Death of this War Dragons


How would a reset work?

What about all the grinding and gold teams have spent to level infrastructure?

Should primarchs be reset also?

It’s easy to ask for a reset… but it’s much more difficult to actually implement it in a way that is fair and actually will do more food than harm to the game. I’m very interested in hearing how this would work.

The problem with your Chess analogy is that Chess actually has an ending and a winner or loser… WD is an ongoing game that doesn’t have a finite end. So the analogy doesn’t work.


Seriously. No D teams are sitting around laughing like school yard bullies saying, "Hey bro, I’m bored. Lets go rough up some platties!"

I’ve seen the late night campfire ghost stories in LC, "And then, the Dread (pun fully intended) hook handed Panda showed up and slashed all of our castle guards for NO REASON" Whooooooo booga booga.

Usually there is a reason and it most likely has nothing to do with the plat team sitting there.


Yes and no. There would be 10 teams of close to equal standings. What I mean is, in a battle, you’ll have 3 diamond teams on each side and at least 3 platinum teams on each side. the way things are now there’s nothing from stopping the diamond teams from wiping out the platinum teams first then working up. So the glory mechanics would need to change to discourage that.


I’d LOVE to see PG do away with upkeep on everything except for Capitals. Just let those bad boys expire. (Maybe with less penalty.)

The clans that want and need their T5s will keep them. The lazy clans who have trouble keeping theirs will be forced out and the business of selling/giving away castles would end.

There would be some IMHO desirable geographic consolidation and tier consolidation as well.

Maybe its a bad idea but it would be a fun way to blow things up and do something of a reset every so often.


Yeah for sure. We are on the same page.


I assume you’re referring to higher rank teams because for most of S3 and below, that’s not realistic. Anyone that’s useful for a Plat team to try and rank up can join a team that’s better than P3.

It’s still not that easy. Game is very different from what it used to be, where climbing ranks to the top was feasible. Plus the whole MAD policy adopted my most of atlas with the promise of swift retribution coming from above is an omnipresent threat. It’s difficult to visualize this when there’s nobody above you.

Think Tinsir explained it pretty well earlier. Basically, if you’re expecting to just make a new team with some level 5s you will never, ever get out of gold tier. At best. The playerbase is too small, with too high of a churn rate.

There’s also the matter of existing benefits/recruiting opportunities by already being a good team. I’m not saying it’s a problem, but it is prevalent. The problem I DO see with the system, however, is that no matter how hard my team and I work, we will never reach even the top 100 because skill, time, and effort are not viewed in nearly the same way as spending. This is also part of the problem with Atlas. People spend on their castles and don’t want to lose them so naturally PG takes the stance of money > good game mechanics.


This whole thread summed up… :smile:
Hi, my team is losing its castles because other teams are better… PG can you please take everything away from the teams that are better and restart Atlas again to give us another go at it… My mom once told me that everyone is winners… So that must mean that this game is broken… PG please fix before all of the losing teams quit… Thanks…




Not trying to be difficult, but chess has 3 outcomes: Win, Lose, Draw :slight_smile:
Anywyay, the important part is the same, the analogy doesn’t apply.


Resets are an interesting concept. Not sure how I feel about it, but I am not opposed out of the gate.

There would need to be some pretty dynamic changes to game play for it to work I’d think. Which generally would mean those doing well currently would hate it and those who feel they are not doing well would welcome the change… maybe.

A high level view might look something like this…

Game Play:

Every team starts with a castle, these cannot be conquered. Location and starting castle infrastructure would be based on previous seasons end. So how you finished in one season directly affects your infrastructure bonuses for the next season (bank, beasts, token bonus, troop construction bonus etc.). Your starting castle does not affect the current seasons rank or infrastructure. So what you are playing for each season is your infrastructure bonuses for the next season.

Each team would be worth certain points (activity points) when attacking or defending depending on where they finished in the previous season. These activity points earned (maybe similar to castle guards) would be what are used to conquer owner-less castles or to upgrade castles conquered during the season, which subsequently determine your starting bonuses in the next season. No more the first team there conquers. Only these castles conquered with activity points could be captured by another team, the castle level would transfer upon conquer. The more active you are the more points you earn, the more infrastructures you can get, the better your bonuses in the next season. Activity points are capped, meaning you can’t save up for the season and run around conquering castles in the last week. There would be a risk reward to leveling infrastructure… make yourself a target by leveling to a level 5? Opt to own more castles with lower levels and less rewards?


  • Tier 1: Teams 1 – 25
  • Tier 2: Teams 26 - 50
  • Tier 3: Teams 51 to 125
  • Tier 4: Teams 126 – 300
  • Tier 5: Teams 301 – 650
  • Tier 6: Teams 651 - 875
  • Tier 7: Teams from Main Game Plat 4 or better

Want to keep Atlas, you must finish in the top 825 teams or be in Plat 4 or better at the end of the season. Miss these requirements and you are out for the next Atlas season.


  • Activity has a large impact on season standings and performance
  • Turnover in lower tiered teams, thereby keeping competition relevant and fresh, the only way to stay is to participate

This isn’t a suggestion, just something that I put together while typing this reply from previous thoughts, my point being that if a reset were being considered it would likely require significant changes to the established game play. And there would be huge risk for PG in implementation. People do not like change, even when they want it, they typically are unhappy with the outcome.


