Decision Making

So I have save about 84K rubies (from past event and bought the old $60 pack once)

At the last row of Equestor and intending to wait for super sigil chest for Avyx.
But the question is should I safe it for Avyx or the warrior dragon (Gladicus) or if there is any other thing I should use my rubies for (not the mythic cause I’m a broke bij) :frowning: :smile:
The struggle is real…

Avyx over all others this season


Avyx - good finisher after a sanded base . Thats about it, not a good lead, not good in farming either .

Leos - good in casual flying, ull never be afraid getting hit by flaks or fire turrets. Not good not bad in war either.

Gladicus - meh , just another dragon in stash

Equestor - slightly better than avyx and leos, with that TB and extra dodo skill. Will be overkill if she has shield .

Neptus - if u spender why not

Avyx all day long. Cheap spells. Very high damage with talon frenzy and his damage is set and guaranteed. No need to worry bout steal essence or anything unreliable. Even if he gets rage drained he doesn’t need much to be useful.

Glad on the other hand relies on rage so heavily to do damage or tank. Any rage drain kills him as he doesn’t have boosted rage generation. Sure with no Mage towers he could work but in reality this doesn’t work. At the moment he isn’t good.

Avyx is hands down the strongest dragon in almost all cases. There may be some cases that equestor may be better suited but it’s rng and base reliant


If you are set on getting a another dragon this season, get Avyx.

Depending on your level, I would use them to speed up egg missions to help get you through the sapphire wall faster. @mechengg did a really good analysis of the use of rubies to speed up egg missions.

You should just wait and see if they release a new ryder! Dragon will be useless in couple month but ryder will always be usefull!

Or, your could save all those rubies for sigil chest next season and try to get the mythic!

Can you post a link to this analysis?

His post was from the old forum, so I can’t access it, but here’s more on the topic:

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why not good in farming? and its an okay lead.

And Equestor better an Avyx?

what are you basing this on?

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in General though dont underestimate the rider… riders are key!

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I would not spend rubies on super sigil chests, unless you can get 1-2 evo-stones for a very strong dragon (e.g. kinnarus).

i have not played avyx, but i dont see him as a strong dragon.

if you need “event ressources” (inner fire, energychests, shards, pearls, wood / food booster etc) i suggest you buy goldchests for those rubies.
I summed up the contents of those chests in connection to the event during which you open those chests (When should we open chests?). And i am happy to receive screenshots, when you decided to buy goldchests for 80k rubies :wink:


Like most hunters, Avyx is superior to her sorc/warrior peers.

you have to be able to fly though to take advantage of her OPness. (You also need good runes and dust with her.)

When someone says she isn’t good, take it as a confirmation that they don’t mainly fly hunters, and therefore don’t know how to take advantage of all she has to offer.

I left her alone the first month because I already had Borgian. Then I read shining reviews from expert fliers, and trusted them because I know they know what they’re doing. I wasn’t disappointed.


Avyx has everything a good hunter needs. Cloak(damage avoidance) HM (heal and a good one at that) Talon (good damage spell) and a strong resist. He is good.

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I fly hunter more than u know, ur not the only one, i have my own opinion, so ok ill tell u why i said that.

Farming efficiency wise, equestor has and advantage as killing a base would prbably take 20 sec less bec of TB and that dodo DPS wise she is way better , true?

NOT a good lead in wars : lets say in my level (lvl 34 sapphire capped), a lvl 41 above tower wont be easily taken down, more if theres a defender lol , he will last 3 seconds in a setup with blue mage red mage flak etc thats a fact . A dragon that cant use his her skill is a dead dragon thatd common analogy.

And thats me saying a more detailed assesment.

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i was soloing 300’s with 2 defenders last night with Avyx… Undefended there isn’t a base in the game it can’t handle… I’d like to see Equestor do that.

Sure there are better dragons. Noc for example, or the Harbringers. But Avyx is a solid hunter.

But you may be right. Lower level players find Warriors and Hunters more useful. so depending on your level i guess i can see going for one of them.


I would say a hunter with cloak and heal mark ice resist and another burst or dps amp skill will make hunter a beast, and true again that it will take skill to use a hunter.

But again it will be an non ending discussion Bec ppl will always try to sell which one they went for.

in your own honest opinion, what would be a good reason for you not to get avyx?

ps i also have borgianmistake tho not getting necrx. So if i would choose a lead dragon or farming dragon it will still be a borgian. I went for leos. I wanted the discount :man_shrugging:t3:.

Borg’s lightning made it so you had no control. Avyx is significantly better than Borg. i think you underestimate the usefulness of Talon. Its better than i expected so i can’t blame you for that. 3 tap 60’s is nice.

Only reason i wouldn’t get Avyx would be if there were more rider options… i would pick the riders first as they last forever.


Thanks for respecting my assesment due to my level. Cheers. Im only lvl 171. Will look forward tho on harbringer type divine hunter . Cant wait. I need to bench borgian soon.

I thought of far ahead that i may not be able to use him as much and still stick to borgian in farming and wars thats why i just went for discounted leos and reap more rewards. Im alr finished with leos just till the elemental ember not for obs stone. On 2nd page of kyla now, ill check next rider tho if it will be discounted

I delayed getting Avyx, my biggest mistake this season. He is actually a surprisingly good hunter. Avyx vs. Borgian, I would pretty much pick Avyx every time. In fact, there are actually a few situations that I would actually pick Avyx instead of Necryx.

First, he is a pretty decent lead. Even with no white spells, he can often take out the front three towers on an island with TF, even with a blue mage present. Equestor and Borgain can only pull this off with low level towers that can be killed by a single bolt.

As a follower, Avyx’s focused DPS is really hard to top, and he doesn’t unsand towers an accident when following Necyx. Whereas on strong bases a lot of hunters can feel “out of breath” as they try to take down the towers, Avyx takes them down without a pause. And at one rage cost, you can practically TF through an entire base.

The most important thing is to load him up to the gizzard with healing mark runes. With really good healing mark runes, he can regain about half his health for one rage. His mythic rune is also a must have. I do not have it yet, but you never can have too much DPS.

One place where Avyx really shines is when it comes time to kill high level farms and mills. For most farms near my level, and up to 30 or 40 levels above me, TF may as well be death gaze. Necryx and Borgian, on the other hand, tends to have trouble with high level farms. And as for sorcerers, they are among the easiest dragons to stop with hammer spam.

Although Equestor can deal a lot of damage, with the summoned familiar, thunderbolt, and fire attacks combined, all this damage is spread out, save for the familiar, and the familiar cannot be controlled by the player.

So in the end, I think Avyx was a hidden gem this season. Early on, I had dismissed it as well nigh useless, and actually went for Leos instead. After hearing reports from high level players that got him, I decided to give him a try, and I definitely do not regret it.

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