Dear PG - You gave me the discount, now I won't pay for regular

Dear PG,

I love the game. I’m addicted. I have been addicted for a LONG time. I also spend money fairly regularly.

A few weeks ago, you allowed me to buy a special discounted $49.99 pack that basically had the same rubies and eggs as a $99 pack. This was OBVIOUSLY a great deal, and I jumped all over it. (Sorry that I don’t have screenshots, but my purchase history will back this up)

But just to let you know…now that you have offered me this I will not be paying for the full price packs anymore. I’m holding out until these discounted packs come back, and I am encouraging my spender friends and teammates to do the same.

If you make this a regular pack, you’ll take a lot of my money. If you make it once a year, then you won’t.

Up to you…



Yeah. They took away my last offer ($19.99 and it included 15k rubies). Even if I wanted to buy packs again, I’d have to be an idiot to buy the regular packs after seeing that. But then again, they probably think we are idiots.


I would… if I ever got those discounted packs lol

No even the special pac wasn’t a great deal,but it was a better deal.


Special pak… :thinking: what did u get…
I got offered 50 farkin battle cries!

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This was a great deal.

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Soo…maybe they’ll be doing that?

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Oh my packs have always been the crap ones.


I dont think these will be the good packs though

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Nope those special packs will be offering stuff like embers, supposedly stuff individual players need.

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Like 100 battle cries…:roll_eyes::expressionless:



Lol that was quick :joy:

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You’re probably right. But…maybe? I can dream…


Yes we can… if we dont get flagged first :joy:

I’m in the same boat. The first go around I was offered the $50 pack that had 30k rubies and nice goodies. Last week I was offered the 50k ruby and goodie pack for $100.

I’m not going to blow money on a value pack and get significantly less value if I can just wait a week and get a much better offer. I may never spend on a regular pack again.


I haven’t spent a penny in the last 3 weeks since I was offered the 50k rubies packs and am not planning on it…as I told support. Not giving out the deals all the time and only to a portion of the players is gonna cost y’all money. Cause I’m not spending if there’s a better pack in a week or two.


Ugh… at least u got the pack at least once…

Cough… still searching through the 100 battle cries and 50 treb resist for anything worth a damn in my offers…

It’s simple. If they make these packs regular packs, then watch prize tiers inflate, costs inflate etc etc.

All of that already inflated, these new packs offer a more current deal based on today’s economics of the game.
I get what you are saying, PG will inflate costs, but that could be unfair.