Darkmire - Week 9 - Fortification


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • The Oculus Tower Branch will be released alongside this event.


  • Is it always best to seek out pleasure over avoiding pain?
  • What level will you be going to this event?

My answers:

  • It is fundamentally impossible not to have pain coincide with pleasure, for even in the absence of pain, our pleasure is impacted by pain; the pain that we feel is the basis of our pleasure. Even by actively seeking out pleasure, you’re only subjecting yourself to a greater amount of pain, and by attempting to trounce pain, your source of pleasure is slipping away.

The pain that we feel is beneficial to us because it fosters a sense of strength and accomplishment after it passes, so in essence, pain is actually the pleasure that some people are searching for whenever they are pursuing pleasure; people in pain who are pursuant of pleasure possess perfunctory perceptions of their puissant prowesses.

Our pain makes us better; it transforms us, and allows us to transcend realms we never thought we would ever have the chance to, which makes it seem almost surreal how humanity prefers to live a life of pleasure over a life of pain. After all, we don’t get anything out of pleasure that we can’t get from pain, except for the purity of the present; however, some people object the present in exchange for the future, so they would then theoretically object pleasure (affective of the present) in exchange for pain (affective of the future), though they wouldn’t necessarily achieve their goal because pain is basically just pleasure with a disguise.

But let’s not get caught up; pain comes in both good and bad forms. The pain that you feel inherently is what is characteristic of “good pain”, while the pain that you avoid is what is characterized as “bad pain”. By those means, avoidance of pain is the corruption of the spirit.

It is good to seek out pleasure because in doing so, you are putting yourself in pain, and pain is pleasure. However, it is not good to seek said pleasure while avoiding pain, because in that way, you’re expelling pleasure at the expense of pain; the pain is entering your body as you search for pleasure, and you’re avoiding the external stream of pleasure (the pain) that is supposed to possess you and foster the pleasure that you aspire to have. Because only after pain can we ever have absolute pleasure; it teaches us what we need to know to live in peace, and therefore it is our peace.

  • I hope to achieve player level 550 this event, but I have a slightly smaller backup goal of level 549 in case that backfires. I do have some newer tower levels unlocked after my recent breakage into the Artisan tier, so I will try and see what I can do with that; I know that in terms of the “breeding-building balance”, I’m finally caught up in terms of caps. All things considered, I will be starting from level 545.

- second poster by FishKA13 -


Law of equivalent exchange. What brings pleasure will eventually bring as much pain. Not sure about that whole “pain makes us stronger” thing. There are some things that once I’ve felt the pain from it I barely got past it. I most certainly don’t feel any stronger for it.

As far as level goes, I don’t even know what level I am now, so who knows lol.

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Depends on the situation and if there are other consequences. Such as if you screwed up at work and threw someone else under the bus to avoid being blamed or taking credit for someone else’s work when you did nothing and would get in trouble then no, it’s not.

Gonna try a different approach this fort and build a tower using merging material

Can be ignored if you have a philosopher’s stone :joy:


I found this wonderful artwork in another thread and figured I wanted to incorporate it here:


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.

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Does that have my little ghost rider pumpkin man?

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I’m curious what is the secondary effect of the mythic glyph?

Unfortunately it’s nothing useful. It has secondary fire flak resist because we’re still getting those outdated 5% event glyphs with super old outdated secondary skills. It would be nice instead to see this replaced with some rage like the Invoker runes in the silvers have. That way it could actually be worth using over a seasonal glyph.

What was the last warrior that had fire flak resist?
I’d rather just have some chisels instead


Okay not wasting more timers for it then on 6 m points.

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