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  • What’s something that people generally don’t worry about but really should?
  • The human population has grown from around 1B in 1804 to nearly 8B in 2022; humanity has wiped out nearly 70% of all animal populations since 1970 alone. Considering this, what is your take on the human-animal balance given the adverse situations humans put animals in (often for stupid reasons such as leather/fur coats, reptile-skin purses/bags, ivory from tusks being used as ornaments, blubber burned into oils, etc.) and the rapidly increasing human population? Do you as an individual think that humans and inhuman creatures are equal? Why do you think it is that people hunt animals for stupid reasons? Finally, do you think things would be more balanced if humans never evolved from their primitive form, and how do you think that would have played out for humans as a species?

Our planet dying, over population

The human species has become a parasite to this planet. We spread out and populate, consuming and killing the host to our own detriment.

I believe that an animal has the same rights as a living creature that humans do, because humans are animals. Some of the things we do to animals, like you mentioned is just outright cruel. Now dont get me wrong, Im not a vegan or a vegetarian. Eating animals is one thing but the way our society mistreats them is completely different. imo an animal who is not raised for food has the same rights to life as a human. Anyone who hunts for fun or who tortures an animal for pleasure is a piece of garbage. Someone who neglects and/or abandons their dog should face the same penalty as if they did that to a child.

Because humans are stupid and feel we are superior which gives us the right to do whatever they want instead of realizing that we have more of a responsibility to use our intelligence and advancement to do better. We feel that our entertainment or our desire for pretty things is more important than a living creature’s life.
Hunting animals as a form of population control or for food when food is not easily available is one thing. Most of those animals dont have the ability to regulate their own populations (then again neither do we) or to relocate to less populated areas. But hunting for sport and pleasure is just a sick action and the amount of equipment people seem to need just to kill a deer is pretty pathetic. imo all animal trophies should be illegal.

These rich douchebags who like to go out poaching endangered species for the fun of it… sorry but they dont deserve to live, they’re human garbage.


Very interesting questions for a game forum. Humans are alpha beasts on a 4 billion year old planet. Increasing temps globally will allow more life than ever continue to thrive on this planet until the next Ice age hits us. Something people should care more about but don’t is the ability to feed a high population. As for hunters, they can do what they want, if legal great if illegal well there’s laws for that. Spreading love and peace far more productive then fear and hate. I for one am great full we have evolved to the monsters we are. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Huh? The rapid rate of change is a significant contributing factor to species death, whether you consider corals, trees, etc.

As to ice ages, the onset of the next one may never come given the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Some estimates have a delay of 50,000 to 100,000 years as a result of current climate change so far.


Ok this is an oddly specific one but beavers. Yeah this kinda ties into the last question, but beavers are like actually so important. They support entire ecosystems directly, plus their dams help create wetlands which are the most biodiverse areas in North America, important for so many things we rely on (like fishing, hunting, pollutant filtration, groundwater exchange, water supply, and more). Wetlands are also natural buffers that can actually reduce the damage of large storms and lessen the damage to our infrastructure. We’ve lost a lot of wetlands in recent years which is part of the reason why hurricanes seem to be ever-more destructive despite our advancing technology. For all our tech, we still can’t match nature.
Beavers are one of the biggest creators of wetlands. We need more beavers. Yeah I know its tricky with farmers, roads, etc but there are solutions which simply aren’t widespread enough.


The planet isn’t dying. There will be a tipping point where humans will become extinct because of what we’re doing to the planet, but the planet will ultimately be fine, new life will form, new things will grow, we just won’t be a part of it


Unfortunately not. By the time we’ve gone extinct, humans will have caused damage in terms of the atmosphere won’t be reversible without an active effort to do so.

You give us too much credit

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Pretty sure if the planet managed to survive beyond several extinction level events, we aren’t going to be what kills the planet. The planet will shake us off like a bad case of fleas at some point, deservedly so I might add.

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Look for Agent’s Smith from Matrix opinion on mankind, sry i ment humankind or peoplekind or whatever we call ourselves theese mad days ( see what i did here?)

Mmm not necessarily. If we get to the point where we are driven to extinction by human-caused climate change, its already reached a level of runaway greenhouse effects that it isn’t naturally reversible.
What we are doing isn’t supposed to happen. It’s different than an meteor, a huge volcano, or the natural cycles of heating and cooling. We’re expending the natural resources of the planet that take literal millions of years to form—that is too much energy to release back into our world all at once.


our population isn’t going to decrease unless we have war or disaster

Lol we are in an escalating state of disaster

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i was hoping heat waves to effects more lol



There were 5x the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere during the Jurassic period than now. The world will be fine, it’s the things living on it that need to adapt if they want to survive


Maybe off topic maybe not. It drives me nuts when people don’t understand how destruction of habitat is just as bad as hunting or eating meat decimating forests to put up another shopping mall or a dollar general on every block pushes animalsinto smaller and smaller habitats. They end up starving or ending up against the front of a passing car.


Yup there was about 5x the carbon dioxide. There was also about 20x the plant life which kept the cycle stable. Please don’t nitpick information without its greater context


And what do you think would happen to plant life if humans weren’t on the planet?

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i dont think we will fine tbh there was massive heat waves that completely dried some big rivers