Death Gaze/Sand Double Hit Help


How do u do this? I have no problem on the left side but the right never seems to work.

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I aim for slightly to the right of the middle tower and it usually sands both towers.
Edit: I don’t practice it with death gaze so not sure for that one.

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Yep, same spot as sand.

What am I doing wrong? Skip to the end of the video if u don’t want to watch extra

Oh, I think we thought you were on home island, not the middle long. That spot is only available if there’s a flak on the front right. Else it won’t work.

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Really? Is it because of the flak size? Where did u get that info

Yes, source, I do it all the time with hau and ember.


What about the right side? Left side I can do

Yep, just mirror the spot

I had previously sanded red to get rid of the red glare so you can see where I double sand on the right side.


The dragons seem to fly on the right side making it easier to see the spot on the left

I believe it’s flak AND mage. Flak and other towers won’t work.

It will, Ive done flak and lightning before, and I think lightning is the skinniest tower :thinking:

But practically speaking, you’re looking at mage, storm, ice, fire or cannon in the center spot, and as long as flak is in front, it’s a double.

Ah ok will have to look out for that. Maybe when my alt gets kicked I’ll run a few different setups to test

I hit a dark flak and a storm multiple times today

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In that spot? Who puts a storm in the middle?


Odin put the storm in the middle before now his base is a mess lol

Just go and fly.
You need to feel where you can do it and where you can’t
It’s all about practice
There is few spots,which usually works,but sometimes you can sand some extra towers.


:point_up_2:. Just feel it out. It’s all tower dependent anyway. Same spots, different placement. Have fun.

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