Darkmire - Week 11 - Breeding (+ Dungeons + Limited Time Branch)

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  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • There is nothing to report until next week.


  • If you use your vocal cords to speak and sing, but your brain provides the command for any vocal routine, are speaking and singing technically physical or mental actions?
  • Which dragons will you be breeding this event, if any?

My answers:

  • The concept of what is mental and what is physical overall can be puzzling when it is our brains that control both our mental and “physical” actions; there are very few actions that any single person in the world could ever perform brainlessly.

All actions develop in the brain prior to performance of them, whether the individual takes the time to process them before performing them or not. (Cue the principle that is often repeated to people who demean themselves, often in ways that harm others: “Think before you act.”) When we don’t consider our actions prior to doing them, we ignore/reject the inherent thought that forms in our minds prior to taking the action, because the action is always there; we don’t just take action for the sake of taking it.

So if actions are always preconceived, does this make them purely mental? Yes, but also, no. I could decide to risk tarnishing my public image by going to kick a random 11-year-old child in the shins, and then running off with their baby sister’s ice cream cone, but as wrong as that would be, that wouldn’t purely be mental as it would have some kind of physical impetus to it; the action developed as a thought that emerged in my head, but it was carried out with a physical eruption. However, if I had thought about doing it, but never did it, it would have purely been mental with no physical property whatsoever.

So back to the question: “If you use your vocal cords to speak and sing, but your brain provides the command for any vocal routine, are speaking and singing technically physical or mental actions?” Well, since all physical actions are a product of a mental anticipation, and you have to hear the notes in your head in order to be truly proficient in all forms of music (whether that’s singing or playing an instrument), you COULD state that singing and speaking are both mental and physical.

But what if I told you that humans are not made of matter? As abstruse as that may sound due to what science has taught us, human bodies are almost exclusively driven by their minds; we are essentially just minds locked away from other minds in a mobile cage of flesh and bones. If I could prove to you that matter is just an illusion and therefore does not exist, that would seal the deal; it would suggest that there is no physical property in the world at all, whether that be living beings or inanimate objects, so there would be nothing physical in general, and everything—from what we do to what we see—would purely be mental (even the very actions of doing and seeing), because there would be nothing from which a result could ever be verified as physical.

This would mean that speaking and singing would be mental since all we as humans would be are brains locked inside of a non-physical “cage of flesh and bones” that is not made of any actual physical matter; it would also mean that nothing in the world that we can perceive through senses would be real, and would likely just be particles floating around to form an image in our minds that isn’t actually there. If you choose to believe in science, this is credible to you, because particles are a major part of various branches of science, and if this is credible to you as a believer in science, it would just further prove that physical matter cannot exist in opposition to nor alongside anything that is mental, since particles would be what form matter and all there would be in the world that make up what we can perceive would be… particles.

Speaking and singing could also be described as the reverberation of “waves” (sound waves), but waves are not physical because they are only particles that flow away from an object/person, often bouncing off of a surface, continuing to bounce until they are eventually “absorbed” in the environment; therefore, speaking and singing could also be described as purely mental, since sound itself is nothing but particles floating through an environment with no physical form, and humans (or, at least, their actions) are defined almost entirely by their brains. If you isolate the human voice from the source it comes out of, there is nothing “physical” about it because it has no form and only comes on the command of the brain; brains could never be physical, because to be physical, you have to move, and they are nothing but mushy, pink blobs of electrically connected nerves and tissues that think, and thinking is also characterized as mental; since the isolated voice comes from the brain, which is not physical, the isolated voice must also not be physical… hence, it’s mental.

  • I will be making a choice between breeding a portion of Quilleth (my third Artisan dragon) or breeding a portion of Kechuri (one of two Monarch dragons I currently have available, the other being Amaruhk); I am in no rush because I’m finally caught up in terms of den caps for Fortification. I’m not even concerned much that I’ve fallen short of how many egg tokens I need, because timers are also a problem at this point.
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Don’t have any dragons to breed.

I’m probably going to breed some extra eggs and turn the rest of the dragons in artisan - radiant tiers into mythics. :man_shrugging:t2:

Got any details on LTB? Is it glyph’s turn or another skin?

