Death of this War Dragons


That is the point of all of the platinum teams. They used the strategy before the glory scaling, and they continue to do so. They trap the bigger players of the opponents, so that the big team they are fighting for can smash them while they are forced to hit smaller teams for shit glory.
I’m not complaining about the tactic. Anyone can try whatever strategy they want. But don’t come cry when it doesn’t work out , or when you don’t get the results you expected, or when the other team adapts and you get whooped.


Like I said, I never said whether the strategy was right or wrong, and is a strategy. I’m just saying that using plat teams as meatshields is, indeed, using them. Maybe they get something out of it, who knows, but they are being used. Just a small correction of terminology really.


As I stated previously this is not an exaggeration. This is extremely accurate . Just because you haven’t seen it with your eyes, or experienced it does not mean it didn’t happen. You weren’t alive when slavery was going on, dosent mean it didn’t happen. And if you choose to believe that something isn’t true if you have never seen it, then you are ignorant.

Proof? Receipts? Example?..

Honey this goes both ways :rofl: I recently watched as RR gave a T4 to DD. They must be so horrible for doing exactly what RR does too lol. :roll_eyes:

Well… no. When you use a certain strategy, and your opponents adapt , and then you come to forums about how unfair it is… that is most certainly a complaint.

This is what I’m saying. And a 100 trapping a 500 probably isn’t getting much except dead troops.

There is an issue with atlas, and the bigger alliances. We all can agree to that. And there’s is a difference between pointing out a genuine problem (which we know exists) and just coming to complain that the same strategy that was used before glory scaling , is still being used after and failing.


Maybe not RR. Dunno, not on their team. But myself and others on my team have gone to help our platinum and sapphire friends when they get attacked.


Yes that is called “helping”. You assist your friendly team with defending, knowing that they will return the favor.
RR allows these platinum teams to join into a battle that RR knows they cannot fight in. Basically sending them to their death. I have seen multiple plat teams bringing 400k troops. This is 400k that is gone in the span of a solid 10(?) minutes. That’s a lot of Troops to be willing to throw away for nothing in return because I can guarantee they won’t be getting 400k of RR troops If they are attacked.
RR will send the Pity guy who has 20k on a trapper, so that they can say they showed up and tried to help.
Anyways, :partying_face: I’m gonna go try to have a life now :grin: cyaaa.




So I need to provide proof, but you just continue whining about something without proof yourself? C’mon, I think we can drop the double standard. It’s clear that one time 100 platinum teams showed up to a raid you were in continues to upset you.

So you saw one t4 castle get traded and now that is the same thing as Dread giving dozens of t5 castles to teams that would never have them otherwise? I see you still don’t get it…

How many times do I need to point out that I don’t find it “unfair”? This is a pay to win game and those that throw it down are going to have the advantage, I’ve accepted that since I started playing this game as an E2P.

@Bayn with every post you’re displaying an inability to comprehend the meaning of words when they are strung together. Please differentiate the complaints of “cartels” and people being unfair from those posts where people are trying to help you understand the viewpoint of others that don’t sit in your cozy bubble. Thank you and enjoy having a life. :wink:


@Bayn why you keep defending them? We already know your side :joy: geez haha. Dread might not use all
of you in a castle takeover but they send you to hit the teams that might defend the other team. So meatshield too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


I dont understand, you seem to have figured it all out and know how everything works. With this level of omnipotence…everything should be easy?

Yes…people want to improve, I can see how your method of not wanting to be better is working out.

LOL…and back to that “omnipotence”

Overall it just seems like people are unhappy because things are not going their way, adjustments probably should be made but because someone else is better at it shouldnt really be the driving force for change…there probably should be more segmentation but that also means the rewards need to be greater and segmented too.

I also love how everyone is an expert on what Dread does, if everyone knows perfectly then beating them should be super easy, sounds good :slight_smile:

I would be curious to see what actual suggestions with actual logical explanations would work versus people basically complaining about what amounts to one group executing something better under the same game mechanics.


If we can avoid callouts and general LC type talk, and instead focus on the concepts of the issue(s) at hand, that would be great.


Finally a moderator :joy: isn’t this a called out thread :laughing:


Funniest thing of my day :joy:


It’s certainly skating the edge. Issues have been also mixed in, so in theory there could actually be some actual discussion, but the sink of falling into bickering is really strong in this thread too.


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:joy: :joy:


Now youre just having a good cry. There is a difference between having an opinion and stating facts. And people say bad things all the time. I think people would hope for less bad things and more intelligent things, but we take what we can get. You do throw yourself a really nice pity party though, enjoy the corner.

Like most threads it starts with stated issue…and then ends there. No logical way to address it, no rationale of why or precedence. At best you get some emotionally charged plea for why something should be done but it is very rarely an actual proposed solution.


I’m not crying about anything. Bruh you really need to learn how to pick up on sarcasm…


Its sarcasm in the form of a complaint, crying as in…upset about something. Dont worry, bruh…nobody is expecting anything intelligent.

On a separate note, you look at things like alliances. People like them when they suit their needs. But only under those conditions. The whole point of an alliance is create the best/strongest grouping. But when thats not on their side, then people dont like it. So you take that way? Then look at all the people who talk about how important interteam play is? So…which one is it? Alliances are good? bad? From reading up you see a lot about how its all the fault of 1-2 teams? Lets even say its 5 teams…so those 5 teams made a better alliance than everyone else? Isnt that sort of the goal?




@Panda I have great respect for this post.

I will never complain about you guys having an impenetrable alliance, but rather suggest that a team like LD purposefully disband and create true competition throughout the game.

You’ve shown that you can take any team under your wing and protect them from the possibility of castle capture, but wouldn’t it be more fun to have a little feeling of struggle? To work for something rather than have it come so easy to you? To allow your strategy and skill to be the reason you are on top? To give no reason to everyone else as to why you are dominating them?

I was bored to no end while under Dread’s wing and no amount of free rewards could make up for that boredom. These days I don’t get a free set of 1000 12hr timers for being in your alliance, but I get the satisfaction of fighting along side a dedicated team that has to fight for every blade of grass they gain.

In the end I just want people to be honest about how things work and recognize that there are no ethical or moral issues to be cried about, it is ultimately a war game and war is what we get.