De-Tune a Divine Proposal

So interesting thought I had this morning while doing my XP run planning and noticing that I have just a boatload of divine dragons and deciding if I should leave a divine dragon or 2 behind in Harbinger for Temple Raid…

What would everyone think about a way to de-tune a divine dragon that you owned. This would kind of-sort of be the opposite of the suggestion to give more evolution stones to a dragon. This would be the ability to bring a dragon down to a certain tier that you had previously evolved it from.

Reasoning and Proposal
With the tier based events (temple raid, assault, possible future?) lineage dragons are kind of a pile of hot garbage. Most have an outdated spell kit (earlier tiers are more outdated) and as such take more raw stats to brute their way through bases while surviving the new flak tower shots etc. Not really refined, not defined as “good flying” etc.

So to bring a bit more finesse/fun to these events, what about the ability to bring any DIVINE dragons base stats down to any level that you have previously exceeded?

  • You could use more recent divines with newer spells meant to deal with the Flak towers in the tiers that would help
  • You could fine tune your dragons further based on stats alone to get more assault points and challenge yourself more if there is a unique spell set that you are good at flying
  • Divines could then be fully leveled instead of leaving 1 in each tier just for the sake of an event, which is bound to change in the future

How it would be done
I thought that there could be a 5th tab on the side pull out menu which would be a “tune” feature and would let you bring your dragon level to any previous level.

  • This could have a fee of rubies or food, I’d be OK with this
  • This would retain all dragon XP and would be reversible for nothing other than the cost
  • This tuning could be a temporary only feature for X minutes/hours or could do it for 1/2/3 etc runs. Undecided still what would be best



Love this idea!

I think it should be a ruby cost though, for sure (not food). Since this would be a special thing and you’d be doing it for the purpose of getting sigils, gold chests, and rubies.

Also, I think it should be a timed thing. An hour feels like a good amount of time. I could see this being like bonding where it will last an hour (being the lower level stats) but to speed it up in order to do it again (change to the next tier), you would have to wait out the full hour or pay more rubies.

I LOVE THIS!!! I hope PG can implement it :smiley:


I don’t really like it to be honest. It feels like something that will confuse more people than it will help, and something that will generate a massive amount of fresh bugs for quite limited value.

I’d rather just block divines from assault entirely, and re-tune the bases for lineage dragons.


Only one thought for me (atm.).
Other than mythic, divine dragon spells are tier / level locked for Orange and Green (a bit different for Festive).
It wouldn’t be fair to bring them down with full spell set.


This is very true. It would require a special callout on the dragon (think similar to the green seasonal buff callout on the dragon viewing screen?) and having it time out mid run might be tricky.

Yes, would need to be thoroughly thought out. And then even with the best plan people would find some exploit for it. Grumble.

I like everyone having the same toolkit to use on specifically tuned challenge events. So of course I love this option the best, but again it works against people who have succeeded in experting their top rarity in each tier dragons (epic, leg, mythi) because the raw stats sometimes aren’t needed with the spell sets. So of course some way to tune down lineage would then come into play, even if consumables were introduced to say give -30%/-30% buffs per run.


I would vote yes (for what it’s worth at this point) especially if they ever decide to add TR levels beyond just orange and harbinger.

I had left my haku at harb (and still recommend Folks do the same) as he could solo all the harb bosses. Your idea would be great to detune otherwise disappointing divines to make use of them somewhere in the game.

I can hear some crying “foul” or maybe even “fowl” (sic) if we detune for assault levels though. Over time things would balance out but those with more (useless) divines would be at an advantage.

Wasn’t this suggested during the assault event and knocked down by everyone because it wouldn’t be fair?

Reference thread? I took the assault weekend off so I didn’t get to the forums hardly at all. Sisters wedding took priority

Just ask support nicely :wink:

What would be the benefit over just a De-Evolve button? Let’s call it a regression button. I was thinking on that when I was going through the list of dragons per tier for Assault that I’m maxing and saw that I have many divine at the same tier just because that was the tier when I was using them.
Whit a regression button I would make the dragon go back to that level, lose XP, spells that don’t belong to that tier, etc. No cost, the cost is actually the XP you lose.
Obviously it works if there is no XP event coming that can use the regression to exploit the event

  • Ability to use a dragon at both max level and minimum level immediately after each other (reversible)
  • No more XP runs on dragons if you shuffle them higher or lower for events
  • Ability to hit any level, not just the level immediately prior to a stone (more granular tuning)

Only thing I saw knocked down was giving everybody access to previous seasonal/breedable divines… :eyes:

Wouldn’t this make the assault bases easier to beat, forcing PG to make it tougher and then screwing for newer players that don’t have Mythics in example?
Let’s say I tune down Ronin and I walk through the bases, that would be hard for someone not having Ronin-esque Mythics
Just thinking aloud about the repercussions

I was traveling last assault and didn’t tried too hard, but I beat all the bases at the level I had my Mythics IIRC


Much as I liked the idea on my first read-through, the more I think about it, the more of a problem I see with it.

With Assault in particular, I saw a lot of players - in game and on the forums - training/equipping lineage dragons, trying different permutations and combinations of dragons, and talking about the tactics they used. I saw plenty of people, even people who’ve been playing the game for years, who tried all sorts of things to accomplish a difficult challenge.

And I have to wonder: How many of them would do those things, if they could de-tune their divines? How many would do dozens of runs against a tough base, or put in the time to level their lineage dragons, or try again and again to get their timing juuuust right, if they could just blow through any challenge by de-tuning their strongest dragons?

While I’m definitely in the boat of “No divines, no runes, no riders” for Assault, this seems like it’s taking things a step even further in the opposite direction. Aside from individual rank, would there be any reason for a player not to, say, do every sub-orange base with festives and every orange+ base with mythic divines?

Which, I suppose, gets at one of the main questions that got brought up, both with Temple Raid and with Assault: “Should everyone be able to beat every base?” If they can de-tune their strongest dragons, the balance will be swung further in favor of long-term players and high-spending players, and further from the more equitable “How can I beat this base with three lineage dragons?”


I like this idea.

Emerald was the only tier I couldn’t best, and it still bugs me. I didn’t have Slax or Nier (fixing that today) and my only divine was Borgian. Got to 6th and had to throw in the towel. Was genuinely impossible.

Conversely, I hatched Dreth after assault came out and decided to keep him at gold. He smashed those bases and even half of plat. That’s unfair to those who leveled him before assault: had they known, perhaps they would have done the same.

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Sort of like a reverse rainbow stone :joy::joy::joy:

I see the benefits, but I’m struggling with this one. In a game where your choices have clear (and often dire) consequences, this would take a major choice out of play, namely to evolve divines or not.

Right now you have the option to not evolve. You know the holes in your tiers, you can learn the advantages and disadvantages of the seasonal before evolving and can use them to fill those holes. Although I admit that the lack of linear strengthening can be frustrating.

Also, with glory based on attack power, I can see this being manipulated.

This. Those who have been around longer to have a huge stable of unused divines benefit, newer players don’t have such opportunities.


Yeah we should just get rid of divines altogether