Darkmire - Week 10 - Crystal Caves

With dragons out of control, riders run rampant, and nobody to put things back in order, the chaos in Atlas continues to ensue… until Atlas is no more.

Rising from what is left of the thickets, Solarius gazes down upon the spoils of what he has burned, and as the night begins to plunge in the land of Atlas for the next 12 months, tiny Kullecitos begin to roam as they prey on the blood of the Atlas residents, turning their hosts into mindless zombies at their Master Kullecid’s service. Night Years are typically for the birds bugs, and this season (Darkmire), they’re extra bloodthirsty.

Meanwhile, Jee The Horror is hidden someplace secret, practicing her spells in her spellbook, hoping to achieve world domination when she is no longer just a little witch, while Runic Gustav pairs up with the mighty Dreadnought on a quest to exact revenge upon the Blackbloods for what his son, Gustav and his group had done to them millions of years before. Then you have Pathox: sneaking around in an invisible cloak, sinking his claws into whatever (or whoever) he can get them on. Elsewhere, Ronin prepares for a brutal sword-fight with his old master, Saito and his newest fighting league (Mozrah, Vampire Hunter, Arden, and Rian), as he finally discovers what they did to his former master before he died.

The old, eerie clock atop the warehouse of the Inquisitor (the 66th, 65 of which had previously fallen deathly ill to Kullecid’s plague) has just begun, and will continue in one clockwise circle for the next 12 months, but the time for Atlas as a whole is nearing its end as Atlas’s most diabolical supervillain, Vort Blitzo (previously known by Atlasians as the serene Lord Zephon) bends time and space, and watches Atlas crumble.

When you’re in Atlas, you never realize that your fate has been sealed until it’s too late to turn back. There is a reason Atlas has gained notoriety for being one of the most dangerous lands of all. Once you cross the borderline and you see the cracked skulls lining the horizon, the fire from Solarius’s last blazing, and you breathe that poisonous Atlas air, you become no exception to the many who have lived their last moments in this wretched wasteland.

Characters in Short Story

Solarius - Radiant Tier Fire Hunter (Lineage)


Kullecid - Withermoon (Fall 2019) Legendary Divine Wind Hunter


Jee The Horror - Portrait for Ickumma (Legendary Divine Fire Invoker for Aftermath, Summer 2021)


Runic Gustav - Portrait won through June 2016 Events

Gustav - Portrait accessible immediately to beginner players by winning 50 battles

Dreadnought - Portrait granted to the winners of the Great Contest, a team of the same name (that name being Dreadnought) that dominated the game up until their disbandment in July of 2021

Pathox - Duskfall (Fall 2018) Mythic Divine Wind Hunter


Ronin - Springblossom (Spring 2019) Mythic Divine Dark Hunter


Saito - Rider from the Springblossom Season (Spring 2019)


Saito’s Fighting League (in Order of Depiction):

  1. Mozrah, Freelancer - Portrait obtained through the Eclipse (Winter 2021) Candy Cane Event
  2. Vampire Hunter - Portrait for Kullecid (Legendary Divine Wind Hunter for Withermoon, Fall 2019)
  3. Arden - Portrait accessible immediately to beginner players by winning 100 battles
  4. Hero Rian - Portrait earned through a “special event”


Inquisitor 66 - Portrait for Gilas (Legendary Divine Fire Hunter for Strange Lands, Fall 2021)


Zephon - Rider from the Celestial Rift Season (Spring 2021)


Zephon’s evil alter-ego (Vort Blitzo) that I gave him for this story:

(Basically just a picture of Zephon with inverted colors… intimidating, yeah? One might even call it… spooky.)

And that’s all of the characters in this short story! I hope you enjoyed, and Happy Halloween!


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • The Festive Dragon, Pezizo, will be released alongside this event.


  • What do you fear most in this world?
  • How would you describe the scariest experience you’ve ever had in your life until now?
  1. Don’t have a single thing I fear the most.

  2. Scariest experience is easy though. Was on an airplane that lost power and for about 2 minutes we were in free fall. The items on my trey were floating in front of me and everyone on the plane started to scream. One minute we were above the clouds - the next - plummeting towards earth.

As I stated on another thread - the date of the poster is wrong - should be 11/2 instead of 10/13. Not sure it needs to be changed since common sense tells you that.

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10/13 is the week we are on. We are on Week 10 out of 13 weeks in the season.

