Death of this War Dragons


I am on a team in D1 and a team in G1/P3 (with atlas). The biggest difference I see in game play is simply dedication.


Isn’t white all the colors and black their absence?


It was a LOAN :man_facepalming:

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Probably because a team in D1 isn’t going to put up with most of the BS because players are begging to join. So no need to put up with it, just kick and accept and I’m sure most (if not all) D1 teams have a interview process and put what looks like acceptable candidates on a waiting list and the team knows this. So, meet expectations or kick, bring in Alt(s), contact players at the top of the waiting list to arrange bringing them in and swap out the Alts.

Unfortunately, below D2 (S1?) players know or think the pool of available players is not as extensive.

When I read slaps interview, I’m like, “Yes!” That is how it should be.


I agree with you


Light, yes. Pigments/color pallette, it’s the opposite

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Thanks, I guess sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks😁

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I think this is as dope of an idea for Atlas seasons/resets as I’ve heard on here :raised_hands:


War dragons have long since failed you who are blind. Lot of cheating and repetitive event Dragons a 2 year old game trash here.
Atlas bugged and very blandly summarizing. Game failed. Nobody spends more than 5 dollars to get diamonds if you can get 99m with the same value. Totally bankrupt.


So let’s see how that “working towards” thing is going. On my non-Atlas alt I have:

0 scrolls, 200 earth, and 3600 dark shards.

Zero items crafted.

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Hehe, I know when you opened your bronze chests :rofl:

But to your point, I definitely feel for you and the scroll plight in the non atlas player.


Two cents from me. Well make it a single penny.

I don’t know if the problem Is really with the season mechanics as much as it is just general payouts.

I’ve been on a couple diamond teams. Always against Dread alliance and no heartburn with dreads but see no reason to switch side. The only issue I have with them at all is that they are poor winners!

The problem is the payout metrics. Top teams for the season are already given a huge payout with a prize that boggles in allowing them to grow. No complaint there. My problem is the payout structure for shards on castles. It is too vastly separated between land tiers in my opinion. If there was a more balanced distribution of shards players at all levels would benefit from the ability to grow and reduce the overall imbalance of the game. Maybe a small 5% increase in shard payouts, gold, etc from land tier to land tier. Right now there is a huge difference in payout between a castle on a level 2 land and a comparable castle on a level 5 land. If that difference were reduced to 20% top to bottom for equal sized castles within lands and all castles capped at the same level the balance would be more fair for smaller teams to help their growth.

Keep the mega season prizes so teams fight it out for land level rewards at the end of the season. I think there is a problem with the battle structure but don’t have a solution.

All my best, I did warn it was devalued to a single penny at the onset!


I have no issue with your 5 team alliance dominating Atlas. It simply motivates good players to be better and teams to get stronger to compete. I do believe there should be a limit to how many castles a team may hold as well as a limit to how many level 5 castles a team may hold.


Hard limits restrict competition… but then I’d throw out a couple lvl 6 castles to fight over :slight_smile:


There is a limit on how many castles of a tier teams can hold…


There is a limit: every team can only hold 50 castles total… and there is a limit to how many per tier castle also…


well this is a mess lol. Chill out. game should be like a holiday enjoy it while your on it…


Do you even play the game? I mean…what you’re saying would help is already a part of the game and your team is still unhappy -__-


True so true


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