Death gaze/Death stare dammage values

So, i was recently trying to take down an xp base. I used death gaze (enki) and it did not one-shot the farm. it was a maxed out farm. I did some testing, and it turned out that ember’s death gaze did way less damage than enki’s did. why is this? Also, does the damage output of death gaze get affected by runes, rider buffs, rider gear, and the +30% attack/hp buff?

Death gaze deals damage based on your attack power (I think?)

Runes and attack buff should increase the damage it does.

Edit: here ya go:

Thank you. I ended up running some more tests, and yes, the +30% attack buff does affect the damage value. I didnt do any tests with runes, but I assume that you are correct in that they do affect the damage.

Throw a rider and some gear on there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, as I said earlier, when you get to garnet tier you get umbral spike on renard and thats pretty handy for a while. It just doesn’t have the instant cooldown of death gaze.

It’s disconcerting when the ability family is listed as “InstantKillSpell” when the spell itself is all “yah, but it’s just the dragon’s normal attack power multiplied by this number here…” :joy:


Pretty anti-climatic if you ask me. lol

Were you alerted because I quoted your post from over a year ago? :rofl:

:eyes: yes…

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Actually Iteru is probably your first dragon with Umbral spike. He’s in sapphire tier. He’s not as good as Renard though. :stuck_out_tongue:

i just plugged that into a calculator and that means that enki, an orange dragon, can do almost 1.4 BILLION damage. Edit: added an extra zero

This is the stat of a max enki
You may have to recheck your calculations cause enki death gaze only deal 292m damage so it cant oneshot towet at end game anymore

But… the max hp for a lvl 102 Dark Flak is 114 Million, and i still cannot one shot it, but i should be able to do double the damage acording to that.

With gear it’s double that not to mention research, rune/ glyphs, Type of perch dragon…

That is true. Thank you, i forgot about gear

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