Darkmire - Week 2 - Fight Pits

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  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • There is nothing to report until next week.


  • Is it good to “fake it until you make it”, or should you give it your all no matter the cost?
  • Are white lies good, being that they’re less harmful and impactful than typical lies?

Finally we’ve been waiting for the ammo rune event.
I wonder if they even bothered tweaking it or not though….

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Sounds like PG.

Don’t corrupt yourself. :rofl:

Wish FP would have finally received the changes. :pensive:



Once again PG you lied to us!!! You promised us that you wouldn’t stick fight pits in out of rotation! By rights FP should have been last PvP. Following rotation, we should be having temple run this PvP after Gauntlet. You’re a bunch of dirty rotten liars who iist love to f things up. So unimpressed.


Uh … I don’t recall them ever saying this…

Think of the what if’s and why they did this. Might be for a quick buck but hey maybe they were trying to tweak it a little bit.

Wait a minute I didn’t see Old version …. That’s strange ….

I think we all knew we were going to end up with this stupid event this week but I also think we had hoped the PG would be smart enough to realize that discount week Fight Pits is a really poor idea that no one would be happy about.
It’s just really frustrating that they keep doing this, that they’ve repeatedly screwed up our event cycle for these stupid changes that still haven’t happened. They could at the very least make very easy changes by significantly improving the event prizes.

You cant expect players to be excited for and spend their time on a boring event with crappy point payouts and terrible prizes. Bare minimum they should have run Temple Raid as normal this week and pushed Fight Pits until week 4. All this does is makes it seem like PG is purposefully trying to hurt players by giving a low sigil paying event as the first pvp and there is no way they dont recognize how this looks to us after we’ve been telling them for years that FP is a bad event with bad prizes.

Really if they’re not going to kill the event and not going to actually improve it then they should do a fixed cycle of TR, TG and CC during early and mid season and only run FP during week 12 or 13.

It really comes down to the situation and what the lie is. If someone asks you to be outright and honest then it’s wrong to lie. But a lot of the time on many things, the truth can cause a lot more trouble.


Didn’t they say Fight Pits would be reworked and improved for this event? Any extra information on that?


Only that it’s not happening

In my humble opinion, PG will not change if the player keep buying packs or anything from them during this event. As a company they just see the results that they making at the end $$

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There is no-one who wants old FP this week.

I think that

  • old FP is not exciting,
  • it requires a lot of items, and
  • it has terrible prizes.

I sincerely hope that TR will be held.


With 4 Fortification events this season - they had to offset the greater amount of sigils with 2 Fight Pits out of the 6 PvP events.

The season sigils would be the exact same whether they went F > FP > B > TR or F >TR > B > FP, you still would have had 2 FP this season. The difference is the amount of available sigils during the discount and boost period and what you have to save for week 3

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Yes, but the effect of having FP in week 2 is greater than week 3. Not sure how PG does their calculations - but having FP in week 2 might statistically have given a better offset to a 4 Fortification season.

Plus, with only 6 PvP events this season (rather than 7) - having a FP during a discount week might have assured more if and ep would be used and balance those resources out more effectively.

But I’m trying to look at it from a standpoint of making each season equivalent when it comes to rss from events and it’s impact on the game - I’m not looking at it - from an aspect of which scenario benefits me personally.

I assumed FP was going to be the first PvP of the season and planned accordingly. Once again, due to 4 Fortification events. If for some reason TR or TG had been the PvP instead - all the better.

So did I but I did hope they would be smart enough to realize that it was a bad plan.
Im saying that the impact on the season and what is available is the same whether it was week 2 or week 4. The impact it has on individual people is different and dependant on their season plan.

I could still get my mythic by the end of this event if I wanted it no matter which event it was (but I wont because we dont have any reviews yet and it would short me on sigils during a trading post) but for some people those extra event sigils could be the difference between finishing a discount or not while half off.
I seemly view it as a poor decision on their part by doing something they know that players dont want. I dont think it has anything to do with balancing the season, otherwise last season would have had more FP to make it less of a sigil rich season.


Not that I was going to bother going for it anyway during FP but MYTHIC. ICE TURRET. ATTACK GLYPH.
:woman_facepalming:t3: :man_facepalming:t3: :person_facepalming:t3:


Now there is zero reason to go past 280K.

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I can’t really think of a reason to go past 30k, horrible event.


I usually go to 140k but yes, this event is garbage and they are fully aware of what they were doing when they put it during the discount week.
Literally the only positives are people can get hunter ammos if they need them and frequent energy cost resets. Nothing else.


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I’m getting only 100 energy a round this event, sometime maybe 200 if I am bored that round and not even bothering with IF.

I know I should push for the bonus 20% lines (both discounts done). But the extra couple of 1000 sigils really is not gonna get me that much extra for the energy/IF cost of a crappy event.