Dear PG 930k atlas max prize?

Now I know you changed the troop revive gold but guess what that doesnt change how many points you can get in atlas riders and primes. Last event i placed 2nd and leveled up all my riders including the 1st 4 from atlas and about 11 prime levels. You can see the point totals in the sceen shot i took. Top 25 didnt even make a million. So how do you expect us to pull off 930k with limited riders and prime to upgrade?


Did they increase the amount of points required for each tier or did they just add more prize tiers to the top?

It’s rescaled, like troop training was. The 600k prize is equivalent to the previous 340k prize. Additional tiers beyond that cap were also added at the end.

For reference, 930k points is 547k glory worth of training, or about 10 silver primarch levels. :open_mouth:

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Yeah thats way screwed up then. Would have made sense to add more tiers at the top for those who easily max the event in a couple days. Rescaling makes no sense, hopefully it was a mistake.

@PGDave @pgEcho

The main issue is that primarch training is extremely expensive in gold and moderately expensive in speedups. Troop available was increased, and that does mean more opportunity to earn glory, but it also requires you to successfully play the game, too. An additional confounding factor is that there’s a finite number of earnable points on the 2-3 primarchs a player is likely to actually use.

I think some adjustment upward was probably warranted (although the caps vis-a-vis longtime, highly active Atlas players is a major issue), but the rescaling seems overly aggressive.


I’m fairly sure that higher level Prims are coming. No idea when.

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Given the amount of level 20 silvers I’m seeing - I’m guessing early next season. Even I’ve got enough banked glory for two level 20s.

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