Data on dragons to determine Buffs/Nerfs

So I saw the recent discussion about Nockmar’s nerf and it was said that they monitor the win rates of dragons to see how it’s performing basically and I find that incredibly stupid. Not saying Nockmar’s perm freeze wasn’t an issue at all by the way. The problem I have is how pg decides who needs a buff and who needs a nerf by " data ". I do have a serious question that I know a lot of people are wondering about. How exactly do you monitor a dragon? Do you guys see the DP of bases? There are a TON of just straight-up shit bases. You’d be surprised how many awful 480+ bases there are that are so easily beaten. PLEASE stop monitoring dragons this way to determine a buff/nerf. I literally panic every time I win an attack now because the more I win the higher chance of my dragon to get nerfed. This should not be a feeling anyone should be getting at all especially when it comes to mythics. You are nerfing mythics on top of releasing underwhelming ones. As I mentioned before in the Nockmar thread PG seriously needs to be testing these dragons before releasing/fixing them. Use ACTUAL bases that are current meta even. Test against 0,1,2,3 defenders. Not damn archer, cannons, trech towers. There are tons of high-ranked players that are willing to test unreleased dragons creative faction members or not. Please use all the resources of the community to help make this game better. The lack of community involvement is just confusing and frustrating, I see so many great ideas when it comes to events, dragons, spells, even the little things that can make everyone happy and none of these awesome ideas are coming to life. A good way to start is to have someone from the pg team actively communicates through the forums and listens to us. I feel like we all just talk to ourselves or amoungst each other which shouldnt be a thing at all. Sorry if I got off topic, just had to say what I had to say.

PS. Do not bother requesting a change of mythics. I tried to get Aerow instead of Reyze and I got a flat out no so please choose mythics wisely.


You make some valid points. I’m sure PG looks at some very detailed variables and makes educated decisions based on that. not

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Please hire someone like Galileo to communicate with us.


and some 550s with 120 115 117 towers :shushing_face:

Atlas beasts would skewer numbers so hopefully they are excluded.

Many players hit slightly down in case of 3D so if you hit slightly down and 0D then results are skewered.

End of the day most these dragons are useless and benched in 3-6 months I don’t really see the point of nerfs this late.

More testing should be done to balance things out

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While I get the gist of what your are saying, the problem isn’t using “data” to make decisions, it is either their choice of data or how they interpret the data.

I absolutely think their choices should be informed by data. If you look and the range of opinions expressed in the nerf thread, it is clear opinion isn’t the solution. As to testing, that is presumably one area where the GPF does help. No idea of course if they were used here, or their recommendations adopted.

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They should allow the community to test the dragons the first couple weeks of their release. That way every level of play and every skill of play can be taken into account to have a more well balanced dragon

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or they can just implement practice mode like sandbox where u can test your dragon skill,damage,bonus etc.

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Would be good to have a sandbox that you can access from in game to try out new features and provide feedback

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The radio silence approach PG is taking right now is simply going to add insult to injury for players who are genuinely trying to communicate.



I have a big problem with Nockmar and apparently several players have the same problem with the freeze that bcp takes longer to recharge.

If you make excellent warriors to belittle them then it’s no longer worth it.

Between the costs that are constantly increasing, the decline in “gifts” in good choice will be quick for me. I will stop the game like so many other players! It really disgusts the game!



My guess is that the data is more even on something like Nockmar but all over the place on some of the hunters. I like skilled dragons and I am pretty decent with some of them. There are others that I have that playing on a phone with 2 thumbs I get obliterated. Then there are the folks that must play on a screen big enough to use all 20 fingers and toes and Xul is unstoppable. For the ones defending against these few crazy flyers the dragons seem OP, but the data probably shows a much different story due to all us regular Joe’s who can’t get off 100 shots in 3 seconds.

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I think people just misunderstand what analytics is about when looking at data. There’s a lot to it, and not some whimsy guess by some idiots.
The game needs a balance, and when a nerf or buff is needed it should happen. I’d wish they did this more often with dragons, but honestly they push too much out too fast IMO to ever keep up.

As far as the communication from PG on this, I believe they gave us a nice picture of what was what changed and why. Communication for a game is still pretty good here.

We don’t have enough info on their analytics to even really see the picture. All they have shared is they look at win rates with # of defenders. In and of itself, that would be a rather unsophisticated analysis.