Darkwinds LFM SAPPHIRE 1 -2 , 200+

League: SAPPHIRE 1
Players: 200+ ( Or if too good we can consider any lvl 150+)

DarkWinds has gone through many rough things lately but our experienced leadership , my kids still stand strong and we are here for the long ride since inception .
Our team is:
-Very active
-very stable in atlas
-reaching 1.2k sigils almost always 11/13 events of season is our average

We are looking for players who love the game, will take instructions in war, and be active in Atlas and events. But tbh we are also cleaning the house of people that only do their thing in game, , we promote team work and we want all to be a team . Right now we are looking for 5-6 minimum to join us , ppl who are good fliers , know how to build their base and gear and coordinate with the team , The level doesnt matter we have taken players low levels in the past and have turned out to be hardcore players , so if u are one of them message us in game or me here .


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Pick me ! Pick me!



I sent you an email :grin:


I’d love to apply. Let me see if it is okay with my team leader first.


Okay, I’m available to join now. Just pmed your leader and officer(s) and sent in an application.

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