Darkmire - Week 12 - Temple Raid (+ Trading Post)

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  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • Super Sigil Chests will appear for their first official week this event.


  • What is your favorite genre (of books or movies)?
  • What is your favorite book or movie of all time?
  • Who is your favorite author of all time?
  • Do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?
  • Do you pick up well to literary devices such as metaphors, puns, allusions, etc.?

Such a waste of a good sigil event. And of course they’re going to screw us over once again with Fight Pits as the first pvp of the season. This last pvp is literally the only time they should ever be running pits. And then not even doing new TR portraits. smh

I wonder if they’re even going to do preview info for the next season since it seems like they’ve all but abandoned the forums.

Usually fantasy

Book: probably the Harry Potter series because it was the first series that actually got me into reading when I was a kid. I may not like the person that the author has turned into/revealed herself to be but the series will always be a part of my childhood and young adult life and it was something that my mom, my sister and I read and enjoyed together

Movie: Clue. No real reason, I just love the movie. It’s one of the few movies I can watch repeatedly and not get sick of and still holds up each time.

George RR Martin. Love the Game of Thrones series and universe that he has created… NOW IF ONLY HE WOULD ACTUALLY RELEASE THE NEXT DAMN BOOK BEFORE HE DIES…

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

┻━┻︵\(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻

While I do love the HP series, Rowling has become such a disappointment as a person and an author. I do not blame the series for the author but If she decided to release another HP universe series it would be really hard to continue to support her.

Neither, I prefer hardcovers because paperbacks are too easily damaged, the covers get bent/warped and Im hard on my books. I actually really dislike e-books. They’re convenient and save space but I prefer an actual physical book. I do hate slip covers though.

Sometimes. Often when I reread a book, even if I’ve read it have a dozen times already I’ll pick up on something I totally missed previously. I


Omg so many questions!!! It’s a special occasion!!!


I too, wonder if they are going to screw us with Pits as the first event of the new season. I will cross m fingers for Gauntlet. Hopefully they do right by us, after the Pits fiasco of Fall ‘22.
I have to admit I don’t have much hope anymore though……

  • What is your favorite genre (of books or movies)?
    Used to be fantasy, I have been watching more apocalyptic movies of late. I don’t read much anymore.

  • What is your favorite book or movie of all time?
    Favourite movie is probably Dances with Wolves.

  • Who is your favorite author of all time?
    Robert Jordan comes to mind. It really enjoyed The Wheel of Time series of books.

  • Do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?

  • Do you pick up well to literary devices such as metaphors, puns, allusions, etc.?
    Yes, but maybe not always well……


I really love a good horror, but it’s so hard to find anything actually scary. But I also like adventure or action?

Book… difficult. I read HP and Prisoner of Azkaban about 15 times in one year. I liked the genuine plot twists, character development, it was the darkest HP to date… Now I don’t like to rank books like that because all of the good ones are good in different ways. But I will shout out my friend from high school who is a best selling author. Ashley Poston writes some good stuff.

Movie is also difficult but I may have to default to Endgame. I can count on one hand the times I’ve cried in a theater over a movie, and that’s one. Toy Story 3 was the other one. The Chick-Fil-A I smuggled in through the sleeves of my oversized hoodie was soggy with tears.

If this was 5 years ago I would have said JK Rowling. Unfortunately she’s come public with some pretty horrible things that I can’t support.

Ashley Poston is a good human being and a good writer, and she used to play a pretty mean bass clarinet back in the days.

I prefer hard copies, be they paperback or hardcovers. There are lots of times where I turn back in the book to try and check something that happened previously, and it’s exceedingly difficult to do that in a digital book. That said, I do have to admit that it’s far more convenient to be digital. But I’m also the person who still treasures all of my CDs, so.

I’d like to think so.


:eyes: Potato time :rofl::see_no_evil:


It was a speech made into a short book;
This is Water
By David Foster Wallace.

Movie: The Green Mile.

Stephen King


Sometimes and depends on the delivery for me :rofl:

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Why does it say no new portrait but there is a new portrait right there?

I believe it’s meant to say that there will be no new portrait for Temple Raid.


That’s the leaderboard portrait for the season. We’re apparently still getting the stupid imps for TR


Yeah knew that but seeing a new image just makes me say “shut up and take my money” but Temple Raid portraits … they need newer portraits now.

