Daylight Saving Time and Reset

Noticed that multipliers did not reset until 4 am EST. Suspecting it has to do with DST. Are we going to keep it this way or change it back? Don’t want to be in the middle of a run then find out the reset time is change again. Thanks.

As far as I can tell they always reset at 08:00 GMT. So if your time zone shifts because of DST, your local time will change.

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I’m not affected by DST. Today, the multiplier reset at 3 PM, while daily token at 2 PM.

Xp multipliers and daily tokens shift with DST regardless of whether your location observes it. Altas gold multis, Atlas daily tokens, war, and the timer on normal daily tokens don’t change along with DST. Those will be at a different local time if your area observes DST

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Where your country?

Yup (char)

Damn, now they’ll reset at 2am for me I think :slightly_frowning_face:

DST in Canada has affected reset times.

They are currently un-synced which is very very annoying. 1am MST resets on Atlas multipliers, 2am MST reset on dragon multipliers.

This is going to be very confusing for a while, especially with new Atlas players.

Can this be sync’d up again please?

Indo mananya?

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