Dear Dom, Parabellum, and to whom it may concern

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After years on dread side you finally found out they’re actually not very nice? You’re just describing what Dread teams have been doing for years really.


This doesn’t seem like a callout thread




I highly recommend you contact Dread with your complaints about their alliance. I’m certain they will be super interested!


Halleluiah!!! Isn’t that what Dom said many, many months ago now, at the time Dread retired?


of course, but then explain to me why Dread side alliances bow to them like they’re jesus on earth if they aren’t even part of the alliances anymore. Game is flawed when teams of entirely 600+ get to threaten a team with like 5 people at 580+. so we’ll enjoy it our own way now. xD

Isnt this basically how that side has always behaved though? I mean, Dread literally had it in their team description, basically “piss us off in any way and we will disband you”. Kind of seems like when you have that super abusive boss that you ignore/make excuses for when they are mistreating other employees until it is their time to turn on you.
That’s not to say the other alliances arent horrible to people also but Dom has never really hidden that they’re bullies or will turn on you at the drop of a hat. But people continued to be on their side because it was easier to take a bit of abuse than to get targeted and crushed by them. Lick the giant’s feet so he doesn’t step on your village. Even teams that they destroyed come crawling back once they reformed

But good on you guys for getting out and going pirate, seems like that is the proper way to play atlas anyway, or at least that’s what PG keeps promoting since they wont actually fix anything… But Im sure increasing the map will solve the problems instead of reinforcing the already existing ones.


I actually had respect for Dread though. Dread did occasionally help the small guys, they did actually pride themselves in some level of diplomacy and friendships. yes they wanted to burn their enemies, but they were good to their friends. Since they’ve left Dom no longer has those same values that dread itself represented, now it’s just burn down whoever we want and we dont care. To each their own. I’ll personally enjoy taking up residence on other peoples castles.

With respect, don’t you think waiving the black flag of piracy and attempting to lambaste Dom is a bit dramatic for being encouraged not to accept a certain player? Now, I don’t know who actually said you’d be “targeted for annihilation”, though that too strikes me as hyperbole, but did you consider for a moment that if the player was blacklisted, that it was probably for good reason, and maybe something you should have considered more carefully? And why so dogmatic about a person who you’ve never broken bread with? For the principle of the thing?


Player has been here for 6 months plus, not a cricket of an issue with it. All of sudden it became an issue. Player is also a good friend of us, and I’d rather play with friends than kick them to the curb at someone else’s behest. And who actually threatened us? the actual leaders of the Dom teams.

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I’d love to send screenshots of the line chats but probably would be some kinda breech in forum guidelines so I wont lol

were they though? Because I’ve been hearing for years, long before Dread left, about how teams would be threatened, called traitors and spies and be kicked and targeted for destruction over the slightest of things in that mega alliance.
I dont know, seems more like Stockholm syndrome to me


Cant say to be honest. I don’t delve further in to the politics than what I need to. What I do know? they helped us a few times. We traded castles with them here and there as well. Can I say the same for everyone? maybe not. But based on my experience with them, I had respect for them to some extent at least.

Hmm why you think you find your answer here? :man_shrugging:

Drama post not more then that.


The Dominus position is generally that you’re free to make any choices you like, for your team and for its happiness.

For ourselves, we’ve found the behavior of a very small number of individuals so despicable that we find it unreasonable to ask us to avoid fighting them. We’re willing to change our relationship with teams to preserve our ability to fight them. For reference, such behavior can include: making threats of violence against our members, seeking to socially ostracize our members, lying about our actions, knowingly slandering us, seeking to undermine us, asking others to compromise their integrity–or, as in the case of the gentleman under discussion, all of these.

In this case, we also knew that while on your team, he had done things that we’ve repeatedly said we would consider acts of war. When told about our position toward him, your team leadership denied any wrongdoing.

Like you, we’re free to choose our friends. We choose not to stay friends with this person. Life is too short not to fight people like this, in a war game.

We acknowledge and validate your right to make any decision you wish in reaction to our stated policies, including the decision you have indeed made. May your choices prove wise.

We do want to highlight that Parabellum leadership bears no responsibility here; we simply asked them to relay a message, which they did, having faithfully and favorably represented the position of your team. At no point did they argue against your team’s interests or in favor of the member in question’s removal.


Drama? nah. could care less for drama. But we do have some level of pride. and people in this game will spread rumors and talk crap, so I’m more so posting this so people know the reality. Could care less about drama at this point. just gonna be playing the game now lol

Why might that be? Could it be that they were not aware? If you think they were aware, but previously didn’t care, what is the logic that they’d now do a 180? You have been told why the player in question is persona non grata. Assume for a moment it’s all true (because there really isn’t a motivation to lie), is that really a person you want on your side?

Finally, I haven’t seen the usual post against the famous “bullying” for too long.

It’s simply a war game where strategy, respect for agreements and strength against enemies are obviously the foundation.

There is no bullying! It’s a war game and as such there are choices and consequences.

Everyone is free to make their own choices according to their own strategy but then do not complain if the other teams do not behave as you would like.

A post “it’s not fair, you had to do as I wanted” as this is totally off topic in every war PvP game


Good, do not give a shit what people think or hear do what the best for your team with out take it out.