Dealing with a bully that's is farming my team

Hi PG,
I am hoping you can help with a situation about a bully that is farming my team.
The players name is AlDenton on team goldengirls.

Conversation started with an auto recruit reply by said person. This individual is completely off there rocker. This person is and has been farming my team. There has been multiple attempts to resolve the issue but individual is unreasonable or willing to reconcile. This person is in short just looking to be an asshat.

Attached is the conversation in which I was trying to recruit individual in chronological order. You’ll note that my last reply stated I was not going to message AlDenton any more (which I did) but was replied to with a threat to farm my team If I was to message them again., (which I did not). Shortly there after AlDenton still decided to go ahead and farm my team.

Please tell me that PG has no place for an individual like this in WD and you will take action before this cancer of a person spreads there wings across the skies of War Dragons.
I have also asked the team to ss the attacks and instructed them to not engage AlDenton in any way.

NOTE…AlDenton started farming right after last message was sent from AlDenton.

Are the actions of AlDenton justified and warranted based on the conversation? I think not!

Both names are bad.


The picture order is … something else…
It’s not right that he’s farming your team… but I don’t see that in the pictures. You could report him and block him and hope for the best, but I think I’m missing the evidence for said farming.

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The best thing you can do is ignore these types of people. You’ve tried being reasonable. PG will most likely tell you it’s a war game and that’s part of play even though clearly that behaviour is not intended. If you and none of your team respond at all to him and don’t even bother revenging him he will get sick of it. Unfortunately there are some crazy egomaniacs in this game and they just want interaction and attention. Deny him that.

There’s a few minutes of my life I won’t get back. Regrets.


I just made the same mistake @Panda… should have started at the bottom and worked up


I made the same mistake :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:

Wtf? I’m either very confused or this is very dumb? Both?

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Math doesn’t add up (insert confused emoji)

Yup yup. This is a war game. And we can attack anyone

I just tried to look at the timestamp first, then as it went on and on I gave up within 30 seconds.

Edit your post please, add your screenshots one by one in order, and then I’ll come back reading it. Understanding each other is difficult enough, we don’t need to make a riddle out of it, even unintended.

By the way, I once was able to upload several screenshots at a time in a post, but it’s not the case anymore. Weird.

Ugh. bye bye 5 mins of my life.

You should get the successful new years troll award :confused:

If you are seriously not a troll

Stop harassing the 300 and he will ignore you.


It’s much easier to go by the numbers at the bottom of the messages. 12/12 being the first interaction. 1/12 being the most recent. That being said…yeah I got nothing. Maybe ignore it and it’ll go away. Trying to be constructive rather than… ahem, not. :blush:

This whole post makes my head hurt. It’s a war game hence the title “war of dragons” not lets be friends and please listen to me whine every time someone hits me. The thing about drama is this it only continues so long as both parties keep adding fuel to the fire. The best thing to do is tell him thanks for helping me out man,feel free I have way too many resources and then stop messaging him. He will after some time get bored and stop knowing it doesn’t bother you. Bullies only like to bully when it’s fun. When it stops being fun for them they will give up and go away. Remember this is a game and everyones opinion has no impact what so ever on your real life. Don’t sweat the small things. Try to have fun in the game. It is after all just that, a game.

@Ragnar GoldenGirls is a great name


Wrong game dude. Just War Dragons. Had too​:joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agree to disagree, Betty White :joy:.

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Post count up 1 :crazy_face:

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Pictures have been updated so conversation is in correct order. Appologies for the confusion. I appreciate your time and input.

I don’t get the statement. Wrong game?