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  1. Favorite genre - fantasy for movies and historical/philosophy for books.
  2. Favorite movie - either Contact or Glory. Favorite Book - if going by number of times read - “Wealth of Nations” and “The Federalist Papers”. For pure escapism - “Wheel of Time” series.
  3. Favorite author - John Locke and his 1689 writing “Letters Concerning Toleration”. Joseph Addison’s 1711 “Mischiefs of Party Spirit” is now one of my favorites. But in reality, almost any enlightenment author could be added.
  4. Paperback.
  5. Have no problem with literary devices.
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I mean if you watched the tv series you in theory know how it ends. Which :triumph::triumph::triumph:. But i have to admit i havent read the book series, and i really should :sweat_smile:

My heart will always go to The Nightmare before Christmas, its to the point where i know the movie almost word for word. >_> yeah i did it to myself for watching it so many times. But Zero is cute as shit with his wittle jack-O’-lantern nose. And oogie boggie is amazing.

Where Drax from gaurdins of the galaxy when you need him cause his answer would be no :rofl:

But like Zero said, there are time when I pick them up well and then sometimes i have to go back and reread.

James Patterson. I fell in love with the Maximum ride series. The graphic novels of the series peaked my interest in him then i read the actually series

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We dont because that’s not how the books will end, Martin has said so himself. The show runners cut the series short by 2 seasons because they wanted to go work on Star Wars (which they never got to do :joy:). They made massive story changes from the books, cut out a ton of important characters and changed other main characters. Until the books are out I consider how GOT ended completely unrelated. One such example is that the Night King isnt in the books (or at least no such character has ever appeared)



Currently, it would have to be Wings of Fire, Watership Down or the Dragonian Series. There’s a lot more though lol.

Tui T Sutherland and Richard Adams.

Paperbacks because the smell is fantastic!

Yeah . . . bit of a nerd here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That was SUCH a good series! Pity the movie was a flop.

oh no… not the Pits again during discount period…
As a retired player I generally try to ignore that event but discount weeks are crucial to complete for me to be able to get the mythic dragons with no trouble, so… yuck

Historical/Fantasy/Adventures - each one is good, but all in one is perfect :smile:
I can tolerate magic fantasy of any kind really well, so long as it has a logical meaning and some sense behind it.

Book - “The Call of the Wild” and “White Fang” (Jack London) - absolute masterpiece
Book & Movie - “The Lord of the Rings” - seriously I can watch and read it hundred of times and still be in love

I don’t have a specific author. I have waves throughout my life and if start liking one author’s works I will dive deep with all my conscience and finish all their books. Some authors stay with me for a period of time (like J.K.Rowling at first, then changed by Edgar Allan Poe, then changed by Stephen King, then by Anne Rice…) or some for my lifetime (like J.R.R.Tolkien) - which may mean he’s my favourite? I absolutely love just how beautiful the English is in his books :heart:

Hard cover. Yes it takes up more space and costs a fortune, but I want to keep my books alive for as long as possible. (hard no on ebooks since I’m already spending too much time looking at the screens and my eyes hurt, and only paperback I have is Silmarillion in english because at that time long ago that was the only option in my country to get a book in original language, I even rode to the capital to get it :sweat_smile:)

Naturally. But I do sometimes find something new the second or third round of reading.

As a side note… In 99% the Book is superior for me. I not always watch the adaptation of the book I like, but as well not always seeing the visual interpretation first makes me want to read the book source of it (ex. I LOVE the Witcher games, but having read a couple paragraphs from the middle of the books made me think I don’t want to read the whole thing… I went through all seasons of Game of thrones but it didn’t inspire me to read it, I just watched The Wheel of Time last week (ONLY because of the Moiraine’s blue dress lol) but not only I didn’t want to read the books, I think I won’t be continuing with the series either)


Hence the in theory XD But like i said i really should read the books

Why do you say this?

I know she’s come under flak from Trans rights groups, but I feel her views are very misrepresented.

Her argument seems to simply be that Trans’ rights end where Women’s rights begin (and vice versa). Much the same as the rights of any two groups.

If any one groups’ rights begin impinging on the rights of another group it’s not ok.

  • What is your favorite genre (of books or movies)? - Fantasy
  • What is your favorite book or movie of all time? - Book - Jurassic Park, Movie - Jurassic Park
  • Who is your favorite author of all time? Terry Pratchett
  • Do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks? Paperbacks
  • Do you pick up well to literary devices such as metaphors, puns, allusions, etc.? Yes. I’m very clever

@Jalen you must force pg to put that $99 for 12k value pack back again, you must. :joy:


Let’s not bring Twitter Drama to War Dragons forums please. I read it and I still don’t like what I hear everyone has their opinions just don’t beg to start a fight about it here.