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Fish politely notified me of that in another thread. Thanks for the heads-up on that. Still recovering from Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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Clowns and windchimes

I was a camp counsellor when I was 17. I was skulking through the forest one night (to visit a lady friend in one of the girl’s sections) , lit only by a full moon. The only sound was of my footsteps in the underbrush. I paused for a moment, as I thought I heard something, probably the van that would patrol the camp’s roads nightly. I continued my path. Then, the tinkle of windchimes. I scanned the area and saw them, gleaming red in the moonlight, suspended around 10 feet off the ground from a white birch. There was no wind, but it was tinkling just the same. I had made the journey more than a few times in the same number of days, and had never heard or seen them before. I hightailed it out of there back to my bunk.


Happy Hippoween everyone. Have fun, stay safe and please keep pets inside

My regular fear is heights, like even going up on a tall ladder I start getting a little vertigo.
The constant fear I live with every day is losing few loved ones I have.

When I got into a car wreck driving home on the expressway in the winter. I was just driving normally, wasnt really anything on the road except some rain and slush and then suddenly my steering wheel jerked to the left and slammed me into a concrete construction divider. The hood of my car flipped up blocking my windshield and suddenly I was spinning off to the right. Somehow there didnt happen to be anyone next to me (especially any semi trucks which drive that road constantly). I spun across 5 lanes of traffic and ended up on the right shoulder. Those few seconds of spinning were the most frightened and confused that Ive ever been.

insurance just totaled it out since the damage was more than the car was worth


Clowns and heights. My aunt tramatized me as a kid, i was like 8, where she had my brother, cousin, and myself get autographs from clowns at a cheap circus. I know theres people under there that have livea and shitz but no. Count me out.
As for heights, I like roller coasters as long as my feet arent dangling. But you put me in a plane or on a tall ladder, you beat believe im internally screaming.

Sorry, I know you did say explain your fears but i did anyways :sweat_smile:

I dont think ive really had a scary experience, that id call the scariest one. If I did…I probably blocked it out.

ALSO! Great work on the short story!

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Happy Halloween

Oh. Crystal Caves… well, at least it isnt fight pits which I was kind of expecting. Cant say this event is fun but at least it doesnt take a lot of inners to max.
Really not looking forward to getting stuck with another pits at the start of next season

What Im scared of: bugs centipedes crawling on me. I hate them. Also driving with crazy people because THEY CANT DRIVE WORTH A DAMN


Nuclear war. Have never felt closer to it - and I worked on one of Reagan’s Star Wars defense systems.


The new invoker looks so sad with his ingame model in comparision to the very powerful looking artwork. It’s Denav all over again

[ Powerful artwork :arrow_up: ]

[ What he actually looks like :arrow_up: ]


Agreed. The artwork looks beautiful with those cool, huge wings. In game… it kind of looks like a dolphin fetus muppet with mushrooms on it. It has flippers and looks like it’s in pain. This is up there will Danav as one of the poorest model renderings for a dragon


Yes and it looks like his neck got scrunched down to be shortened as the ingame model is over lapping on some of his features depicted from his artwork.

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I love the concept of a dragon based on fungi and who ever thought about it deserves praise, but the execution is somewhat disappointing. I’m no design expert but this dragon’s model appears to be way too skinny. I know PG has determined certain morphological features that they believe should distinguish invokers but personally I’m not a fan of seeing awkward skinny dragons like these who can only slither on land without any hindlegs.


Anyone think the new invoker is any good for assault? My inclination is no, but wondering if anyone thinks otherwise

I’d also like to know why in game it says it has a breath boost in addition to the poison effect but none is listed on the spell effects in the announcement post.
Which is it?

Hmm why do I feel like it could have been a real life werewolf? That or someone really felt like making a realistic Werewolf costume. Maybe it’s something else though but we may never know.

On a related note oh god they screwed up the invoker even in the artwork part of me said yep the wings are awkward looking, like on an anatomical scale I feel like this is a the whole “Bee’s shouldn’t be able to fly” monologue. It was really cool in concept now it’s just horrifying to look at.

Feel like the festive should have been named Psilocybin or some wording of Shroom. Maybe Psiloshroo.

As for how it flies or looks in game - not sure - haven’t incubated it yet.

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No breath attack boost. Just poisoning towers hit during the 5s its active for 20s dealing 3% modified HP damage every second.
See here Propagation - Neon War Dragons