Death Gaze on Ember not killing farms

It just occurred to me flying Ember it took two shots of gaze to kill a lvl 69 farm is that suppose to happen :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

Yes, it’s a known issue for a L1 ember to not be able to take out farms with high health

He can’t take out other towers with high HP either. I just experienced this with @Prince :fire: turret.

Death gaze does have a max amount of damage it will do, but if you max red tier him I don’t think he has any issues, but not for sure, just saying that leveling him does up his death gaze amount.

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I have ember with cloak :rofl: he is not lvl -1

Ouch. Said base must have mucho gear on those perch riders :wink:

Mech will be able to beat me with exact numbers, but DG does something along the lines of a 10k multiplier. Which nowadays isn’t enough for DG to be a true insta kill

:man_facepalming:t2: So my cute ember is getting nerfed

Seemed a geared base but not perfect :thinking: something is going wrong

Cattlepoop!!! The towers are getting stronger.

My lvl 20 ember couldn’t kill some 80s recently. Guess I’m gonna have to get him a rider and some gear :joy:


Expert ember can snap like Thanos

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