In the whole year of being in a plat team with Atlas, we were never attacked by diamond team, and very rarely by any sapphire teams. We also never attacked or defended any diamond or sapphire teams. Yet we were fairly successful, had 8 castles, got decent glory by attacking or defending other plat teams. Seems to me that there is a direct relation between how much you stick your nose where it doesnt belong and how often you get stomped by bigger teams.

And for the record, I’ve been in diamond a few months now, and we havent hit anyone below S1. Theres just no glory in it, so why bother throwing troops away for no gain at all? There would have to be a VERY good reason for us to go stomp a plat or low sapphire team. Stay in your lane, and you’ll most likely be left alone.


I say let the game be. Let players choose how they want to play. Let teams set their own strategies.

In the long term this game will still survive. Because PG can simply come up with something to keep the top team entertained (in the unlikely event they destroy all natural competition).

This isn’t a finite world. It can and will change. Nothing to see here imo :man_shrugging:


Chess is a simplistic example but in chess the main pieces remain and are replaced at a starting position again. The same goes for other mmp games who use a seasons approach to team challenges that build on retained personal capital.

One concept is that all land goes back to neutral ownership except our capitals. In truth this likely would be the death of pg servers :see_no_evil:, so maybe each section of the map has a seasonal reset. Infra would be stored. The main additional factor would be how to store team gold and resources during the reset period without banks, but that can be solved.

Just throwing this out as an idea. I’m sure others with more experience on other platforms may also have valuable ideas to contribute.


Not the point I ever made. Yes some teams win and others lose. This is the way of a war game. It’s just that you don’t have a game if there are no moves left.




Can we get this framed?.. Because everyone needs to see this :joy: this is correct. And this is how it should be. Don’t get involved. Period. Unless your willing to suffer the consequences as well.
You don’t steal from a store and get mad that your being arrested. You knew damn well stealing could land you in jail and you did it anyway. :woman_shrugging:t2: “You live by the sword, you die by the sword.”


Okay but back to your chess analogy…part of the reason you have less and less moves is because of poor decision making. You just want to be absolved of that, I get why but to some degree it doesnt make sense either. You want to reset other peoples progress to make up for your lack of ability. The idea of something rotational does make sense but constantly resetting an entire game(which is actually how the game used to be just saying), doesnt really make sense. You seem to be propping it up as a way to get out of your own choices.

That being said…I do think a PvP/Seasonal zone would make sense as well. Trying to compare it to a game that has very few parallels makes no sense. Also because, if this was chess, then the game is only truly over once the last piece either has checkmate or stalemate. So by your definition, only when all teams are truly gone, then the game can reset. I dont think we will ever get there. You are just applying something that seems to be happening for your team and copy/pasting it onto the entire game.

That can be artificially adjusted as needed…tying league standings to atlas just doesnt really make sense.

I am trying to understand your logic…back to the sports analogy, they dont say your team must be made of 10 professional athletes, 8 college and 5 high school. They are not meant to play at the same level…and they wont. Im not sure why you think this would have any other outcome? Trying to prop up teams artificially just doesnt seem like its going to work. Most, not all, teams are ranked where they are for a reason. Trying to drag them into positions they really arent meant to be while attempting to simulate some sort of competition just doesnt make sense for this. There could be something Im not seeing but in general the players and teams operate in almost completely different manners so trying to force them together and say it will work seems very unlikely.

What happened to just fielding the best team/alliance you can?


I agree.

Can’t really compare this to sports. It’s a different animal. But I see your point.

It’s not really putting them in a bad position though. Every alliance would be on a closer playing field. Trying to force 5 platinum teams to defend against 5 diamond teams is a bad position (if it happens). Try to imagine you’re not on the top team. If you were a level 150 on a platinum team, wouldn’t you want to have some big help if your castle got hit? Keep in mind I’m also on a D2 team. I’m happy with it so this isn’t just a suggestion to weaken the top teams. Just an attempt at a more level playing field.

This is how it is now. I can settle for it. Half the player base is fine with it and the other half is upset with it. We can keep it as is and let it get stagnant, or we can change things up some to refresh it. You may not like any of my ideas, and that’s fine. I just like spit balling and sooner or later there’s going to be something that sparks interest and a good discussion comes from it lol


Here is a thought for the supposed so much better than everyone else teams how about if we gave out all the rss like troops and gear that you had access to years before others then see how much better or greater you are without the drastically unfair advantage you clearly had. Maybe the bullying that definitely goes on would dwindle down without the greatly unfair head start you had to everyone else. Maybe another idea would be to limit hitting a team that has had it one year from being hit by a team that has had it for what 3 or 4 common sense says you have far more. And why the meat shields are sick and tired of the bullying that clearly goes on. You tell me how it’s not a Great advantage to take the largest teams in game (also oldest teams kodos to y’all) and give them that big of a head start and the big allow the bullying of them claning together. How is this fair play?? Really wish someone would explain that to me. Also how is it it those teams beating on others 4 to 5 times weekly to keep them drained so no one dare catch up. And y’all call that fair play that’s a joke! If ITV were for extra rss I wouldn’t give a rats butt about atlas most biased thing I ever ever seen


Well then, let’s take back breed scaling, bring back the saphire wall, 300 wall and all the other incentives that were pushed out in order to assist those players in catching up. Oh and let’s only let you breed up to Gold for the first year of play, with no devines, hold off on flaks until your lvl 200 ect so you can deal with all the same issues that those that came before you had to put up with. Years before… give me a break.