DeathGaze! spell on farms

So many think Deathgaze is suppose to kill 105s with ember or should i say they think Deathgaze should always 1 shot towers! @PGGalileo and @PGLawson Can you please tell details about deathgaze as a old friend thinks it should kill instant 105 farms @Raokirti

It’s multiple dps by 10000% so red tier ember stop being viable one base with tower above 70 heavily gear


yes he hit my base was just farms didnt have gear on tho and 1 shot did barely damage u wonder how much that red deathgaze would do on my mythic gear he took a video of it to send to pg because he thinks suppose to 1hko farms which it dont anymore and must level it higher and put a rider on it

so i figured i would tag the 2 that also can explain it even better then i could of so folks can dont make tickets that do not need made


And the key word there is most buildings instantly depends on level of the dragon or should say higher tiers lol but im sure folks dont read the spells all good so this can clear it up for folks who are confused why it is not killing farms!


Yeah and when ember came out tower levels were no where near 105.


i think it takes a maxed ember and rider with good glyphs and runes to be able to knock off farms :thinking: i know ember can loaded thats forsure

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I’ve seen enki not kill 105s anymore


Even my blue ember with gear fails to kill 105s with 1 shot. It is a sad day when ember loses her job.


orange does tho ive seen

My 2.8m AP ember (orange with good gear) has no issues with 105s. Now I’m sure it’s not the highest ap ember out there but he’s no slouch


Whoa whoa whoa…

You don’t have gear on Ember? :scream_cat:

What a noob :smirk::joy:


If Blue Ember can’t one shot kill a 105 tower but can still do some damage, that means Orange Ember definitely has a better shot at wiping 105s.

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This. I equipped DG on my Galgrim one time (since Chomp has a few-second cooldown…) on a run I did with Hauheset, and it killed level 90 towers no problem.

Your what…

I guess someone should change the number from x10,000 to x100,000 it’s only one zero lol :joy:.

Or will it unbalance the game lol :joy:


orange ember does kill 105s lol

He has max elite fire gear and malus on him. Ember Is life. Also need some runes I think. Jeff has a more impressive ember I know for sure


A maxed enki should be able to kill any maxed tower with no defensive rider boosts. however, everyone already has a perch and defensive gear if they can build lvl 105 towers

Mhm. Long live Ember.
Provided PG doesn’t up tower levels even more (although highly unlikely) hahaha.

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Orange ember with gear and runes can tear those farms apart without any problems