Death of this War Dragons


I far prefer the Tim Minchin version.
He is a genius as far as i’m concerned with lyrics that are smart/witty/funny and sometimes make you think.


I’m playing Atlas only to get the damn gears , i hate it so much and because of it i began to hate this game . The only thing that holding me from deleting it is the progress i made so far and all the work i did . PG needs to do something about Atlas (delete it or change the whole mechanism and fighting system).


Can someone mark this as the solution? :point_up:


Well, they just released gear to the normal game, so you don’t need Atlas to get gear any more.

You can get shards for gear in the seasonal rider lines, and they’ve said they’re working on other mechanisms for people to get those shards as well.


Because your team isn’t good enough to compete?.. because your not willing to get involved in politics?.. are you gonna atleast state what is wrong with atlas? Or are you just gonna join the mass of people claiming it’s messed up but can’t say why or how to fix it…


Yeah, for lower level players this means forgoing a dragon to get the rider + shards. And lower levels really need to go for the discount dragon while half off. My two non Atlas alts haven’t been able to craft one piece of gear yet. No scrolls, something like 2-400 shards.


I want to ask a question here to all of you, if Atlas is a separate game do you play it?


I’m guessing you’re on a plat team? Pg has found a lot of turnover from people in plat teams and atlas just bc it’s so much to handle or feels like a job.
Players in higher leagues don’t know what to do when atlas goes down. War is mostly used as a thing to do every 2 months to maintain league position, the glory, the shards, the xp, and the raids give a lot to do/explore. Plus you won’t encounter more determined defenders than in an atlas run.


Yes… we play it every single day. It is what we are constantly in. It is basically the game now. Atlas is extremely fun imo, I have a strong love for it. But as Lutrus said, it takes a lot of time. 24/7 you have to be aware of what is happening, especially watching your own castles. It can feel like a job to some people. Quite frankly, I don’t feel like most platinum teams can handle the amount of activity, and competitiveness without it becoming “too hard”. I am thankful that the threshold to get into atlas is set where it is at.
This is also why I will be opposed to introducing more platinum teams for awhile. Atlas can be extremely time consuming. Most teams are constantly defending, or attacking, or assisting . It really does require a lot of time. It’s nothing personal against platinum teams, but I don’t feel like most have the competitiveness or activity level that is truly needed for atlas.
And don’t even start me on the people begging for atlas to be introduced to everyone… :upside_down_face: there is a reason that it’s not, and most likely won’t ever, be released to everyone.
With the new things being released to non-atlas teams, this will work towards evening out the playing field without putting these little teams into the pvp aspect of atlas.


I’m torn on this issue. If players only get Atlas when they reach sapphire, all that’s doing is making Sapphire 3 the new Plat. Where are players to come from for attrition at the top?

D1 teams pull from D2 to replace, D2 from S1 to replace, S1 from S2 and finally S3 becomes the current plat with teams riddled with players new to Atlas, because Sapphire needs to replace for the attrition at the top as well as it’s own natural attrition… Do you think that the introduction of new players to Atlas will be enough to fill the openings without diluting those teams?

It depends on what you want I guess, how deep you want the playing field to be. But if as you said you spend all of your time in Atlas and Atlas is what drives your interest in the game, new players who don’t have Atlas will fade out faster than the current players. I don’t see that as a good thing.

A healthy thriving base is needed to feed the top. Cutting the chafe so to speak isn’t necessarily in the best interest of longevity.


Understood. But my top-of-the-head counter to that is, so what (not meaning to be condescending to low-levels at all). But really, if we’re talking low-level as in, before Platinum dragons, the argument could be made that gear and riders are not yet all that important. Another argument could be made that investing in a rider (and gear) that early in the game would actually be more beneficial than a seasonal dragon. I think there are different ways to think about it, and it’s an individual preference.


I second that!


I actually disagree with this statement . As the smaller teams get introduced, i see more and more forums about how unfair atlas is. While some of this could possibly be mechanics, it also has to do with the completely different levels of activity that the team has and what atlas requires. I actually feel that the introduction into atlas of smaller teams, is causing people to want to stop playing . Throwing a yorkie into a pack of coyotes and telling them to survive dosent exactly sound fun to me.
The introduction of the things that are needed to stay relevant in the game, without putting them into the pvp environment to get destroyed, seems like the solution that is needed for non-atlas teams.


am i the only one concerned with atlas goods being in main game.

I was under the impression that atlas diamonds and goods were supposed to be more secure from cheats and hacks.

But now PG in their infinite wisdom have put atlas goods into the main game where cheaters have easier access; which will further mess with game balance


You raise an interesting point, and one I hadn’t considered. It’s also above my pay grade, so I’m going to kick that can down the road.


Wow Bayn you devoted yourself to Atlas. It supposed to be a game for fun not 2nd job :grin:. And BTW platinum teams are good as sapphire teams we have players with lv 400+ , we have castles , we have an alliance and we do everything you guys do in atlas But the stupid mechanism and the stupid fighting system :upside_down_face: for me i don’t like it. As i said we play it for elite gears and shards.


There aren’t much goods to be gotten unless I’m missing something. I really only quickly glanced over the introduction of things that came out to non-atlas teams, but I believe the only “goods” that were transferred from atlas to the actual game, was the shards in the seasonal rider lines… I don’t think diamonds can be gotten. Could be wrong though.


For me, constantly being involved is my fun. In no way shape or form does it make me feel like I have a 2nd job. I love this game , and I devote much of my time to it. This dosent mean everyone else can, and everyone has different views . If your looking to “just have fun” I wouldn’t recommend a higher league. At some point, it does start to require a lot of time and dedication. And a lot of players that do play in the upper leagues find enjoyment out of the time and dedication they put into the game.

I don’t think this is an accurate statement… college basketball players and NBA players Do similar things but play on a different skill level. Do your 400+ have the correct base defense as well as dragons ? Do they invest in gear also?.. how many castles? Is it 1-5 castles that your whole team protects or is it 20-30 castles that you coordinate defensive strategies with?.. Does your alliance show up with a generous amount of troops to defend? And by generous I would refer to around 200k+… or by good alliance do you mean they show up with maybe 50k on a good day?.. we all have the same mechanics. Having the same things does not make leagues equal. It is about quality , and activity .

What’s the issue with it?.. you say you hate it but haven’t stated WHY you hate it.


It isn’t necessarily a single area, but rather a more complex web of relationships for mutual protection across the whole of atlas. It’s not diffficult, you may not like it and you may not agree with it, but there’s no need to pretend you don’t understand.


Well ash, you know that I know that you know that three knows that you know that a level 40 might not know, but hopefully his officers do, or else perhaps they shouldn’t be officers or the team shouldn’t have atlas :grin: