Death of this War Dragons


Yes… because someone losing a castle across the map of where your castle is, will definitely effect you. :roll_eyes::joy:sarcasm btw. I don’t think that platinum teams getting involved is to protect their own castle that generally wouldn’t even be touched in the first place had they not got involved.


I don’t disagree, my argument would be that the mechanics need to change. I don’t see it as a yes they should have access or no they shouldn’t.

You want to develop players, you need to do just that. With the current set up sapphire teams are down slugging it out on lvl 2. One option would be to introduce lvl 1 castles (make nz castles lvl 0)… create a training ground if you will for any team that owns a up to 2 lvl 2 castles. Teach them game play, and let them have fun and learn to enjoy Atlas. Any player whose on a team with a lvl 3 castle or higher can’t step foot on a lvl 1. Develop a new ecosystem for these teams while still maintaining an open map concept, rather than creating a completely separate environment for them.

Introduce a cut line for access to Atlas… top 875 teams and platinum ranked teams at the end of every Atlas season get access for the following season.

Atlas needs to continue to draw interest from teams to be a part of it. That means getting rid of the teams not motivated enough to keep it and rewarding those that are, but give them a playing field on which to play. And get Atlas items out of the main game. There should be very little cross between items available in the main game and those in Atlas.

Harsh as it may sound, a Gold team should be extremely well managed to push up to Platinum. Otherwise their function should be to feed the higher leagues… diluting the platinum leagues with teams “trying to make it” does not make the game stronger, it erodes the base and focus should be on making that base strong.

There may be other ideas out there to develop players and to increase interest and to keep things healthy at the lower levels this just seems to be one that doesn’t stretch the current system too much… keeps the number of teams in Atlas somewhat consistent and relative and satisfy the fun factor for those who are newer to Atlas.


And this is the best point of all imo. If you’re going to be an active part of a larger allliance, you take the losses and the gains. When you take a loss, don’t cry to mommy because there was a loss.

But Panda, don’t overlook the :thinking: less than eloquently stated points raising the question, however self-serving it may appear, about whether there is a systemic flaw that allows such dominance. Folks can say cartel monopoly, but in essence, what I think they are getting at is that under other circumstances the two strongest force souls be diametrically opposed, one would not be subservient to another. Here, the natural order has been subverted, and PG’s game dynamics have inactivity’s that subversion.


You not coming to their aid cross the map means they won’t come to your aid when you’re attacked, which could definitely affect you. No sarcasm by the way.


Maybe that’s the answer.
Maybe platinum needs removed from atlas :eyes:

let the riot ensue


I agree with your idea, but A plat team bringing 400k to defend RR will not get 400k from RR when their castle is hit. Period. Maybe it’s not a fact… but we could find out easily.
I just don’t see the point in asking for help from teams that you know will lose more then they will gain. I wouldn’t wish those kinds of losses on them.


I actually agree with you for once Bayn :joy::joy:

When I was in platinum I hated atlas with a passion.
And you know what it boiled down to… there wasnt enough activity and participation in platinum teams as a whole. Thus killing the fun.

Now if u find a team that everyone participates on every level of the game and is interactive! Then yes atlas becomes very fun… otherwise… not so much


I agree with that 100%.


For me it’s more of a love/hate relationship


No, they won’t help even out. Can’t get elite gear without Atlas, can’t even craft gear in main game without Atlas currently as the resources aren’t there (without purchase, either packs or sigils in rider line). The problem is the genie is out of the bottle, the majority of Plat has Atlas, quite a bit of Gold 1. If it had been Sapphire was the threshold from the start and never deviated from that - I’d be with you in keeping Atlas to the highest level, most active teams. For those of us play the main game, though, we need access to Atlas to have competitive gear in order to be competitive. Nothing that has been proposed or released addresses that, yet.


There are shards in the rider line, not sure what you mean.


I honestly would say this is just poor leadership on the platinum side as well…

Yes the little guys need help from the bigger dudes sometimes that goes without saying, however you cant expect to jump in to atlas as a platinum team and expect to be up top with the big dogs… it’s just not gonna happen.

I feel if your being asked to supply a huge portion of troops like that, you might need to align yourself with a different alliance lol. Especially with these new glory scales for defense… your gonna get blowed away!


“Working towards” evening the playing field. I didn’t say it was perfect. You also get access to shards from the seasonal rider…


Yes, as I referred to - but you have to purchase them with sigils. There is no way to earn/harvest shards as in Atlas, either through beasts or Atlas events.


If that’s what you meant, rest assured that everything you get in atlas you have to “purchase” too. Primarily through the loss of troops.


Oops, I was thinking about elite gear, I see what you’re saying about other gear. You earn sigils in a similar fashion to harvesting gear though


Yes, I know, but you can also mine or raid gold to build troops. Atlas elite isn’t necessary to derive gear benefits in Atlas.


It is a poor choice for sure. When you really think about it… what are they getting?
Troop loss… no mutual protection it’s really only one way… they are doing a disservice to their own team as they are losing troops for a cause that has nothing to do with them … :woman_shrugging:t2: But like Gyga said. I guess most get involved because of the love/hate relationships which I have those also so I can understand .
At the end of the day it still isn’t doing them any good. But if the leadership sees that as the right way to approach atlas , then later on we will see what good it has done. Time will tell.


If they get no benefit, sooner or later they will stop, right? As long as they keep doing it, let’s assume they see a benefit


Its already time and it’s already being told :joy::joy:
Everyone cries about losing troops and now everyone is quitting blah blah…

I mean I get it sucks… but you put yourself in that situation! You and your team are responsible for the choices you make…
You poke the bears, dont cry when they bite you… plain and simple.