Data Usage (again)


I just got another data Usage message 10% remaining for the month, if anyone has plenty of data or doesn’t mind checking if it’s broken again it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance.


My data usage is normal. I have unlimited so I will keep an eye out in case that changes.


Thank you!


Can you double-check what version you’re on and let me know?


3.73.0+gn it says…thanks in advance.


Don’t play this game except on wifi. Seriously. Just dont. Not only is it a data hog (because while they claim 1.5GB of storage for caching, they actually refresh the entire cache every time your game loads, so its really not a cache at all but a data suck). Also the already laggy battles will be that much worse on 4G. And on 3G forget it.


Thanks. Can you do me a favor and submit a ticket so we can get your full info? This should have been fixed already so we want to review.


Yeah, only problem is I don’t have wi-fi except for when I’m at home which only for a couple hours before bed at night. If I have to only play at home I’ll do what I gotta do.


Done, thank you.


So I said I’d watch my data usage- it went from 1.4 GB when I posted earlier, to 1.5 GB when I checked now. I did approximately 5 runs, and was online chatting for over an hour.
Safe to say I don’t have a data issue with mine.


This time my Data usage seems to be fine. I have everything locked down though. Do you have data restrictions placed on your apps? I have also heard email sync can cause excessive data use if it continually reloads all of your emails.

Hope you find the answer quick Grinch :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies here, sorry to bump this “thread” but just wanted to say thank you for the info, it doesn’t seem WD is the problem. Thanks!


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