DeathsDominion Looking for Active Family Members


Hello! We are DeathsDominion, and we are looking for a few active players to replace a few who are not! We need active people who are our brand of crazy, enjoy tacos, long walks on the beach, and a group of people you can joke around with.

We have an active Line chat and use Discord as well, and we even have a website to help out with events and such. Of course the site is always changing and being updated, but HEY have a look at our DeathsDominion Website.

We regularly hold singing competitions in Line and also attempt (and pretty well butcher) some Danish as well. If you think you are up to not missing a war, turning you war notifications on, and joining our Line group, shoot Ghost a message in game or here or message one of the other officers.

– Ghost

PS Did we mention it’s preferred that you like tacos?

About DeathsDominion
Most of the crew has been together through thick and thin for over a year now in game. While not necessarily on the same teams to begin with, we all spoke to each other in league chat and discovered we liked each other pretty well. The rest you can read on our website, but it is important to note that this group has a solid core of players that has history together. :sunglasses:


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