Days without sound, game is completely silent

Ok, my game has had NO sound for days now. The sound options in the settings are all on. I’ve restarted my phone and everything. Is anyone else experiencing this? Sound works on all of my other apps except for war dragons. The game is completely silent for me…no music, sound effects, nothing. Solutions?

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iOS or Android?

iOS iPhone 7

You can try this

Wait. Do people actually play with the sound on?


See if you have your phone on silent, if it is turn it off silent. Some games you can only hear the music if you have silent off. I don’t know about WD though because as mentioned above, I play on mute and am always suprized when someone plays with the music

Hey Oro! If you do some phone troubleshooting and still can’t get the sound to work, please reach out to our support team! You can find 'em at :slight_smile:

I didn’t know there was sound… I’ve been here for more than a year :rofl:


TBH I like the game much better on silent :laughing:


My iPad does that if I hit the talk to text so check that

How does one play War Dragons at social functions with the sound on? :thinking:


Oh I remember the sound…the super loud music that repeats over and over… and freaks me out when I enter the game expecting silence :flushed::joy:

In the midst of all the shields, it’s nice to know when a tower is destroyed by that unique sound sometimes. That’s why i play with the volume on in important runs when i’m at home.

All other times are silent but i definitely enjoy the destruction sounds :smiley:


I find sound to be eerily similar to a PC free world game called Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning.
That was one of my favourite games and same sound on WD creeps me out with completely different setup.

Make sure u didn’t turn off the music and sound effects in the settings… I have the music off but not the sound

Sounds delightful. Enjoy! I never use sounds in game…playing in silence is my preferred experience…

I enjoy the sound of “flash” skill. Very eargasmic :drooling_face:

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I like the way flash gives illusion of screen shaking.

That’s mildly concerning :man_shrugging:

Me? At a social function? :joy: Not my introverted ass