Death of this War Dragons


First off a reset wouldn’t ever work. If everyone gets reset it will be a glory fest first off all the teams that are now ranked low and higher ranks can’t get GP from them would be open season. Dread is where Dread is because of YEARS of hard work building the perfect beast they earned before scaling before anyone got free walls and reduced research and less cost for older dragons . If you don’t like your team work hard spend a few bucks once in awhile and improve your game play and your base and work towards a team you admire. Get better tactics for events get better and get on a better team. Every time I open forums there is more and more and more given to help the catch up mechanic enough already. It’s pretty simple stay out of battles you have no business in battle with teams your size and earn your way enough of the gimme this for free I want everything people that pay and have played for years now have. You want it EARN it.


I agree, a reset is unfeasable. It won’t change the fact that we will still have an environment with some teams who have had access since the beginning, with millions of troops, others that have been here a year, and others only a few months.

I am intrigued by the possibility of limiting the number of teams that can be on a castle at one time. It would reduced what appears to be the biggest gripe. It would promote better coordination between your 5ta and greater alliance. And would make castle takeovers more common which would have the double benefit of making for more active gameplay while also likely deepening PGs pockets as more will invest in Atlas if they think it actually will result in something other than the current stalemates.


Lol…so just to clear up a few things:

  1. Troops were much, much, much harder to train in beta. In fact, most people had barely 100k when it was released so it was hardly as massive an advantage as you think.

  2. Gear didnt even exist in beta so…hardly a huge advantage from there either.

  3. We WERE better than your team before all of that existed so…

Please expand on this bullying and if you want to talk about massive head starts…please use facts, not just personal opinion…mmmkay thanks.

And back to a lack of facts…The game is barely even 4 years old, and Atlas did not exist in years one and two. I know facts arent really your thing but do try to keep up. I would be fine with that, but the biggest issue is likely that those supposed teams wanted to fight and entered into something that they were not capable…with or without Atlas.

This actually makes no sense and is just a random sentence thrown on. Tired of being meatshields?

  1. None two of the teams werent even in D1 when the alliance was formed so…and one of them was not even in the Atlas beta.

  2. Back to this “massive head start”, please read up

  3. Right…teams working together effectively…how dare they!

You seem to be another person who does not know the difference between the words “fair” and “equal”

You mean attacking the teams that entered into the fight against them? You mean how one alliance had all D1 teams and it was attacked by another one that still is NOT all D1 and then 20+ lower ranked teams showed up to fight? And are now unhappy because they entered into a situation they probably should not have? Is that what we are talking about…or?

I think you mean…if it werent.

So tl;dr You have almost no facts, but rely on almost pure personal feeling. You have things you dislike but dont really have much in the way of supporting arguments and you have no real grasp of the mechanics but you like to proclaim things. Got it.

And for the record, if you were to shelve everything, box it all up and then start again with a clean slate…your team would probably still lose. But you cant really accept that so feel free to keep yelling. Also…if you look at the troops built, a lot of them were on newer teams too so…thats akward…

Nothing wrong with not liking to lose but yelling out factually incorrect things that are highly illogical is not really a solution either lol.

Side note, a full on “reset” probably isnt possible or make sense, it would be almost impossible to determine what gets stored, what gets converted. They probably do need some sort of rotational/temporary area as well and a clear adjustment to the current dynamics. There was advantages from being an older team…but you cant really blame people for starting earlier, in some ways they have their own issues like the changes to towers and the amount of time/money/rss that went into things that are not obsolete, so it does sometimes even out as well. An adjustment does need to be made but trying to constantly “reset” totally might not work either. Or some people like @DemonsAngryOne can be angry and throw out ignorance and illogical statements…perhaps that has been the missing link we have been searching for all along :smiley:


First off I was playing this game when atlas was handed to you few top teams and my point is I didn’t ask for a reset your number 1 and you earned it again kudos to you what I’m pointing out is you talk crap on people that you have a huge advantage over . Another point is where is it fair play to give years head start to the biggest on gear troops which improve your dragons and your bases with Ben allow the constant bullying of the other teams . Y’all have the maximum number of castles you can possibly own . And I know this for a fact so instead of getting glory and allowing the rest of the game to enjoy their game you continue to bully those trying to acquire the same making it twice as hard abs you had ITV and I call BS to you don’t wittnessed it 4 or 5 times weekly . You have the #1 spot so no one but y’all is supposed to be a Ken to enjoy playing without the constant harassment of you. I know personally three people that have completely quit the game due to you . This is the way the number one team should act in the game what’s sportsmanship! See I try to help people that take time show people behind them how to play and teach the mechanics of the taken and how things work not outright bully everyone else into submission. I clearly do not understand that line of thinking and it’s is running more and more people from this game . Again not disrespectful y’all biggest baddest in game so what’s to prove?? Been together years have number one status have fights yes what’s game is about but not what I see there are many I’m sure thousands that enjoy the game and looking for that aswell lead by example not forcing everyone else to say screw this.


Indentions please?


Not gonna lie. Literally every person from Dread I’ve conversed with is pretty nice. Panda, while abrasive and occasionally incendiary, hasn’t come off as mean or out to bully people. Where does all the Dreadhate come from?

I’ve not personally experienced any of this alleged tyranny some people are espousing. It doesn’t even seem like it’s in Dreads best interests to meddle with Platlas. Bigger fish to fry or something like that.


Google Translate…I Choose You!

We are just going to have to guess at who you are talking about since…you dont really make sense. They werent top teams then…they improved since. All except Dread perhaps tbh.

You still dont really know on this one…


Oh god…more facts haha. What team do you even think you are yelling at? Not a single team is maxed to the highest potential limit…

So you now speak for the entirety of the rest of game…seeing the parity from what you are saying even in this thread alone…I find that highly unlikely.