Wonder if 12k sigil packs will come back for LTB. @DragonPunch


Will be new monarch research :eyes:
Are u got all 4 Radian dragons?



Well, then that changes things. :grin:


Relatively easy matter to answer for anyone to have experienced 12 NDE’s in the same lifetime … something which is also upheld by a number of Nobel Prize Winning Neurological Scientists … whereas all human senses are but filters that when saturated must contact the brain to be reset … however nevertheless “detect” the environs inversely [up is down, left is right, green is red, dark is the light - so to truly image what one might really look like simply hold upside down a color negative selfie in a mirror - yes - surprise - the real you!] so having ventured well into the far side I can say in my own experience there’s nothing inside you!

Wherever you maybe I can walk up to the two small dots of light that are all that indicates your presence and align my astral eyes with that of your own to thereby see anything your own eyes maybe seeing and as I do so then hear all that meets your own ears. I cannot however hear your own thoughts even though with practice and some small effort influence the same … from the far side of life [some call the either] where you exist merely as two tiny dots of illumination in a swirling larger mass of plasma I can thus see all that you see and hear all that you hear at any time and any place [constructs of time and space merely just that … constructs] what then more be said than in a world such as this there can be no secrets - only lies! Cheat on a loved one, they know it … steal from someone anything anywhere, they know it … you aren’t fooling anyone not even yourself!

So then, where do you exist? Who are you? Really… truly… what do you think? What is there else? YOU ARE INDEED TRUTHFULLY ALL THAT YOU PERCEIVE OUTSIDE OF YOU - FROM THE NEAREST TOUCH TO THE FARTHEST STAR - THIS ALL IS YOU YOU!

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Ren, my last Radiant dragon. Plus some research, depending on what’s going on with monarch research this week.
Most likely not evolving any of these dragons to mythic, the changes arent worth the cost.

  1. Can’t remember the type of logical fallacy this question is - believe it is false dichotomy. The right answer is both, not just one or the other (one doesn’t exclude the other).
  2. Done with dragons - all 700k+ achievement points going into research. Getting the 2 - +3% dragon damage.

Hey jalan,
I have

and 250k tokens too.
From where do i start?
If you need more information, feel free to ask coz am stuck in here
(Usually used red breeding path that i cant find and neon that gives making me confused because am not used to)

Hello :smiley:

This is the link to the updated Red’s best path on Neon’s website. It’s really easy to follow.

Just look at the offsprings (dragon on the right hand side of the list). The two dragons on the left are the parents.

Based on this path, the next dragons you should breed are Sanguis, Balahm, Kaze, Jormungandr, Tuktu, Altimorak, Itzani…

You don’t have to breed the dragons in (brackets). You will get those dragons automatically. Like when you breed Jormungandr you will get Jotun as well.

Hope this helps :hugs:


Yes its helps and thanks for answer but i seen this path on neon but the color pattern confus me.
If i follow like you said do i reach empyrean with this 250k tokens?

Yes, 250k egg tokens is more than enough to go through empyrean dragons on the list and also breed some abyssal dragons.

Don’t worry about the colour as it just shows that the dragons are from different tiers. Just breed the dragons from the offspring column.

Starting from Sanguis, you will end up breeding until Bilge.

  1. Sanguis 17500 tokens
  2. Balahm 17500
  3. Kaze 17500
  4. Jormungandr 27500
  5. Tuktu 17500
  6. Altimorak 1946
  7. Itzani 27500
  8. Valens 17500
  9. Lusian 32500
  10. Oculex 28000
  11. Bilge 28000

Total ~230k egg tokens :grin:


Thanks :yum:

if haven’t used sigils and have a lots of them its high time u go for festive line’s draconic chest

What happend to me is

What do i do next?

Yes yes, am on to it.

Says you need higher breeding castle.


What that even mean?

Breeding castle needs to be level 14.

You screenshotted your incubator instead.


My mistake🤦‍♀️

You should still be able to breed dragons labeled as “Ready to Breed”, although you will be prohibited from actually incubating them (allowing them a place in your roster) until you meet the level requirements for the incubator and the Breeding Castle.

I would start wherever the next step is on Red’s Breeding Path, and proceed accordingly.

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