DE-Evolve our dragons?

So I know this has been brought up but for the life of me I cant find it in a thread anywhere…

Will it ever be possible to De-Evolve our dragons…
Obviously If temple raid is the only event we are ever gonna get that uses old dragons I really dont see the point… but… if assault ever returns… and maybe more events are going to come around utilizing old dragons… it could pretty beneficial especially for some of these divines that honestly serve no purpose anymore even in their capped tier that they are in… :woman_shrugging:

Maybe allow this to be done only once per dragon?

Ideas, suggestions, comments?

I would be ok with this (really not needed though) on the condition that was de-evolved they cannot be evolved higher again. Make the evolution stones a one time use thing so that you have to consciously make the choice of where you want that dragon.


That’s what I’m thinking would be nice too…and I agree it’s not needed, but at least it’s something to talk about besides how much we all dislike pg :rofl:
For example my coatl is absolutely worthless these days… but I would like to move it down to one of my weaker tiers… being either platinum or garnet… even though I believe max for coatl was harbinger correct?

But it may get a little tricky cause you will lose spells along the way… which would totally suck… unless they found a way to let you keep all the max spells and put it wherever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I believe that was the case. I just dont want everyone to be able to de-evolve their dragons without some sort of consequence. As long as it was a choice everyone had to make it wouldn’t be horrible. I do think that the dragons should also only keep the spells that they had at each specific tier, otherwise it might make the assault event too easy. For the most part gold and above they would keep all their spells anyway right?

For temple raid I’ve proven its possible to defeat every tier with lineage dragons without riders or gear even.

For the assault event since we have only had it the one time I didnt do a ton of testing with different combos to see how hard it was to defeat with different dragons. For the most part I threw riders and gear on any strong dragon I had for that tier and just went to town. I didn’t really care about the prestige of max scores at the time.


You make a valid point, if your gonna de evolve you should prob be stuck there indefinitely if that’s your choice to do that.

I struggled with assault terribly lol… I’m a mediocre flyer at best lol but I really feel that more and more events are going to somehow involve old retired dragons… and if not they honestly should in some form cause to me temple raid is one of the best pvps we have and it’s for that simple reason, grabbing those old classics out and getting to fly them :grin:


I actually took a season and got all of the seasonal legendaries just to certain points specifically for temple raid. I had enough good dragons that I didnt necessarily need new ones. Realized after the fact that it wasnt really needed to be competitive for that event. I do agree though that it is my favorite pvp.

I have some lower level teammates (around 100) on my team that dont have the luxury yet of having finished multiple dragons completely so that’s when I did all the testing with lineage dragons for temple raid. Even went as far as making a crappy YouTube video they could watch of the different lineage dragons to use for each tier that are easy to get if your on a good breeding path.


could you link it please?

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Sure can, it’s a rough video and I havent had a chance to go in and do any edits to repost it. Flying was definetly not my best but it shows that the runs dont need to be perfect. It shows red to obsidian I dont think I was at harb level yet at the time I made the video.

Maybe I’ll try to go back in and do edits with time stamps for the different tiers this weekend and replace the currently linked video with the better one. I dont event remember if it has any sound to it lol.


Obviously feel free to share with anyone you want to that you think might like it and as I said I’ll get some editing done on it and repost a new more refined version. I just threw together something quick to share with some of my teammates that were struggling with a few tiers.

So would this be the anti-rainbow stones??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:


Lmao :rofl::rofl:
Absolutely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I swear I should make that the title :rofl:


I don’t think they’ll implement it ever, nor a way to choose at which tier you want to use a dragon even for events.

Honestly I saw the title and thought “Dragons are not Digimon… Oh, wait… :exploding_head:


Haha. Nooo! Now the song is stuck in my head :woman_facepalming:
Ahhh! :expressionless:

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You reap what you sow :upside_down_face: would you call it an earwormmon? :joy:

(I probably love Digimon anime more than Pokémon ones…)

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You are true evil haha :rofl:

Yep, I’m a Kardulmon :grin: Fully evolved, mod mode, with edit powers aaaaand… Getting off-topic. Sorry. My bad :laughing:

(I’d love a Beelzemon or Myotismon as a Digimon partner…)

And I have no idea how to salvage this comment making it on topic since I already mentioned my opinion sooo… :speak_no_evil:

Lazy auto-quote to save the day :sweat_smile: and besides, our Dragons are literally Digital Monsters :grin:


am i the only one that thinks there were no good dragons in platinum ?

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I agree to that lol… garney wasnt great either lol

Agreed. Although I have Tengu, Snowflop and Tarand which are useful.

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I beg to differ rizar and kelvin are both relevant depending on how early you get them and either one can easily take the temple raid bases.