Darkmire - Week 6 - Fight Pits (+ Limited Time Branch)

This rendition of Fight Pits comes equipped with new features.

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  • What is your favorite part about the Fall season? How does the Fall season compare to your favorite season in the world overall?
  • What is the most useless contraption anyone has ever invented, and why?

Fight Pits again…

@PGJared you said recently that the events wouldn’t be all jumbled up and we could expect a return to normal rotation?

FP → TR → FP

This is really a very disappointing result for most players.

Many of my long term friends quit this game in the prior 12 months. Dodgy moves like this cause a loss of confidence in your brand, it causes player unrest and it expedites players retirement plans.

I was planning to hang around until Xmas but I also cant help feel that ill save a lot of money retiring earlier.


Agreed. Fight Pits again is very disappointing :cry:


I was looking forward to Crystal Caves. Great points and good prizes. Pits is the absolute worst. Everytime it’s on I feel like retiring from the game. Can’t believe it’s here again…


Wearing hoodies without people looking at me weird and when the leaves change.

This is a beautiful question but I’m not sure.


We literally had pits 2 pvps ago, why the hell are we having it again? Is this just an attempt to nerf the season’s sigil payouts? Because that’s exactly what this feels like.

Why is Fight Pits being run yet again when we just had it and reception for that was pretty bad? When will we be getting information about the new features? Have the prizes also been adjusted to go along with them or did that also get ignored?
Why are you guys risking running new changes when the game is already dealing with such major issues from mythics not functioning properly and the new dragons causing people’s games to crash?


Just because they said last time that more people said they wanted FP back in tickets than in forum posts wanting it gone, I am posting my opinion here.

Fight pits is one of those events where we tell our team to take a break and come back on Monday…Having it a second time so quickly is just frustrating…

Guess I will be gone this PvP as well…lol



We’ll be releasing updates to the Fight Pits event this week. The details can be found here.


Thanks DP.

So does Ultra attack award 90 chests?


Like mentioned above by other players, the cycle for events is now messed up thanks to fight pits being this week. Wouldnt it make sense to finish your final round of testing, let CC happen like it was suppose to, fix the issues players are having with the game, and then release this new version on fight pits when its suppose to, aka when its turn innthe cycle arrives. If you guys arent finished with the testing by Wednesday then were getting the same useless fight pit as before. This whole tease of a new fight pit reminds me of the statefarm commercial where theres an old fisherman dangling a dollar on a fishing pole in from of someone, when the person goes for it, the old man yanks it away.
Im not trying to dis on pg. But why put this out if its not ready? If the game is already crashing and glitching, wouldnt it make sense to fix that before trying to release something new? Breeder is the next event after this pvp, will the new dragons be fixed then? Or will therr be even more crashes as players breed the new dragons?


That’s it? Those are the fixes PG thought would make people happy to see Fight Pits? Those literally dont address anything about the problems with this event. Points per attack/resource are still horrible. No one was complaining about fight pits being too grindy, that was Crystal Caves. The complaints about fight pits was that it was repetitive, the points per attack were aweful, the prizes were aweful, it was too resource intensive to accomplish anything. How does doing 3 megas at once instead of 1 at a time improve anything? Have the prizes been improved? Have the points per base been increased?

This also does not explain to us why we’re getting fight pits again when we just had it last month.


100% agree with everything you said.

Complaints considered were probably from the revenue team and not from the players.


This honestly makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and I can’t think of one reason to have fight pits this week other then to try and get players to spend more because of the combination of this event being the worst for points and rss. I would greatly appreciate any sort of an actual explanation for releasing fight pits this week. I could MAYBE see it if the event was functioning perfectly already with the intended changes, but even then it was just two pvps ago and was received horribly then. Not to mention there are serious issues with the game currently that should definitely take priority over an event that’s busted even when it actually functions normally.
Also these changes don’t even seem like a bandaid for a temporary solution. The ultra attack just seems like a horrible idea. At the very least we better get the same amount of chests as if we did three megas, can you please confirm that? The co op raiding actually seems like it would be a great idea if we could choose who the recipients of the raids were, it would make helping lower levels a lot easier. As it stands now it seems like while useful it will be fairly confusing to utilize.