Where are you getting these facts lol…

How is this even relevant?

Well how about you get your team to number 1 and show everyone how its done :slight_smile:

Right…so now youre a humanitarian too…oh my, you are quite busy. I would guess the top teams also teach other other how to play. They just do a better job than you.

You assume people do things to prove anything to you or anyone else? I am almost sure your approval is NOT why any of the best teams do anything…

You mean forcing you and your 3 friends apparently? You keep saying things like everyone…who is everyone? Do you even know what that word means?

I think anyone reading can tell you are upset…but before you have an aneurysm maybe try to fact check a little, suss out a little bit of logic, discover the meaning of some key pronouns…then try to say whatever it is you are trying to because honestly, you are just saying you dont like being bad at something and you dont like it when people are better than you at it. Throw in a little righteous fury and here we are. I am sure people can understand your sentiment but when you throw out misinformation and combined with an attempted moral superiority it just doesnt work…


Again I don’t want nor do I think a reset is answer I was stating my option on fairness in the game and how that is very much taken advantage off and the fact that you have had it longer and much more opertunity for rss and that that’s a big advantage. Why we have leagues in regular game so similar teams battle similar teams . I just want to enjoy the game not be the game maker but clearly something can be fake up with it’s truly not fair one of our friends in plat2 just had a D1 team at their level 2 castle . One why would be of absolutely no gain to them something needs to be fixed so game is fair Ian’s


I’m dead. :rofl:

I’m pretty sure they weren’t the only team that had access to those then.


When atlas was in beta, gold was almost impossible to mine. There was no cap to troops you could lose. Seriously. Saw somebody lose 75k troops in one hit. The advantage was so minimal, you can’t really call it an advantage. Besides, when atlas launched, the whole beta changed so it was new to everyone.


So the number one team owns the maximum number of castles it can… and you want them to what? Stop playing the game? Be content and simply sit back and pat themself on the back and spend all day renaming the castles and changing their team color on the map?

It’s a freaking War game… we have enemies… we fight… deal with it…

I’m assuming from your name that you are on a team who’s leader is a number. (Dont want this to become a call out of any kind).

Let me ask you this then, didn’t your team get help when you first got atlas from what was then the 2nd biggest team in the game? They even helped you save a castle? We’re you all were complaining then about a top team “bullying”’other teams in order for your team to keep its castle?


AFAIK, Players don’t really mind about Atlas until silly gear upgrades, which changes everything…


Ok can we all just be real here… We all play under the same set of game rules… There will always be a top team, just as in Atlas there will always be a top Alliance… Dread is the best team and has been for years… They have had many teams challenge them, sometimes having multiple teams coordinating together to try and bring them down, but in the end they all have failed, Now we have Atlas and guess what? Dread has the number 1 alliance… Was this surprising?
The problem here is not with the game mechanics, it’s not because Dread got advantages over other teams, it’s not because they have all the best players and fliers in the game… You can change the game and try to contort it in your favor however you like, but we always end up with the same outcome… Why? It’s because they have the best leadership, and the play the game as a team better than anyone else… They are the number 1 team and they prove it time and time again… PERIOD!!
Maybe the best answer is for teams to rethink their strategies, or even better… Maybe try new leadership with new ideas… If you are unhappy in Atlas, or your team is not doing good, maybe it’s time to look for another team… While I’m at it, maybe one of the smartest things I’ve heard in my short life time is: “Don’t poke the bear”. Calling out the number 1 team and its alliance in LC saying they can’t take your castles was probably not the smartest leadership decision ever made… It’s also goes without saying, don’t blindly follow teams because they are bigger or higher in rankings… Every choice you make in Atlas has an outcome… sometimes it benefits you team and other times its damaging… In the end… It’s your choice what team your on and what leadership you choose to follow…

Be proactive, not reactive…
Play smarter, not harder…


asking for a friend…
what exactly constitutes constructive on this thread?


Anything that doesn’t get a flag


Found this song and it made me think of this thread


Thats a nope. Lots of demons out there, few of them from my team. Don’t think I have any named demon tbh. But there are lots of teams out there with a similar perspective to me.


Part of me believes that PG intentionally wanted the values close to one another to encourage more battles/take over attempts. I’ve wondered myself if expanding the castles up to say level 10 (example only) would spread out the carnage and put teams/alliances in their natural lane.

At the onset I believe this would put things in order but there would a huge risk of stagnation as well. While it’s not a direct comparison, recall that amount of battles that didn’t take place in the Beta or early version of Atlas. For the most part teams just hung out and hoarded.

I don’t believe a reset would work either. There’s just too much infrastructure and team investment (time, resources and in many cases actual $$) that would be impacted.

I don’t want to be a naysayer without tossing out an idea though (feel free to slaughter it). I like the idea of having a new “region” pop up that teams of similar rank can battle to conquer. General theme would be that there is undiscovered lands in Atlas. Once discovered, teams would battle for the new found resources. However, the local tribes won’t go down without a fight. They will fight back to save their way of life (introducing a PVE element).

Just a thought…:nerd_face:


PG can modify castle upkeep to reflect any additional castles beyond X, X is the number we allow a team to have without penalty.

Say each team is allowed 5 castles without penalty. The castle upkeep will be: current value * 2^ (abs( number- X)).

This way if you have 6 castles: 2 times cost
7 castles: 4 times cost
8 castles: 8 times cost


It is a puny amount to be honest, bears the question which league you are in if I may ask… and the thing with Diamond is that the power gap within is astronomical. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to compare the gap between top D1 and mid/bottom D2 similar to how you could view D2 vs Plat

Not wanting to come off rude at all, just think there is way too much wining in this thread. It is what it is, always has been and will probably remain to be unless something radical would happen.