Darkmire - Week 7 - Breeding


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  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • The Spell Rider Branch will be released alongside this event.


  • If all humans are created equal, why are we different from one another?
  • Which dragon will you be breeding this event?

My answers:

  • While it is factual that no human is better nor worse than another of the same species, some humans “find themselves” quicker than others and unlock their potentials as humans quicker as well; driven by the mind, there is nothing a human is without the potential to fulfill, and depending on whichever route each human takes, some humans can function better at their maxed potentials than their peers, although this doesn’t necessarily make them better since nobody was ever expected to be able to achieve the same feats as the next human being, and especially not with the same facility as them. Some of us are born to be winners, while others have to learn what it means to be a winner, and then apply to be one, but the hidden truth is that nobody who is alive is ever a loser, for just living life means you’re winning somehow, even when life makes that seem false. In life, one does not lose; one either wins at a high scale, or wins at a low scale, but it is fundamentally impossible for one to get through life without winning.

But sometimes it’s not so much a factor of human nature as it is a factor of neglect; human ignorance (mental) and human impotence (physical) are both symptoms of carelessness; when a person does not care to unlock their fullest potential as a person, they will move no mountains in life, and if they lose their mojo because they allowed the wind to take it away (if they lose their hope because the world won’t stop beating down on them), they lose themselves. And some people never reach this extent, while others fall far below it. That’s why there’s the illusion that some people are better than others (hence their inflated egos), when they’re really not, and this egotistical illusion actually better shows that the person with the ego still has some work to do on themself, which means that they as well have not reached their fullest potential; any human who thinks that they have what it takes to be anything that no human could ever be to the exception of another has not reached their fullest potential, because they still fail to see in the center of human life. (If you don’t have the vision, you certainly don’t have the potential. Fullest potential implies that you have everything required to be great, including the awareness that your greatness takes nothing away from anyone else’s.)

And so we come full circle to realize once again that we are all equal as human beings, and none of us are better nor worse than another; the only thing getting in the way of that is the fact that while still being at an equilibrium, some people reach mastery of the human potential quicker and more effectively than others might, and also that as humans, we aren’t at all inclined to take the same route in life as another, so the maxed potential in one area may look different from the maxed potential in another, but it all comes together to form one united overall human potential because there is nothing that humans are without the ability to do; thus, there is nothing supporting the stigma that anyone is superior or inferior to the rest.

  • I will be breeding Washi, my first Artisan-tier dragon, and first Evolving lineage dragon overall.

Because it is our differences that make us individuals and create a personality. But we all deserve the same rights because there is no correct way of being (but there are wrong ways which try to deny that equality to others)

Breeding my 3rd radiant, Assassin’s Croc
Also gonna go back and do the invoker research I skipped for Sothe


Every living thing is different from others of its species. We aren’t special in any way but we sure do a lot of harm to our environment for how good and special we think we are.

Ill be finishing Ikti and start Helminn, goal is to get 4 Arcanum eggs for my builder hut so I can continue building next fort. Ideally I’d be finishing him as well so I could get Quilleth in next breeding but that would require about double the tokens I currently have so that’s not gonna happen.


Farklılıklar güzellik için vardır, haklar hak edenler için vardır. Radiant bölümü ammak ile bitiriyorum sonra artisan araştırmalar

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  1. Your question infers physical traits of humans being equal in your post. No one to my limited understanding has ever tried to argue that humans are equal in mentally or in their physical traits.

Usually when you see “all humans are created equal” they are:
A. Looking at it from a philosophical perspective.
B. Not referring to an individual equality but a societal one.

A perfect example is the US Declaration of Independence, where it states:

“All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”

  1. Will finish Novarrion with a possibility of Ren and complete Radiant Tier.

Where can I find the event list of this Darkmire season?

I made one last week.
Or do you need a list of all the events of the season?


Now just try to fathom the absolute hypocrisy that this sentence was written by a slave owner.

Equality is a social construct. We are actually all created similarly.

Look at all the dog breeds, they’re all dogs, but they’re all different, even within a specific breed they’re all different. Humans are the same as this really, we’re all humans at our basic level but we’re all different types of human.


Except humans are the ones who created dog breeds when he screwed up the Grey Wolf. The ethics of creating many of those breeds is pretty questionable and many have serious health problems

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Even then, humans are ultimately but interchangably divided into two groups anyways.

There have never really been a middle ground in between the two. And the long lost middle class isn’t what I’m referring to.

Well, I guess it can be three if we go into details.

I thing we’re all born equally then we become different or unique by our upbringing, cultures, nationalities, and where we live. I’m breeding Charpent, my 3rd Artisan and Cerberath (only 25K tokens) for dragon quests and perch.

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*stares at yet another ice turret event glyph*
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No mini side event to keep us from real life??