Death of this War Dragons


I am writing this as a cry for a solution from the devs. You are killing this game. I love the competitive nature of this game, that is why I and everyone else spend money in this game, be better and kick virtual ass. I play in d1, lately all the excitement has gone from the game. Wars are meaningless nowadays because as long as you stay in your league why would you care about wars? Events, a total disaster as the rewards and sigils used to get supposedly strong dragons become meaningless with repetitive nerfing (a special note here, how one can weaken a sold product from its original specifications is beyond me and any consumer theory for that matter, it’s like Mercedes recalling its cars taking out its turbo saying that it is too fast), so all remained was Atlas. With the Atlas ranking system changed and two big spending teams forming a cartel, Atlas became their property. They decide on who gets what land. Some teams even say that they need their permission to take a level 5 land from a gifting team! So you either are a member of the cartel (and if so who are you competing against, the few remaining teams trying to latch on?) or you are against the cartel (and if so you will be demolished by enormous odds, millions of troops hitting you every day). In short, I ask all where is the competition now? What is the point of spending now? Why would I want to have better dragons? Imagine one single guy spending a million dollar in this game, what does he/she do? Join the cartel or stay out? If they stay out, they will lose, if they join, there is noone to play against. Am I missing anything here, is the game still alive?

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Fair points made.

But I just wish you had given some love to enter keys for the sake of readability.


I think the real issue is that other teams simply don’t have the right leadership and strategic creativity… just like the two teams you mentioned (are we allowed to mention teams?) came from bronze league and rose the ranks to be powerhouses… other teams can have that exact same opportunity by doing it correctly…

relying on 120 smaller teams to come and be meat shields for you isn’t a sustainable or smart strategy.

So instead of simply saying the game is broke… how about trying to figure out what’s wrong with your team (look at the leadership) and try to make changes to make yourselves better and more competitive…


Nah, but mentioning those two and a few more are just fine on my book. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


:joy: just look at what pg is allowing. Early today I was following a nice fight in a level 2 land. But suddenly one team showed up and took the castle. Amazing how the ranked 2 in atlas is conquering levels 2 now. I bet is a good leadership and strategy creativity :man_facepalming:. I mean you serious. Levels 600 players fighting against level 200-300.

Atlas is certainly dying because off all this greedy people.

So do we have to believe this? Does anyone here think we all have the same opportunity. No we don’t.


PG knows this. Everyone knows this.

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So what’s your suggestion that isn’t so drastic?

I did suggest a few times with a few drastic ways, but then even I knew that those were practically impossible.

Not to mention those will be very much hated even by the teams that I’m taking a part of. :sweat_smile:


you had no problem with the game when you were smashing my old teams bases and other teams in our alliance on the daily? only when the bigger fish demolished your ass now you complain. pretty typical whiner mentality.


what’s wrong with it… when a level 5 castle is flooded with 80 platnium team no wonder Rank 2 team want to take a level 2 castle lol


You pretty much did it here


That wasn’t even the only one. :smirk:

And DANG those gibberish I’ve spitted out. :man_facepalming:t2:

But then I usually get on forums when I’m drunk, so… I guess it won’t make much difference. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Hmm weakers fighting the strongers makes way more sense than strongers fighting the weakers. I would rather to have a plat team fighting in a level 5 than a D1 fighting in a level 2-3 land. Reason why you get 100% in a t4-5 to incite battles there. But why a super high ranked team need to fight a very low ranked. Sounds like bullying. Same bullies news I heard from the schools.


Maybe that spot was a strategic point for their castle planning?

idk… but I’m usually against top teams taking t2 castles especially if it is for one of their lower extended alliance teams.


Do you not think that if a small team with level 2s consistently stops big teams conquering level 4 and 5s by acting as a meat shield they might start to get hit themselves? Should they just get to meddle risk free?


So it’s a cartel when 10 teams attack your castle? What’s it called when you cycle 87 teams on your passage list to be your meatshields?

Love that you call the game one sided too, like the “cartel side” you referred to is actually smaller than the side you call allies…

Want a real suggestion? How bout a cooldown on the passage list? I think I could get on board with that. :grin: Cheers!


First off, given this:

I feel like I dont know where this sentiment is coming from. You clearly have it all figured out.

You mean being allied? Just like any of the other teams? I mean your team was allied with 2 teams that cheated so badly they had Atlas revoked…so not entirely sure where the basis of your complaints are coming from here?

Within a subset of the population, how alliances operate internally is up to them?

If you are referring to your current team’s lack of ability to compete perhaps they should not have used all their rss attacking teams on lower level land and instead of building up a swarm of sapphire/platinum teams, perhaps worked on improving themselves.

I mean…think of all the rss that were spent on OTHER teams/alliances? Rather than say it is everyone else’s fault…perhaps look at your own group and see the failing there, or don’t. Makes no real difference.

If you’re already better than half of the number 1 team then you should be more than suited to the task at hand. Or, once again your side picked a fight they were not ready for, made numerous tactical/strategic mistakes and then when things don’t go their way, they proceed to cry about how unfair it is.

Basically, you just said that 2 teams are beating the dozens that you use to try and fight them with. Well, if you are not able to effectively defend that area should you have it? Is there anything stopping you from trying to take it back? What mechanics are limiting your ability? Is the game stopping you from taking certain actions? Or did other teams simply make better choices.

From your email you seem to think that somehow that team is missing out on your presence, clearly they are better off without you in their estimation. So, you can sit here saying how something is one way, when in reality it is all perspective because you thought you were better and the facts clearly say otherwise.

Or you know…keep doing things exactly the way you have before because its working out so well.


I play with saphire and garnet dragons still, they keep me in the game… its up to you to find your reason for playing.

Gonna be exciting though ill admit, if im ever able to catch up or at least make it to Itz


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My take on a vast number of smaller teams joining us (and we told them not to come, they did regardless) is an uprising to tyranny of the cartel. No monopoly naturally admits they are one, and my grief is that they are protected by the government or laws. You guys speak about an alliance of 10 too even though alliances are of five. Also when i was talking about lands being given out, permissions asked etc. i was not talking about teams within an alliance. In any case, guys i used to love this game and competition existed when atlas ranking was determined differently (through fighting not lvl of lands) and if memory serves correctly it was the whining of some repliers here that changed it to the existing system, hence the protection bt the government. When all competition is gone, those of you who don’t have much else in their life than this game can keep on playing amongst yourselves.


I love fighting the meat shields. They make me happy. I’m hoping they never realize that their troops are being used and that they are not gaining anything. You wanna complain about how unfair atlas is, yet you’re having 100+ teams park on castles to avoid losing them.
I’m curious as to how your passage button isn’t broken.


Alliances are of five… what do u call the 100+ teams who show up for you guys?.. oh they must’ve all come across the same castle on the map at the same time and decided they wanted glory… that must be it.