Death of this War Dragons


Oh absolutely. It’s probably in their best interest to realize it sooner rather then later though. Or as I said, we could do an experiment and realize very quickly what benefits they are “promised” and if it actually holds any substance at all. I would consider it fluff in order to gain some extra help, but we will see. Assumptions are just that… assumptions. The facts and actions will be what really speak volumes.


I would love to see the results of your experiment :grin:


Not necessarily my experiment , but sooner or later somebody will test that theory I’m sure. I just hope to be there to see the results . Or hear about them. Either is fine :partying_face:


Agreed. Want a top team, then manage the team like you would an army. A player argues with Leadership during an event or war, kick them. If they don’t follow directions, kick them. If a player threatens to quit, kick them. If a player fails to maintain minimums kick them. If a player is a no show for a war, kick them and lastly, it a player fails to provide notice at least 24 hrs in advance that they can’t be available over a 24 hr period, kick them. It doesn’t matter if the player is your spouse, partner, family member or a friend you’ve known forever. Have rules and follow the Leader, period.

People say, “But it’s just a game.” Correct, it is, but one many take seriously. My beef over the years is you make it clear what the rules and expectations are. Players agree to them and you bring them in only to have them be a PITA. I wonder how many teams are out there where at least a third of its member are Vampires sucking the life out of the team? You think, geesh, we should be able to find another team in the same predicament and merge the two groups together and get rid of the riff-raft. Why hasn’t this been successful? Because probably egos get into the way. Neither Leader wants to give up control. But I’ll tell you what, back when I briefly took over a Sapphire 1 team as Leader I’d have gladly merged with another team where I knew the Leader, knew the game and strategies, and was going to be a hardass and not put up with peoples’ BS.


I am on a team in D1 and a team in G1/P3 (with atlas). The biggest difference I see in game play is simply dedication.


Isn’t white all the colors and black their absence?


It was a LOAN :man_facepalming:


Probably because a team in D1 isn’t going to put up with most of the BS because players are begging to join. So no need to put up with it, just kick and accept and I’m sure most (if not all) D1 teams have a interview process and put what looks like acceptable candidates on a waiting list and the team knows this. So, meet expectations or kick, bring in Alt(s), contact players at the top of the waiting list to arrange bringing them in and swap out the Alts.

Unfortunately, below D2 (S1?) players know or think the pool of available players is not as extensive.

When I read slaps interview, I’m like, “Yes!” That is how it should be.


I agree with you


Light, yes. Pigments/color pallette, it’s the opposite


Thanks, I guess sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks😁


I think this is as dope of an idea for Atlas seasons/resets as I’ve heard on here :raised_hands: