly be nothing beyond belief that any naysayers could take away from them or use as a refutation device, but in the end, what is beautiful and what is grotesque comes in chunks. It may come as a shock, but someone is capable of finding a daffodil or a petunia to be abhorrent, just as they are capable of viewing a Koala or a Quokka in the same light; conversely, someone may see the elegance in a Blobfish (those poorly conceived fish) that everyone else refuses to see. Our minds register things differently, and they conform with our eyes as well as defy the eyes of other viewers; that puts, in simple terms, the strange concept of beauty.
  • Sentimentality is the product of a variety of things: it can be the product of attachment, it can be the product of obligation, it can be the product of fear of loss. I think that any of these may be reasons why people tend to gravitate toward material things. But it goes deeper than this. When a person is stricken in a certain way by something, a spark lights up inside of them and they depend on that thing either for comfort or for “survival”; although it’s not “survival”, per se, as much as it is an excessive desire; this desire is just exaggerated to make one think that all strings are cut without their “life source”. When we’re insatiable, we tend to want more and more, and that fogs our minds when it comes to visualizing what is really important in life. Allurement (through an apple) is the exact poison that led Snow White to an unforgiving fate; it deceives you, then it corrupts you, until finally, it engulfs you. All in all, people fall prey to ulterior trinkets, and lose control of themselves, because they’re convinced in one way or another that the trinkets they look toward define their path in life.
  • I will be going to a minimum level of 542 and a maximum level of 545 from a starting level of 540, but I do not have a finalized plan for the event.

It’s impossible to be completely objective. More often than not beauty is very subjective and people have their own preferences often formed based on experiences (Whether it’s natural or not is an entirely different debate). The closest we can ever get to “objectivity” is through not having any connection to the specific people/objects we are judging, or previous experience with said people/objects in general. As humans we tend to change the meaning of words like objective to represent something more achievable. An “objective person” is simply someone aware of their subjectiveness and trying to limit its effects. However, in the end they are still subjective.

Insecurity or fear of economic stability. Mainly just insecurity and trying to compensate for lack of emotional attachment in their lives, looks, personality etc. Many don’t feel respected or loved and think that more money will solve their problems (which it does to some extent…). Fear of death and the desire to be better than others also likely plays a part.

Starting at 496 and going at least to 501, perhaps 504-506.


I hope obtein mithic dragon this new season


It’s both but more so subjective. There are certain things that I think as a species we simply find attractive. That’s not to say everyone fits into that but as a vast majority there are things we are drawn to more.
When it comes down to beauty of a person that is far more subjective based on personal tastes. Such as you can find that someone looks attractive and then suddenly you hear them say something awful and suddenly they become repulsive. Like the Kardashians. Yeah they might be attractive on the outside with 3lbs of spackle and makeup on but they’re disgusting people and to me that greatly decreases how attractive they actually appear.
Or babies, to some people babies are adorable no matter what, to me there is no such thing as a cute human baby

Trying to fill the endless void with stuff that they’ll only enjoy briefly and then need something new to take it’s place. Frankly many of us never grow out of that kid phase where we want something new, play with it for a bit and then get bored and throw it in the pile with the rest of the junk.

Going up a whole 2 levels. So exciting :yawning_face:


I will share one honest to goodness story. When my oldest son was somewhere around 5, we saw a clip on tv of the movie “who framed roger rabbit”. It was the scene where Jessica rabbit sang at the ink and paint club.
Anyways, he asked me “Daddy, is she pretty?” I said “Son, everyone has their own idea of what makes a pretty lady and there’s no wrong answer. What do you think?” He looked me square in the eyes and and said “Daddy, I think I love her”.
I thought it was a good answer


Man idk I’m just here for the feta cheese



I’m to dumb to remember what subjective or objective means but I’ll choose subjective

Because people like things or culture/religion makes people minds gravitate towards them

Hopefully 400 so I can hatch empyrean

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Subjective if they’re ugly. Objective if they’re hot.


Reminder :man_construction_worker:


:two: Oculus Merge / Tower Transformation is available :eye:

:three: The Unearthed Base Boost is extended through September 11.

:four: 14 days left you can get Champion Bjorn (Construction Supervisor) :construction:


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I was super excited, thinking I finally dug myself out of my xp hole…nope…still 6M to go!

Player Level 642 642
XP to Level 14,300,000 6,031,200
Event Points 0 17,577,395
Clocks (days) 3,275.48 666.71
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Oh look… a rare and coveted ice turret glyph… :expressionless:


It’s insane that we are still having to bring this up after all this time. Back in the beginning of 2020 Galileo had said about looking into it but doesn’t seem like anything ever came from it. At this point even having a choice of rune dust (more then salvaging amount) or perhaps even 10 platinum chests, would definitely motivate me a lot more then the crap we normally get.
Not even sure who we are suppose to tag with stuff like this anymore.

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what do you mean, they are lean, mean, ice beam shooting machines…


That work as well as the ice cream machine at McDonald’s :joy: :rofl: :rofl:


LISTEN, those cream machines are working overtime okay.
Serving up frosty goodness 2/3
two hours a day, three days a week. Never on saturdays.


Aiming for 30mm pts gotta go easy with 7 tower levels this season.

670 to 670. And no level change for 2 more forts probably as I dig out of an XP hole :stuck_out_tongue:

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16m points and Done some re arrangement to kill island,now i need to deposit 50m xp lol . i cant believe 4.5k+ 12hrs went pretty fast :laughing:

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Stopped at 16m also. I’d keep going if they gave us more prizes but Im not wasting clocks if Im not getting anything for it.
It’s pretty disappointing we got another turret glyph. It would have been really nice if they started the new season out with something actually useful like a rage glyph that didnt have secondary ammo.


Just annoying that 75% of the glyphs are ice or fire turrets. These towers havent been used for 3 years.