Darkmire - Week 8 - Team Gauntlet (+ Trading Post + Limited Time Branch)

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  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • There is nothing to report until next week.


  • If you could eliminate one season (real-world) from the rotation, what would it be, and why?
  • Do you like going to the movies or do you prefer watching movies at home?

Yay Gauntlet, the one actual fun event we have. But they really do need to remove the chain island cooldowns so people arent fighting with their teammates for points. That’s the only negative with this event, that there actually are a fixed number of points that people can earn. If you have a very competitive team then it can be very difficult to max the event with people dropping megas as soon as a pve island spawns

For me it would be winter because while I prefer the cold I HATE SNOW. I hate driving in it, I hate driving with other people in it, I hate shoveling it and by January and Feb it’s just depressing when it’s grey and black on the sides of the road. I also crashed and totaled my first car in the winter when some snow grabbed my tires and spun me into a construction baricade so yeh… WINTER SUCKS

Personally at home but I also hate waiting to see something new that I want to see. For me Covid lockdown was actually preferable when everything was coming out on streaming right away. I hate crowds, I hate screaming kids or people talking during he movie so when I do go to a theatre I usually go the Monday or Tuesday after something comes out and go early in the morning to avoid it being crowded. When Spiderman No Way Home came out I bought the seats on either side of me just so that no one would be sitting next to me.


Been saying this for… I don’t know how long. :face_exhaling:

@Jalen Any words on ultra attacks being applied to other major events? Not that it makes much difference, but it is something new.


DP stated that Ultra attacks were only for FP right now.… then again they’ve stated a lot of things lately that werent true so who knows what we can believe.


Spring. It’s when I’m allergic to everything and I can’t walk outside without feeling like my sinuses ar being bashed in with a bat.

Depends. If I’m with friends, go to the movies because I don’t want them eating my food and it’s cheaper to go to a movie than to host a group. If it’s just me? Way too expensive to go to a movie.

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Political season.

Unfortunately, that season is year-round now.




Oh man I wish it was Crystal Caves…. Oh well at least it’s not Pit’s for the third time :rofl:

  1. Would eliminate summer. Summer is atrocious here in Arizona - fall, winter, and spring are really nice (just a colder summer).
  2. Haven’t been to a movie theatre in years. Beers and snacks much cheaper at home.

Is the events team at all considering possibly decreasing or removing the island respawn cooldowns for Gauntlet at all? It is something people have been bringing up for a long time. They did thankfully decrease them quite a bit a long time ago but even with that, Gauntlet is the only event in which there is a set amount of points avalible during it and that makes teammates have to compete against each other for those points. I really do enjoy Gauntlet, it is by far the best pvp we have but… It really can get frustrating waiting 2 hours for Gustav to pop up and then it’s gone in a few minutes because people mega it to death. Then you’re waiting another 2 hours. In the mean time the same thing happens to most of the other top islands, they’re gone and you’re waiting another hour.

Removing the cooldown time on the pve islands would be best but if that isnt possible then it really needs to be decreased to like 5 minutes at most. That way no one ever has to worry about not having anything to hit in this event


Glad you all like this event - I find it the worst. Completely hate doing this one.

  1. Mostly boring PvE. [Highest PvE of all PvP events]
  2. Have to fight teammates for points - so either mega like crazy or spend way too much time waiting for island resets. [Only PvP event where the better a teammate does makes it harder for everyone else to score points].
  3. Need to log on every 3 hours for PvP island. [Just as bad as CC].
  4. Due to being PvE heavy, horrible chest drops. [Worst PvP for chest drops compared to rss usage].

I find chest drops just fine from PvP, Gustav and Vampire

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Lucky for you - over the years and keeping track - this one is by far the worst for me due to PvE opponents. PvP opponents drop way better for me

CC - 2200-3000 chests
FP - 2300-3200 chests.
TR - 1800-2200 chests.
TG - 1400-1800 chests.


For me it’s the best besides CC, easily earn 2k chests per event. Perhaps do more supers and fewer megas on the chain islands?

CC - 2500
TG - 2000 - 2200
TR - 1800 - 2000
FP - 1000

I get much less even after I get all Draconics and open up all chests during discount period.

While I personally like the idea, it would make the underlying design of the event worthless. Lol. Rather than having 15 or so islands, you’d just have 1 - Gustav - since the others would never be hit (other than the start to get to Gustav).

While it is disappointing if you are on a team where some selfish players mega Gustav at every opportunity, that is a team problem - not a PG one. Maybe join a more team-focused group - or kick out the selfish players.

Besides, if your idea was implemented, the necessary result would be a different longstanding complaint - how megas (and those with $ to use them excessively) skew the team results. Megas would be even more prevalent. So those spender teams would have even more opportunity to own the event. Conversely, under the current system, coordinated teams who work together to constantly clear the top 3-4 islands throughout the event can compete for the top tier rankings.

But I do wish PG would at least make the Gustav cooldown the same as every other isle. There is no real justification for the difference.

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The design of the event is already worthless (the event itself is not), no one wants to hit those crappy islands unless they have to. The only actual purpose those other islands serves is for tiny players to hit. Otherwise they serve no actual purpose once the chain has been cleared except to pay out lower points for the same rss. Now if they wanted to adjust it so that once the chain has been cleared all islands pay out the same points but give different VP because of the island health then that would also be fine.

No, actually it’s a PG problem because there are a fixed number of points avalible to be had in the event. It promotes competition within a team for those points. That is a design flaw that people have been asking to have fixed.

Megas already are, this would have little impact on that other than they wouldnt screw over your teammates for using them. Also who cares? If a whale team wants to waste a crap ton of rss just to be at the top then let them. Meanwhile everyone else would have a much easier time getting their points
Also FYI but PG wants us to use megas so this is a poor argument against doing it.

Also just FYI but my team bans megas from chain islands. Yes someone usually goes rogue and still does them but even with supers Gustav is done less than 10 minutes and then you’re waiting another 2 hours for no reason.


While I’m glad this event is here as I get probably the most rss (while also spending the most but it evens out in the end), I’m not looking forward to the lineup looking towards next season. As of right now, fight pits and breeding will be the first two events next season :face_vomiting: unless something is adjusted. Sorry if this is slightly off topic but I just wanted it to be said… Back on topic though, I agree with Ducks that the length of time it takes for islands to come back severely limits the amount of people who can get max, or at least an upper level amount of points. Even in P2 the PVP island is usually gone within 30 minutes (maybe an hour during US nighttime) and Gustav’s Island lasts an hour (maybe 2-3 at night). A shorter cooldown would allow more players to get more points while also allowing lower level plays to get easier and more accessible points.


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