Darkmire - Week 5 - Fortification


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to MiinaNiina of the Creators Faction.


  • The Resurrection Dragon, Hildr, will be released alongside this event.
  • Tower levels 148, 149, and 150 will be released for endgame players.


  • Why do we say, “Practice makes perfect” when no tangible/perceivable person nor object in this world is absolutely perfect?
  • Which level will you be going to this event?

My answers:

  • I believe the expression is used as a driver for motivation, but even in that sense, it’s misleading, because how can anything make perfect when nothing or nobody can be perfect? To make someone or something is to change their state of being, or to create a state of being from absolutely nothing, and in the sense of perfection, there is no being, so there is no making. Therefore, the maxim is logically incorrect, which stumps me as to why we say it like it’s true. There’s not much to it, because it’s not saying much.
  • I will be advancing to a minimum level of 545 and a maximum level of 550 from a starting level of 543; I am already behind on my season plan because timer expenditures are so tight up here (which makes recent maxed progression levels seem unfeasible for most players), but then again, I’m also behind on breeding by ~1.5 tiers because I deliberately excelled forward, so it all evens out right about there.

As humans we are preoccupied with perfection. I’ve made a point to stop saying this and switched to practice makes better.


Well, people can occasionally or temporarily achieve perfection. A gymnast or ice skater can score a perfect 10. I’ve seen musical performances which, at least to my ear, were perfect. And of course practice is key to achieving these “perfect” performances, even if they are transitory. It is ultimately about increasing consistency.

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Yeah I have had a lot of issues with the concept of perfection, I feel like there is very tangible impact of that being a function of our language. Whether we are « perfectionists » or not we all have assumptions that we need to be perfect in a wide variety of areas, from physical appearance to personal goals to often unrealistic expectations from others.
Theres a lot of research that suggest that if we dont have a word for something we literally won’t be able to comprehend the concept of it. If we did not have the word perfect and others related words I do not think we would have these same issues.

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Lol send a ticket

Festive dragons and Lineage dragons also want their reskins. :see_no_evil:


No one really expects for something to be flawlessly perfect (except control freaks, clueless bosses, and delusional bridezillas) but with most things you’ll almost never get the best results on the first attempt. The more you practice the more you can improve and learn form your mistakes.
We say perfect but what we mean is to your highest potential


Hopefully, the mythics do get fixed tomorrow. It’s getting really frustrating that we’re a third of the way through the season and they’re still not fixed yet. CF cant put out any vids without them being misleading, interest is plummeting. It’s just very frustrating when you have the means to claim your mythic early but still have to wait late into the season because they weren’t fixed when they should have been. These dragons have such short lifespans and this just cuts more out of that.


Someone’s going to come running with a stick for throwing over the table.

Or maybe a pan…? :grin:

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This would be a better idea imo than putting one of the mythic skins in a LTB. The whole point of the leaderboard skins is they’re supposed to be limited to those who earn them, they’re supposed to be special. Putting them into a LTB just cheapens them. They could so easily just add the 3rd skin into one of the other leaderboard prizes. Then put a skin for the discount, resurrection and festive in a LTB.

  1. My favorite baseball coach used to say ”perfect practice makes perfect.” Definitely stressed that practice doesn’t make a player better. One must practice proper technique(s) to get better.

The saying is an idiom and shouldn’t be taken literally. Just like “it’s a piece of cake.” [means something is easy and not a real piece of cake]. But even then, perfection can be achieved.

Perfection can be narrowly defined. For example - I’m a pitcher who has control issues and walked 10 batters in my last start. Therefore, between starts practiced to develop better control. In my next start I pitch 7 innings of 0 walk ball - I was perfect for that game in what I was practicing.
Once again, perfection can be narrowly defined.

You can practice for a test and get all the questions right.
You can practice a piece of music and play it perfectly at a recital.
You can practice to run a 3 hour marathon - and then run a 3 hour marathon.

  1. What level will I end up. Starting at 652 and will take 27-147 towers to 150. 655 sounds like a possible end point.
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skin has income potential. thats what games are doing now

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. (Vince Lombardi)

More than just color reskin :triumph: (imagining Narmak’s latern replaced with durian)

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I don’t know who says that, but I say Practice makes progress :slight_smile:

Not sure, but I still need at least to gain 2 more player lvls just to be able to upgrade to towers level 150 :sweat_smile:


I have been 670 for 3 forts hopefully this fort I start going up again :stuck_out_tongue:

Plan is to hit 700 at the end of this season.


I think you’re rather underestimating how big the gap from 670 to 700 is :grin:


I think you’re ‘ maybe ‘ underestimating how big a wallet DZ has :laughing:


Why do I like the idea of reskins for Hildr now?

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It looks like a $600 gap. (148mm XP) There are still 3 forts and 1 of those forts with no levels ( 33 x L85 wood towers ) But I think if I open Draconics week 9 then its possible if I build wood towers to 85.

I cant go from 670 to 700 building quality I have to go for economy :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing that will stuff me up is if I decide to merge towers and brick myself into a hole.

Then after that ill need to focus on quality and just stay 700 for a season and sub out wood towers for electrum / ember towers.

The plan :-

Fort 1 clear XP hole 1/2 670 - 670
Fort 2 clear XP hole 2/2 670 - 670
Fort 3 no new tower levls 670 - 690
Fort 4 2 tower levels 690 - 700

Plan and reality dont always happen haha.

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You’ve clearly never seen WE’s roster.


It fits Jalen’s explanation perfectly