@DragonPunch can we please get an actual explanation as far as why you are releasing an unpopular event a month before it should come up and without it even being fully vetted.


And why not make the coop raids reset per round (or 6 hours, like the new ultra attack) instead of every day since the event is too grindy? That would be a win that checks both of the checkboxes. It’s only 60k points maximum with this new coop feature, and that’s if all 50 members do their 10 every day, assuming base value of 100 points and 20 point bonuses.

It’s a step in the right direction though, but hardly negates the damage done by ultra attacks.


I have been avoiding the forums since I heard about this. Pg doesn’t want us being negative in the forums and then they pull things like this. There is already too few pvp events….and it makes it a repetitive grind….but having the most hated event with just one pvp in between is something I do not understand.

Having mythics that are not fixed and running Pits twice in the first 3 pvp events does not bode well for players trying to be constructive and positive about the direction the game is going.

Please run Crystal Cave and then Gauntlet, as the order would suggest, and then we can experience your new Pits in it’s proper spot.


My concern with ultra attack is that the new dragons all cause game crashes. Mostly in defence but even attacking my app force closes.

What happens if I buy ultra attack do my run with the invoker and my game bombs out on island 2 ( small island )

Will PG refund our ultra attacks?

I think its best to fix all the dragon issues first. I suspect this new feature with broken dragons has the potential to be a PR trainwreck.

Given this feature is not yet tested PG just are not helping themselves mitigate potential issues.

I have never heard of a product manager authorizing the deployment of a feature that doesnt have UAT sign off 48 hours before go live. Most companies will not entertain production release in current sprint if UAT approval was not grated in the prior sprint.

Sounds like you are forcing PI run down which can be quite dangerous. Safer to let the cadence be what it is and perform lessons learned on why it was late.

The Go / No Go decision by Poduct Manager / ART at the start of the sprint should of deferred deployment of this feature. Current approach to release feature without UAT approval is cowboy stuff. You guys are coding like its the Wild West.

Imagine if testing fails and we just get vanilla fight pits. People will rightfully be pissed off.


Seriously another FP - 2 out of last 3 PvP events.

This has got to be a joke, right?

Really scared the co-op feature will bombard me with constant annoying banners. Hopefully, there is a way to turn it off? @dragonpunch.


I like the idea of co-op raids but I have some questions.
What exactly needs to happen for a raid?
100% with leader dragon? 100% with leader and follower? 70%?
I understand there is a limit on raids per player but it seems to be enforced through not getting more options. So a player could potentially only get raids for the least points worth base?
If a player already has their available raid pool filled and does one, is this now a free spot that can be filled again?
Do we get to see who made a given raid available and would get the 20% points? Does the player who made it available see who got it and whether they did it?
Do those raids count towards the 100 attacks per round? Towards wildfire? (Yes probably not)
Is there a limit on how many raids a single player can provide? And if so what are those limits?
Why do they not reset with rounds like everything else related to pvp did up to this point?

A semi related question as well, why do we need to get this now when we just had another fight pits and its still in testing when the event goes live in less than 48h from now?

For ultra attacks I just want to know one thing: why are the point multipliers 1/4/5/30/90? Im pretty sure I know the answer to that one, something along the lines of putting gems in pockets, but maybe I’m wrong.


Tbh to sum up the fight pit fixes in a few words; unnecessary and over-complicated.

The hard work is appreciated but I wish its directed more towards players’ suggestions.


In the intro of co-ops it’s said that you and teammates can earn points for a “small energy cost.” Then in the breakdown it’s listed as co-ops are 4 energy. Am I missing something? Or is the “small energy cost” just a normal energy cost?