DeathGaze to Fomhar

Why cannot add deathgaze to fomhar?

No no no no no…
Learn how to fly him… not that bad of a dragon

I think he means as a consumable:


Pretty sure he means the deathgaze consumable.

Aibrean, a wind dragon got a supposed to be dark rider
Fomhar, a dark dragon got a supposed to be wind rider

Dragons with Berserk-type spells can’t be combined with Vamp Touch, Invincibility, Frenzy, Self Destruct, or Death Gaze. Death Gaze is already pretty much supposed to one shot, though, but maybe the crazy numbers break the game.

@moderators #general?


Its the "Gear "
Without gear they can go on any dragon, and i am sure you know already.
Kayla on Fomhar most likely for xp boost since its new dragon.

I know. That’s why I wrote supposed to be … :grin:
It’s just a bit funny

Lol, Samhrad is nice dragons with SolarStrike Spells :smiley:

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Airbean has chaos… :man_shrugging:

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Berserk was introduced with Stormheim as:

  • Berserk* (New!) | 3 Rage Blue | Gain 75% increased damage and deal 25% of max HP to your dragon as damage over 5 seconds. Heals for 12% of max HP per tower destroyed. Rage regeneration is increased by 50%.
    • Berserk cannot be active at the same time as or stack with the following spells: Vampiric Touch, Invincibility, Havoc, Self Destruct, and Death Gaze.
    • Developer’s Note: This is to prevent unintended effects that could occur with the damage buff and self-damage effects of Berserk.

It’s different from Havok/Havoc, Chaos, and Talon Frenzy.


Not up there yet :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the clarification! :+1:

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I wonder if that’s a similar reason why moonfang can’t equip summon warrior

Yes, spells with inherent (Frostbite-related) or conditional (Starburn-related where an HP condition has to be met) damage boost properties get Summon Warrior blocked.

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I can´t see a real logic or a pattern behind certain decicions.
Maybe the key word is “balance”?

Morphos can´t equip summon warrior - wrote a ticket since patch 3.5 and got told a thousand times “it will be fixed with next release”. Now Morphos is benched… thanks PG!

Neptus can´t equip summon warrior either. No death gaze on Fom was new to me.

It has an inherent spell (frostbite)

Also has an inherent spell (Corrosive Brine)

While I don’t specifically know why inherent spells (ones where normal attack marks buildings for additional damage) is specifically dangerous for summon warrior, ForSci was nice enough to point out the pattern.

All spells that are blocked are basically weird combos of damage multipliers.

Moonfang ferral rage and Leos and girasols starburn, all amp up damage.

Frostbite leaves ice marks behind that with a spell do a lot of damage (likely a multiplier or main attack)

Corrosive brine leaves a permanent mark behind that amps all future damage.

I’m not sure what intentional problem they are avoiding as summon warrior has damage and life based on your dragons HP. Possibly the warrior would not honor the amp up.

erm… NO. how is summon warrior connceted to an inherent spell that increases damage?
That´s why I said I don´t see the logic.

Neptus and Morphos can equip Havoc…that´s clearly a damage amplifier.
It´s Logical to me that Apophet or Kin or Equestor can´t equip summon warrior… but the hunters?

Let´s see about Fomhar : it can´t equip DeathGaze.

Can Airbrean equip DeathGaze? If yes it can´t be the Autumns Reap of Fomhar since spell Combo of AB has basically same effects.

Maybe it´s because of Entrap?
Necryx has Desiccating Sand and can euqip DeathGaze, Karna has Lockdown and can equip DeathGaze

I don´t see no logic behind.

Thanks @forScience for the explanation.

However, I always expected that “XXX cannot be active at the same time as or stack with the following spells:” indicated, that the spell can‘t be activated, while the native spell is active, and vice versa (graying each other out).

Sort of like equipping Freeze/Inv Shield to a SE dragon and when he picks up said spell, the consumable is grayed out iirc.

As for Death Gaze, I really can‘t understand this. They could gray it out so you can‘t use Reap at low HP, shoot a DG and heal back to max HP.
But I see no reason to completely block spells from equipping.

Oh well, I guess proper coding and conditions for graying out spells was too much for them so they simply blocked it from the consumable list :man_facepalming:t3:

As I said I don’t know why summon warrior is one, but the spell type is easy to see the pattern with. The type it’s incompatible with are inherent spells that multiply damage. Chaos is not inherent. Did you not read ForScience’s post or mine? I outright stated I don’t know why summon warrior was one but the pattern does seem obvious now.

That’s not an inherent damage multiplier, and those two dragons already have an inherent damage multiplier spell. As I pointed out morphos has frostbite and neptus has corrosive brine. The inherent spells which are damage multipliers are apparently not compatible with summon warrior and I don’t know why. I did postulate a possible reason. Not sure you read my last post in detail before you to politely threw this back at me.

Did you not read anything? forScience highlighter two types of exclusions. Summon warrior cannot equip with dragons having inherent spells, death gaze cannot equip on dragons having features like bloodlust/starburn which amplified damage. In the case of death gaze we have the original dev note saying they prevented it for the purpose of causing unintentional problems.

Yes Airbrean can, but no your conclusion is wrong. Autumn’s reap has a damage multiplier and combos with destroying towers grant health exactly like how moonfang works

Here is the dev notes that explain the reasoning for stormheim

So for stormheim and fomhar and moonfang as it seems they do not block starburn spells anymore. So the critical part is that the damage amp spell does self damage AND/OR heals on destruction of buildings. Those are not compatible with the list of spells above. Easy enough to follow. And we know why for this set.

I don’t think you are getting it

Two spell types block certain equipible spells

  1. inherent spells - these block summon warrior
  2. berserk like spells - these block the list above (autumn’s reap is a berserk like spell)

Seems straight forward to me.

This hurts…invincibility and death gaze are spells I normally equip on a hunter. Especially since Fomhar doesn’t have Elemental Barrier/ timeshift invincibility would be a good spell for the Long Island.