Dead Dragon kills base? Glitch or cheat?

We have a war today and we successfully defended a battle… but magically the dead dragon continued to kill the base. Is this for real?

Video link below. Also added screen shots of the battle/attackers. 1st pic shows Lead low level necryx drag, next is neptus dying, finally is ghost dragon killing the base.

Video link

It’s a replay glitch, there are lots of posts on this.


How? He dies in video. U saying that is fake?

It’s not fake.

It just not what really happened.

But if you think it was, then you should note the attacker, and the person attacked, and give as close a date and time as possible in your ticket. They can look at the logs and see what really happened (EVERYTHING in a battle is logged). If he died–really died–they will be able to see that.

Pretty sure it’s just the glitch in the replay that Lutrus is referring to.


Ok, I did submit a ticket

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