Death of this War Dragons


Thats not a problem…one team can only own 50 castles max. Not sure how many teams are even at this cap. But you cannot control the whole board with 50 castles. There are far too many.


I think it’s wrong to assume anything would end differently after an atlas reset.

The top teams didn’t get lucky. They have adapted at every atlas mechanics change and have made many smart decisions over time. They would simply out perform and out fight everyone once again, and not because they are so overwhelmingly good but because there enemy’s just make worse descions and have less productive strategies.

Most of us have lost battles or castles to the top teams, it’s just part of the game.

Have they dominated so completely that they are now untouchable? I dont know, but I imagine they would welcome some competition, it’s as boring for them as it is us I would think.


Does anyone knows what word do I have to type to get this gif ? This game is full of people like this gif. They will kill this game.


The game is full of shoppers who will kill this game?


But I like the Panda :disappointed:


But the battle to ressert dominance would be awesome, and would breathe life into the current meta.


This is a very interesting topic. Food for thought.


I’m glad somebody else finally brought this up :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I do have a serious question though. What happens when the big 2 and their little helpers take over the map completely? After everyone else has said screw it and either left the game or just stopped worrying about atlas? No one left to steal glory from. How is that fun for anyone? I get the whole rule the world ego trip but seriously, it’s just a game.
Realistically what’s going to happen in the next year or so is the stronger side will get all the 4s and 5s. Then they’ll start taking out the 2s and 3s because that’s all that’s left. Now the other side is done. What next? Oh all the little teams that were helping or thought they had protection will start losing their castles because of the greed. Oh you think you’re protected? Lol nope you’re being used. Now there’s only 5 teams left standing with castles. Can’t have that. One team will get kicked from the alliance and lose thier castles. Down to 4. Another is kicked and loses their castles. But wait theres more! Get down to 2 teams fighting for total control. But they’ve pissed off the entire player base so finding anyone to work with them will be tough. So they’ll have to offer castles back to them. Then the cycle starts all over…


Completely agree with you. Is just matter of time. Greed is the worst of the worst and sadly this game is rule by them.


I’ll keep defending and defending and defending and defending untill I be totally wipe out. Then just like everyone else I’ll give up and move to another game. Who is the biggest part affected in this? PG, they are. PG is losing more people willing to spend just to keep a bunch. How many people every day gets frustrated and quit the game :pensive: tons of them. Thousands of dollars PG is losing there.


Let’s just make dread less op!!! How dare they be good at this game!! It’s totally not fair that they won’t let us beat them!! Them and all their minions! We have 100+ plat teams but… but… NO! THEY are the ones with minions!!! How dare they fight us even though we are their enemy… shame on them!
They are just big bullies! We complain if Dread hits on level 3’s , but how dare they hit our level 4! It’s not fair! They can hit all lvl 4’S except for ours! Big bullies!


Over 1000 teams in atlas. One side has 100+ platinum teams. So dread has over 800 lol. Great logic bud…


Yeah and the funniest part is none would get involved if RR would face Dread. A lot of us are awaiting the 5v5. But no. They get 100 platinum teams involved instead .

  1. I’m not on Royal Road.
  2. We’ve attacked the 5 and seen platinum teams show up too so your argument is invalid.


Obviously I know that you’re not on RR their is a PHR in ur name for a reason…:eyes:
And I seriously doubt platinum teams are showing up for dread lol. If so, provide an example :wink:
The point is, you guys wanna complain about “the cartel “ and toss around the word “minions” when a few teams show up to fight off the 100 platinum teams that are asked to Get involved . Because a 105v5 is ridiculous .
And instead of asking yourselves why your strategy failed, you want to come get sympathy on the forums.


I’m not complaining about anything nor am I looking for sympathy. Our strategy is working just fine for us.


… this screams RR. The 100+ teams that choose to slaughter all their troops for very little gain, I can bet money won’t get protection by RR. It’s the same strategy used before the glory changes . Small teams come to trap the big players, ultimately being used as meatshilds to avoid troop loss. It’s not a surprise, and it’s nothing new.
But sure let’s keep defending them like they are the victims .


Not saying either of you is right or wrong, but using them as meatshields does sound like “using”.


Please don’t group people with objective perspectives with those that complain about “cartels” and such. I have seen a few platinum teams, but certainly not 100 teams in all the battles I’m involved with.

On the other hand there are at least 50 known teams under the Dread umbrella, mostly sapphire and diamond, that do much of their bidding and to call them “minions” is fairly accurate. They don’t fight for their own castles, but are instead gifted them after Dread takes them over. These teams, including the one I used to be on, have never done a thing for themselves so it’s difficult to give them any respect.

I have always understood that this game is pay to win and it will always be difficult to come out on top without spending more than your competitor. The top alliance spends more on this game than the majority of all other players combined so it’s clear they will take the top spot.

Understanding and pointing out the lopsided nature to this game is not a complaint, but denying it is something else entirely. One day a team like LD will remove themselves from the shadows and there will be two equal sides in Atlas and events where some true competition can take place. Until this day comes WD will continue to lose good players, Atlas will get more lopsided, and the main alliance will keep playing in ‘god mode’ which wasn’t fun for me when a part of it.

Thank you for accepting that this is just my perspective and that I don’t expect anyone to adopt it as their own. Later!